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Ranks of Tenjou Legion

Praetors: (Leader of the Legion. There may be one more besides myself)

Centurions: Two leaders of a cohort (A cohort is a section of the Legion and all legion members are organized into them. No cohort is of greater rank than another.There are 5 cohorts)  (Centurions will also become mods once chosen)

Legionnaires: Full members of a Legion

Probatio: All new members are given a cohort but are in rank of probatio. They remain this way until they have been here for a year of service (I'll decide when you become a full members)

Also note that if you commit an act of valour (A great deed to the legion) you may become a legionnaire faster)

Council Meetings: Also can be known as senate meetings. Praetors and centurions will be expected to attend as well as invited individuals. Weapons are not allowed in these meetings.

Cohort 1
+Lord death sage (Probatio)
+Naruto セブンス火影 Uzumaki (Probatio)
+Akuma Bugendai (Probatio)

Cohort 2
+Tensa Zangetsu (Probatio)
+Deadpool Wade Wilson (Probatio)

Cohort 3
+No Name (Probatio)
+Spyte (Probatio)
+Lux Amandor (Probatio)
+Ben Edge (Probatio)

Cohort 4
+Doneca Puella (Probatio)
+кαияα σяιнαяα (Probatio)
+Hikaru Raiden (Probatio)

Cohort 5
+Locust Flare (Probatio)
+Cloud Uzuamki-Sparda (Probatio)
+Oz Vessalius (Probatio)

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Drog was walking trough the streets. The crowds move out of my way instinctively Humans... Many... Many humans... Walks into an alleyway to get away from the crowds. A group of thugs step out from the shadows
Thug leader: Oh look at the reptile. Walks so he's blocking the exit
Thug 1: Theirs a toll on this road, lizard. Taps his hand with his club
Drog: Troll? Why would you leave a troll on the road? Grins at the thugs
Thug 2: I think 'es mockin' us. Points a knife at me
Me: Mockin'? Never dream of it. Grin widens Mocking on the other hand. Chuckles
Thug 3: Oy. He is mocking us! Let's get him!
2: Their r four of us an' one of 'im! Steps towards me
TL: Kill him.

Are people still alive?

