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Welcome To The Community!~
    First off, here is some Ranks that are open for now, It is the Ranks of the gods And goddesses of Seasons:

Summer-  *The god that is responsible for The hot Season, and can have a very fiery attitude, just like the sun.*

Winter- +WarriorCats Rule  The goddess that is responsible for the cold Season. She is very cold but yet her appearance is gentle and welcoming

Autumn-   +Leonora RIRI  The goddess of the Season in which the leaves change color and fall, She is very calm and enjoys the unique colors of the leaves

Spring-    +Christmas Ke /Peppermint Ke   The goddess that is responsible for the season of the blooms, she's very childish but could make you laugh easily
First come, First Serve. But if you are enactive, your rank shall be removed. Have at least 3 posts

Lord Of The Shrine+Holly Chan ((me))
Temple Guard- +CrimDemon 
Wise Men-  ((3))
Summoner+Ƭзʀзᴢɪ Ƥʏʀᴏᴘз 
Mage's Apprentice-
Necromancer- +St.Madame...( I cant tag u, but u know who u  are >~<)
Temple Maiden

God Of The Night- Me +Holly Chan 
God Of Harvest-
Goddess of Wisdom-
Goddess Of Storms- +Skye Graymark 
God Of Sun-
Goddess Of Love- +Kuroshi Black 
Goddess Of Hunting+Honey Chan 
God Of Wine-
God Of The Moon- +Rιи Kαgαмιиє 
Goddess Of Music+Alex Ofsanik 
God Of War-
God Of Death- +ShortAlicorn Baka 
God Of Life-
Goddess Of The Ocean- +PinkiePie (cant tag u, but u know who u are )
God Of Tragedy- +Aladdin Magi 
Goddess Of Magic- +Sarah Thurston 

Zodiac Horoscopes
Leo- +Kaiser Garuta ((wont let me tag you ;-;))
Scorpio- +ShortAlicorn Baka 

    Look In Discussion To View Rules For The Community.

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i doubt anyone would say this 2 me

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"Who does not love the sea? The beach is a place of healing and joy. The salt cleanses us and the sun embraces us in its warmth. The ocean heals the heart, mind, and soul."

Name- Marina Odette Ocean

Age- 19 (4 billion years old)

Species- Human who can turn into a mermaid

Gender- Female

Personality- She is very gentle, sweet, and calm. But she can be a feisty and rough when in a fight.

Voice- She had a light and sweet voice (this is what her voice sounds like Anastasia (songs from the movie):

Season-  Goddess of The Ocean

Power(s) She walk on water, talk with sea animals, turn into a mermaid to watch the seas from under the surface, sing a few songs to heal sea life, and use her ballet moves to move the ocean around (to make waves)

Abilities Turn into a mermaid and human, being able to breathe under water, and talk with sea life/animals.

Weapon(s) Her ruby sword for sword fighting, her ballet moves, her hand glove that is a bow and makes arrows for combat, and a wand that makes the coral change colors.

Likes Watch her sea and sunsets, singing songs to her animal friends, dancing ballet, seeing happy faces, protecting her sea and other gods/goddesses, swimming around her home, and collecting sea shells.

Dislikes- Seeing her sea and fellow gods/goddesses harmed, a very unfair fight, being kidnapped, seeing her animal life die from human mistakes, and seeing herself die.

Bio- ((Going to try to do a short bio!)) Marina was born from the last goddess of the sea and a merman. She had never met her mother(she died from a fight and had her child replace herself), but was raise by her father. As she grew, she learn the main things of the sea and land. Also to fight for her sea by the guards. Soon Marina was fully the sea goddess. Over the years the ocean goddess watched her sea grew more and more from her mother's.

  Theme songs: Tutu's Lullabye:
Defying Gravity- Princess Tutu:
Dreams to Dream:
And Nightcore - Disney Land: 
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A soft melody played along the midnight breeze. A red headed mermaid was sitting in the shallow part of her gulf. Her voice was lovely and soft, her hair blow in the wind. Than as the mermaid moved from the waves. Her tail turned into a pair of legs and a tutu covered her. She started dancing along to her lullaby for her sea. Soon after her song she bowed lightly and stand straight. Her soft gentle smile stayed. "I know your there, I don't bite unless you bite me first." She was still looking straight ahead

Open rp, please state or tag me your profile/name. Please also read my profile too, here's her lullaby Song of the Sea Music Video - "Lullaby" (2014) - Irish Animated Movie HD: ))
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Name- Aries also called Ries 
Age-18,0000 (looks 18 in human years) 
Species- Sheep dragon 
Gender- Female 
Personality- Friendly, loyal and kinda a hard head 
Voice- Up beat and soft
Season-  ((if you hold a rank))
Power(s)Breath fire 
Abilities transform into dragon and chibi form 
Weapon(s)- her claws 
Likes- fire, food and other people 
Dislikes- bullies 
Bio- born to be the main Aries she was train to be herself and control her feelings. 
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I prance around in my chibi form humming "Mary had a little lamb" when I came across you (open)

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Kritanta Thanatos


She has lived for centuries, yet she appears only 14 years of age.




She is a Necromancer.


Kritanta is a very paranoid person. She's scared of many things, and that drove her to the border of insanity.


She can raise the dead, and use them as her personal enemy.
She also carries an old fashioned umbrella that is secretly a gun.


Kritanta was a slave. She worked for horrible people. She was whipped, burnt, starved... And she became tired of it. She was on her death bed when the factory she worked at was destroyed, by skeletons and zombies, and some normal looking people. They came to her side to protect her.


Her army


Many, Many things.

She dresses up in a kind of steampunk style, Her clothes are also bloodstained in some places, Her nickname is Rita
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