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User stories are one of the main format to record user needs in the Agile world. There is however a debate on the amount of information that should be available to the Scrum team before starting the sprint. This article recommends to minimize the size of user stories and to define simple conditions of satisfaction instead of writing acceptance criteria.

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Is leading a project to its success a form of art or is it a science to apply defined processes? Or is it maybe something completely different?

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Product Leaders (un)Conference. An event for tech product practitioners.

If you are interested in product design & development, innovation, new tools for product teams, and Elon Musk is one of your models, you are in for a treat. 
Product Leaders (un)Conference, 8-9 June, Bucharest brings together top-notch speakers and practitioners to share proven strategies, techniques, and tools for building build products that drive change. Including a keynote with Jaime Levy, UX guru, about Hyperloop (Elon Musk's company) UX Strategy team, with whom she worked directly. 

Choose from practical talks on topics such as Design Thinking, Growth, Product Management, UX Strategy & Design, Innovation, Experiments, Tools for Teams, KPIs & Metrics.

Does an intense day of dynamic and collaborative learning, with Open Space sessions and Product Roadmap building sound like your cup of tea?  Mark your calendar! 

As a member of our community, enjoy the best price for the (un)conference participation and a 1-day UX workshop.

For the 2-day event, use the code Product_Community at registration to get 45% off the Standard ticket price by May 17th (227 € + VAT instead of 411€ +VAT).

For a 3-day pass, meaning 2-day unconference and 1-day UX workshop pass, use the code 3day_Community at registration to get 35% off the Standard ticket price by May 17th (459 € + VAT instead of 690 € + VAT).

 Let’s create a valuable product culture in Europe, together!

For details and questions about the event and workshop, you can contact Steliana Moraru, 

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Call for Speakers - Product Leaders

Up to the challenge to influence the hearts and minds of European products practitioners? Be a speaker at Product Leaders!

We are looking for proven methods and case studies on: product management,
product strategy and experiments, tools and techniques. From practitioners to practitioners, share your success stories, failures and lessons learned.

Product Leaders takes place in Bucharest, 8-9 June 2017. Submit your sessions by January, 30th.

Looking forward to receiving your sessions!

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This presentation describes key strategies to shift the traditional business analysis way of thinking to a Lean model of delivery while sharing clarity to how business analysts and UX professionals can embrace and prosper in this new work environment while retaining system and legacy knowledge.

If you’re looking for a good way to introduce impact mapping to your company/clients/at a public training workshop, you can now use the materials from my battle-tested workshop - I’ve just opensourced it.

All the materials (facilitation guide, slides, exercise materials and handouts) are now available on GitHub. The materials are completely free to use any way you like, under the Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution license. Get them from:

My goal with this is to help others spread the word easily. The exercises in this workshop lead the participants through the most important concepts and have quite a few gotchas and learning twists, so together they make a nice, fun and engaging learning experience. If you attended one of the product owner survival camps, you most likely experienced it from the audience. Now you can take it and use in your materials to put the others through the same experience.

I’ve been doing this workshop for a few years now, and by my count slightly more than 2000 people went through some variant of this workshop, so it’s relatively solid. It’s suitable for groups of up to 30-40 participants, but can also be organised with much larger groups, and works well either as a half-day or a full-day session.

As this is the first time I’m trying to make the materials available in such way, it would be great to get some feedback from the community on how to improve the directions (especially the facilitation guide). If there are parts that are unclear, or confusing, please submit an issue on GitHub. Also, if you feel that something crucial is missing from the guide, please suggest what else would help you run this workshop on your own.

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Product Management practices remains a skill difficult to pin down in its scope and responsibility. This article discusses how Product Management can exist within an Agile-oriented organization. It explains that it is an organizational level activity with responsibilities, decision-making and influences far beyond the scope of the software itself. Without the Product Manager, the Product Owner cannot do his job, as the business context for the software solution is lost.

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Lean UX is a concept developed by Jeff Gothelf, using the Lean Startup Concept as the basic principle for developing UX. Working in a consistent way with rapid experiments and real tests, Lean UX enables development teams not only to develop wonderful user experience, they also develop a way of thinking where the experience is based on actual customer insights.

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Agile requirements are a key success factor for Scrum projects. Many people criticize the minimalist format of user stories, often forgetting that they are mainly a support for a conversation and don’t have the objective to fully document requirements. In this article, Paul Raymond discusses how classical use cases can be use to expand user stories during requirements elicitation in Scrum sprints.
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