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•Name: Kurogane Ikki
•Nick Names: Worst One, Failure Knight, Another One,Uncrowned Sword King, Kuro-bou (Nene)
•Age: 314159 (Physical = 18)
•Height: 173.736cm (5'7ft)
•Blood type: O
•Eye Color: Green/Purple (if in Deihodiachi nogre Nocheskas they go light blue, much like the pic)
•Hair Color: White
•Device: Intetsu/Asuramaru
•Power Level: Realm 8 Class (Galaxy Class)
•Potential Max Level: N/A
Personal Status
•Relatives: Ryoma Kurogane (Great Grandfather),Itsuka Kurogane(Father), Ouma Kurogane (Brother), Shizuku Kurogane (Sister)
•Affiliations: Hagun Academy (Anime School),Kurogane Family (Exile)
•Status: Active/Alive
•Voice Actor: Ryoka Osaka
Ikki is a strong-willed and noble young man, with a caring personality, this is seen throughout the series as selflessly helps others, this goes double for those struggling to become better on their own, as he understands what a hard road it was. Ikki can also be very cold in battle and doesn't mind enjoying a heated battle with a strong opponent.
Ikki is shown to be quite calm in even the most arduous of the situation, as seen when he stayed calm the entire encounter with Kuraudo even brushing off the fact that he was hit with a bottle, trying to avoid the fight.
When it comes to dealing with women of his age and the whole academy in general Ikki is clumsy because he has no prior experience with them outside of respect towards a superior or as a knight. This is shown when he confronts Stella on that subject. Due to his years of being discriminated against for being an F-Rank, Ikki is not entirely used to his sudden rise in popularity and often doesn't know how to best deal with his many female fans.
Despite situations implying otherwise, he is not very perverted. He usually tries his hardest to show restraint and respect to the woman who act lecherously around him, such as Stella and Shizuku. He also chose not to have sex with Stella at the log cabin they were staying, even though she suggested it, knowing he needed her family's approval first.
Ikki is a member of the Kurogane Family, a family that has produced superior Blazers for generations, the most well known being Ryoma Kurogane. When his family found out that Ikki is a F-rank, they immediately discriminate against him, forcing Ikki not to do anything while treating him like he doesn't exist.
During a new year celebration Ikki, unable to withstand the environment, ran out of his house and got lost in the snow. Down to his final breaths, the almost dying Ikki cries out his frustration as Ryoma Kurogane appears in front of Ikki, telling Ikki to never give up and to become strong.
Ikki eventually left his house to live on his own. During his time in middle school, Ikki would go to many different dojos and challenge their masters. They either refused his challenge or the students would gang up on him, which occurs in multiple occasions. He eventually started attending the Hagun Academy a year before the story, thanks to the unbiased evaluation by his examiner, Yuuri Oreki. While there, Ikki faced opposition from his family, who forced the school to make Ikki fail and made him retake a year. He was also harassed by many students during that time, mainly Shizuya Kirihara who even challenged Ikki to a fight and attacked Ikki who avoided retaliation due to not wanting to be expelled.
•Eye of Tsu Tsu Geras: My left eye gives me the ability to research and develop my opponents abilities, once I learn enough about my opponent I am able to copy their abilities and add theirs to my own making them stronger.
•Shift Dimension: is the outcome of undoing the boundaries of my shift step to unlimited level and I am able to unleash it with unlimited capabilities allowing after images and make it seem like I'm in multiple places at once when really I'm just going to fast for naked eyes, it also has the capabilities to even have Dark Hyperion's eye to lose track of me.
•shift Step: A very minor ability that naturally lets me move at Mach 24
•Shaded Noches: The ability to effect your mind with dreams, and bringing out your worst fears making it hard for my opponents to battle.
•Absolute poison capabilities (once injected or have my poison inside of you it will immediately fill your blood stream changing to infinite number of possible different poisons until eventually one effects you. Vysals are the only living beings in any universe that are allowed to be immune with their immense biologic immunity)
•Master Swordsmanship: Ikki is extremely skilled in swordsmanship due to his continuous training in that field to make up for his lack of magic powers. His swordsmanship has been praised by legendary Mage-Knights such as Tirajiou Nangou, the God of War, and Edelweiss, the strongest swordsman in the world. The former admit that Ikkis' swordsmanship was greater than his old rival Ryoma Kurogane. Edelweiss even acknowledge that Ikki has the potential to become a worthy rival for her after he not only survive fighting against her while she was serious, but even manage to land a hit on her despite his young age.
•Seven Secret Swords: The seven original sword techniques that Ikki created himself. Out of the seven, four of the secret sword (秘剣 hiken) techniques has been revealed.
•Ten'i Muhou (天衣無縫, lit., "Flawless"): The ultimate move of the Ayatsuji Itto-ryu style of swordsmanship, the user counters the opponent's attack with minimal movement. Ikki used an imperfect version of this move on Kuraudo.
•Expert Hand-to-hand combat: Ikki is very adept in various styles of martial arts. He has proven he can easily deal with 5 unskilled Blazers wielding their Devices without using his own Device while holding back enough to not hurt them.
•Expert Weapon Specialist: Ikki is skilled in using kodachi techniques, spear work, and even archery. Enough that he been able to teach theses skills to others.
•Expert Marksmanship: Ikki has incredible skills is throwing projectile with great accuracy. During his fight with Manabe, he quickly flicked an easer which bounced off the ceiling and got wedge in between his gun's hammer and it percussion cap, disabling Manabe large calibre revolver Device efficiently.
•Insight: As a result of being neglected over the years, Ikki has mastered the skills to see through his opponent's technique simply through observing. Ikki can also read his opponent's next move simply through the opponent's muscle movement. Ikki's insight has even allowed him to properly sense how dangerous someone really is on the first meeting. A good example being when he felt that Amane Shinomayia was more dangerous than he appeared, something few others notice.
•Perfect Vision (完全掌握パーフェクトヴィジョン, Kanzen Shou'aku (Pāfekuto Vuijon), lit., "Total Control"): During his fight against Kirihara, Ikki manage to improve his insight further to the point where he can read even his opponents' chain of thoughts and feelings.
Complete Sense Control: Ikki can control his senses at will as a result of his training. He can turn off his sense of sight and hearing according to Stella. Ikki has shown he can transfer the acuity of his colour sense in his vision to his motion perception to better read the movements of his opponents.
•Immense Reflexes: Due to his continuous training, Ikki possesses reflexes that are above that of a normal human. In fact, he can even use his reflexes to further enhance his insight. An example is how he was able not only react to Renren Tomaru's Mach Grid high speed (at Mach 2 speed), but even catch her and throw her into ground with ease.
•Immense Stamina: Due to his continuous training, Ikki has incredible amounts of stamina above that of most people. Even when heavy injured, Ikki has been able to keep fight efficiently enough to win. This also allowed him to survive several weeks of drugging, poisoned foods, and preliminary matches while being imprisoned.
High Intelligence: Ikki is highly knowledgeable and quick to pick on details even in the heat of battle. Ikki has often proven to know a lot about the workings and strong points of the human body and brain. With this knowledge he was able to fix Ayase Atatsuji stands so she could use the Ayatsuji swordsmanship better with her female body. Ikki has shown to been able to understand and explain the details behind most people fighting style, abilities and strengths after just seeing them once. For example, that Kurashiki reflexive sensitivity were lower than 0.05 seconds and giving an detail answer about how Trackless Step work. He can figure out even the most mysterious Blazer abilities after just seeing them once using whatever hints he has, even rare causation manipulation abilities.
•Blade Steal (模倣剣技ブレイドスティール, Mohou Kengi (Bureido Sutiiru), lit. "Imitation Sword Technique"): One of Ikki's techniques, Ikki using his great insight to observe and steal his opponent's techniques and further improve it through his swordsmanship. According to Ikki, he can grasp most sword styles with only a minute of exchanges. Additionally, his sword stealing is not limited to the techniques his opponent can immediately use. Once he understands a sword style enough to grasp its deepest secrets, he can reproduce its most advanced techniques even if he never saw it before, as shown when he learns Kaito Ayatsuji's latter technique by observing Ayase Ayatsuji's inadequate training.
•Doubling Physical Powers: Ikki's ability as a Blazer. Ikki can double his physical strength and when use in tandem with Ittou Shura, his physical powers improves five to six times the normal rate.
Series: Black Demon Series
Demon: Asuramaru
Asuramaru 「阿修羅丸, Ashūramaru, lit. "Perfect Asura"」: Asuramaru is a possession-type demon weapon of the Black Demon Series. It resides inside a black sword that Yūichirō uses. Whilst in use, the blade develops a thick green aura. he can call upon Asuramaru to fully use its power to attack opponents.
Asura-discolturas:  A shadow beam that deletes any material within any multiversal realm in one slash (think of Gatsuga Tensho from ichigo only it annihilates everything it touches)
Asura-Kannon: A special technique using Asuramaru that materializes dozens of floating swords.
Transformations: When it finds himself in a situation that he can not seem to escape from so easily, it has the ability to chant "Asuramaru, Posses me" causing it to take only a rather menacing transformation, it starts with a demonic purple tattoo spreading along the face, followed by a series of teeth sharpening within the mouth, granting him tremendous speed, agility, strength, and can see reality in a much slower motion then he can, after transforming his presence and aura completely vanish, as if you were just looking at a shell of a man without a soul, Asuramaru itself takes on a beautiful combination of shades of green along the blade.
•Intetsu (陰鉄 Intetsu, lit., "Shadow Iron"): Ikki's Device, it takes a form of a black Katana. In the anime, it is called forth by Ikki by using the command phrase "Come to me" and striking his left palm with his right fist and pulling out the sword as if it came out of his left hand.
•Irrou Shura(一刀修羅 Ittou Shura, lit., "Single-bladed asura"): Ikki's noble art and strongest technique, it temporarily removes Ikki of all his physical limits, allowing him to gain tremendous power but can only maintain it for a minute.
•Ittou Rishura(一刀羅刹 Ittou Rasetsu, lit., "Single-bladed rakshasa"): An improved version of the Ittou Shura. It increases the abilities of the user by a hundred-fold but the burden to the body is immense. When Ikki first used it, he had to stay in bed for a week.
Trump Card
•Deihodiachi nogre Nocheskas: A form of where I use 80% of my power allowing me to manipulate matter, time, and space to my will, this ability will only be used as last resorts, Only Reigo Vysal has been able to witness this ability in our spar, no one else so far has been worthy enough to see this ability. This also forces me to withdraw my Absolute Poison ability for which this falls me into a different class.
•Ikki doesn't like sweet foods
•Prefers not to fight, but will take action if necessary

