Mutters to herself as a bird lands on her head
growls and attempts to take the bird off

I slip through the river silently. My eyes fill with tears but I go deeper and deeper.

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Name: Tanner
Element: Air
Age: 13
weapon: drakon bone sword
Personality: airy
Powers: flying and other air powers
dilikes: polution
likes: most stuff
Patron: Calypso

I laugh as I create an army from bubbles, all water animals. 'Practice," I explain to my side-duck.

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Name: Kai
Age: 16
Gender: male
Element: water
Description: see picture
Persona: flirty, fun, calm...kinda, loyal, protective, has a darker side
Powers: conjuring water plants and animals is what I'm best at but I can do anything a water element can do
Likes: girls, water, plants, animals
Dislikes: rudeness, evil. Very broad but that bout sums it up

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Name: A-C
Element: FIRE
Age: 14/15
Description: ((PIC BELOW))
weapon: her power
Personality: rude, selfish, loyal, hot headed, secretive, protective, warm, moody
Powers: ((as said in description))
dislikes: annoying people, water, the yellow bird that follows her around everywhere, cold, show offs
likes: candy, her laptop, internet being alone ((she THINKS))
Patron: that bird on her head that annoys her constantly.

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Name Leah
Age 14
Gender female
Element air
Likes wind. Storms, birds
Dislikes fire, deserts, dogs
Bio came here to train when her parents died. She is a very good fighter and extremely intelligent. She has a pet bird that she travels with.
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Name Sasha
Age 14
Gender female
Element fire
Bio her sister is Leah
Pet small owl that stays with her
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Name: Thomisina Alexandria Sands Jr. (Thomie)
Element: Water
Description: Pic down there
weapon: Dagger, starfish, her powers
Personality: Helpful, a bit annoying, leaderful
Powers: Making fish come out of the ground, having starfish rain, turning weapons into starfish,  turning water into oxygen and vice-versa, changing the paths of rivers.
dislikes:Being the leader, even though she's the 2cd in command for camp, ever since her parents died.
likes: Starfish, 
Patron: Hecate
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