Is FreeCAD used for anything outside a test-lab? I'm definitely just beginning with freeCAD but have used a lot of other drawing systems, from openscad and even blender before. I've been trying to design the layout of holes to drill in a plate for weeks now, but I run into major issue after major issue that blocks me, from crashes to inconsistent data, falsely reporting of constraint issues and a lot more. After having designed the plate 8 times now, I'm at the point where I'm just going to find another drawing tool that allows me precise measurements of dimensions and can print 1:1 as a guide. I now have a "document" that FreeCad took all parent/child relationships out of, everything is a flat model and I cannot hide components like a pad, so I can edit the sketch.

I didn't expect it to be perfect, no bugs etc - not at all. And I've definitely messed up myself doing things the wrong way, so there's a learning curve at play here. But my quest wasn't/isn't that huge - a simple metal sheet where I need to drill some holes after precise measurements. 2 weeks in, and I don't have it near complete - I was VERY close when FreeCad 0.17 crashed and killed the document on "recovery".

So my question is: Do you use FreeCAD for designs - make designs for real use, not just to test out a cool new feature (of which I've found plenty - FreeCAD is impressive from a feature perspective)? If so, help me understand what I can do to have a better experience.

Thoughts regarding Microsoft and GitHub? Consequences? A bit worried here :(

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Help fund Kurt's FreeCAD infrastructure work

Kurt packaged Open Cascade 7.2.0 for Debian. It should appear in unstable soon. Without his work we couldn't have published FreeCAD 0.17 with OCCT 7.2.0 on the Ubuntu PPA. He's also been working behind the scene on the FreeCAD online apps (forum, bug tracker, wiki, bridge between #freecad IRC and FreeCAD Gitter channels). Among his goals is bringing single sign-on between services.

Hola tengo Ubuntu de 64bit e instalé Freecad para mis diseños 3d y apenas lo abro sale: No module named WebGui.

Alguno le sale ese error?

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Things are getting messy here !


is it possible to use the assembly workbench in 0.17 or is there a replacement?

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Hi everyone, I started doing some hull modeling experiments with FreeCAD, the lines for the surface loft were made with Blender and imported as DXF file, my only problem I did not understand how to make the stern with a flat surface.
Blender's orignal file visibile here #freecad #loft #hull #boat #design #cad #yacth #skiff #adirondack #blender
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[BLOG] | We are working in develop a #VisualProgramming interface based on #Blockly for education and make a project for everypeople. #PersonalRobot #MachineLearning #ArtificialIntelligence

Source :
Blockly Visual programming
Blockly Visual programming

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Who can help me with this problem.

See image I am really a beginner sorry :(

Do not get this resolved.

Thanks for questions about sound recordings I know :)
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