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Name: Drog Rock
Age: 5 years old
Gender: Male
Species: Draconic
Place of Birth: Ragged peak (made it up on the spot...)
Height: 7'4
Weight: 329lb
Skills: Sword fighting, hand to hand combat, wall climbing, hunting
Strength 8.9/10
Speed 6.2/10
Dexterity 8.5/10
Toughness 9.5/10
Endurance 9.3/10
Intelligence 4.1/10
Wisdom 3.9/10
Swordsmanship 9.6/10
Vision 7.9/10
Hearing 8.8/10
Smell 9.8/10
Weapons: A large knife, a bone club, a scimitar and a crudely made shield.
Draconic blood: Increases regeneration and elemental resistance (passive)
Fire magic: Able to create and control fire within a 50m radius.
Rough scales: Melee attackers can sread their flesh on his scales
Appearance: A large reddish orange lizard man wearing a large bear skull on his head.
Personality: Aggressive to most, grows fond of people easily, protective
Likes: Feeling strong and powerful, someone who is smarter than him to help him, messing around
Dislikes: Being betrayed, people he likes being threatened, bits being cut off him
Bio: Born within the pits of the Ragged peak into the hellfire tribe it was made immediately obvious of his natural affinity for fire. This made him the obvious choice for the shamans apprentice. Although the shaman did not believe his talent was limited to fire so she had blade masters train him as well. He was quickly able to master fire magic and swordsmanship, he could even blend them together in the middle of combat. The shaman said that she would not take him as her apprentice, only because his talents range much farther than just magic. So the chief sent him on a pilgrimage and he ended up at the walls of here.
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Ender Rane

