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Google Glass Enterprise Edition - a practical workplace tool that saves time and money.

Alphabet commissioned a small group to develop a version for the workplace. The team lives in Alphabet's +X, the moonshot factory division, where Glass was first developed as a passion project of Google cofounder +Sergey Brin. Now the focus was on making a practical workplace tool that saves time and money. Announced today, it is called Glass Enterprise Edition.

For about two years, Glass EE has been quietly in use in dozens of workplaces, slipping under the radar of gadget bloggers, analysts, and self-appointed futurists. Meanwhile, Alphabet has been selling hundreds of units of Glass EE, an improved version of the product that originally shipped in a so-called Explorer Edition.

Companies testing EE—including giants like +General Electric, +Boeing, DHL, and +Volkswagen USA—have measured huge gains in productivity and noticeable improvements in quality. What started as pilot projects are now morphing into plans for widespread adoption in these corporations. Workers who need real-time information—and both hands free—were natural beneficiaries of what Glass had to offer. Other businesses, like medical practices, are introducing Enterprise Edition in their workplaces to transform previously cumbersome tasks.

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Anyone know where I can purchase a set of clear shields?

How do I reset the glass? The software doesn't make it to connecting. Also does the app work with an iphone? Thanks

How to reset my glass ?
Too many pictures

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Google Glass and Gocycle work well together.

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Can't take pictures or videos

I just fired up my Exorer Edition Google Glass and discovered that I can no longer take pictures or videos. The button on top of the Glass panel doesn't work and neither does the menu or voice command.

Glass shows it is running version XE23.

As I understand it, the latest version of the MyGlass app (3.5.8) breaks GPS on Glass but can be fixed by rolling back to 3.5.0 at the expense of breaking WearOS notifications? Anyone able to shed any light on this? Clearly Google has no intention of fixing this so are there any solutions to have both working properly?

If not, could I get GPS working on glass with 3.5.0 but disable Glass notifications to get them on Wear or does the presence of the 3.5.0 app always break Wear regardless?

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To any and all +Google Glass folks. I'm having my first vacation out of Alaska in years. June 7th we will be in San Fransisco. I'm trying to plan an AMBUSH wedding and need help. Our actual anniversary was just recent, our wedding was a Justice of the Peace type. That was 14 years ago. My wife had longed for an actual wedding ever since. I'm asking / begging for any help anyone can. Even +Google Glass if you or anyone can help. I want to be "that guy" that made my wife's vacation wonderful. The actual vacation is so that she could reconnect with her childhood friends.
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