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Weakness: Basically any human weakness. You can knock him out with sedatives, kill him with toxic gas, etc.

Weapons: Enderite Sword, Enderite Kunai

Sword Ender has an Enderite Energy Katana. It's basically what it sounds like. It's a katana with an energy blade that's powered by enderite.

Kunai: Ender also keeps a kunai knife that's forged out of enderite on hand.

Equipment: Rocket Boots

Boots: Ender always has enderite-powered rocket boots on his feet. If he needs to make a quick getaway, he can.

Powers: None Currently

Background Info:

Ender was born into a rich family. More specifically, the Rane family. The Rane family has had control of a substance called enderite ever since the family began. Enderite is a purple crystal that can cancel out superhuman powers. Ever since the Rane family discovered it, it has been under their control. They not only discovered that it cancels out superhuman powers, but it also makes a great power source. They have not shared this with anybody, mainly for the preservation of the Rane family. But as time went on, some members got greedy. But they have allied with other families. Families like the Hawk family.


Ender grew up with many friends, but his one true friend was Raven. They have known each other since infancy. They've always been close, like brothers. They both have interests in the same things. When Raven decided to run away, the first person he he went to was Ender. He wanted to know if Ender would come with him. Ender agreed because he knew Raven hadn't gone off the deep end, but he was planning something. So he took the risk of running away form his family too. He was able to gather up all of his belongings quickly which included enderite weapons, tools, and things like that. From then on, he's been with Raven on his quest to unite all the different families.

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I didn't see a rule saying we can't do arcs, ill just redo the one I did in the other community to here.
《Time: 9:10pm》
《Location: Just outside of the school》
《Story Arc: Eclipse》
As the sun sets off in the distance, wind breezing gently along my hair and clothing, sitting in my dormant form under a cherry blossom tree just outside of the Academy walls starring off into the sunset I place a hand in my pocket breathing in the crisp air
The world is so much more peaceful when the light shines down upon it, it's nice however, I can already tell the darkness will eventually envelop this world...
Open don't ask

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Please join, its a new community I made

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Too lazy to make one
"I won't Give Up!"

"These Days...Im rejected.....I really won't care if i die."

Basic Info
Face Claim: Kiba Yuuto

||Shikazu Namiko||





| February 23rd*||




||94 LBS||

Blood Type



None Yet, But He will be looking for one soon.



Online Names

||Chat Room: Kid,Death
Other: TheBlondeDeath|


Unknown, Will Be Told Throughout Roleplays.


Sight ||9.7||
Hearing ||8||
Reflexes ||9.8||
Strategics ||9||
Offense ||8.9||
Defense ||9||


In-depth Info


||*Shik Usally Wears a white T-Shirt With A White And Black Jacket. If rare, he would wear a black hoodie with joggers on.His blonde-ish hair is claimed "Nappy" Because he nevers changes it.*||


||*It Is Almost Close To Impossible to feel Shik's emotions. He almost hides them.*||



||*Shik Can Be A Great Swordsmen When He Puts work into it.
I used a already made template and edited it to my own liking. Please no copyright.
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" Human relationships are chemical reactions. If you have a reaction then you can never return back to your previous state of being. "
Name: Shintaro Ren
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Species: Demon
Place of Birth: Shinjuku, Japan
Height: 6'1
Weight: 164lbs
Blood Type: O
Skills: Master Weapon user, Story Writing, and Dragon Taming.
Stats: //Down below//
Strategics 9.52/10
Powers/Abilities: Martial Artist, Flame Conjuration, and reequip. 
Appearance: White Hair, Yellow eyes, Black horns, black wings, and wears his jacket most of the time.
Personality:Quiet, airhead, and weird.
Pets: Blue Flame Dragon
Likes/Dislikes:Likes sweets, and dislikes when people run from him.
Bio: //Will be told if you get to know him.
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