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Welcome to The World's Destiny, a roleplay intended in the Google production of Google+, for people interested in ruling a country, rebellion, person, terrorist group, or simply to become a person who plays AI.

What you might want, you seek here. First off, the rules.


First rule: No autohit. This is extremely unfair, and we cannot afford autohit. Autohit destroys the community:

Example of Non Autohit

Germany advances, beginning an attack to recapture Berlin. 30,000 troops come in, and in the first hour of fighting, 1,000 Austrian troops are dead and taken prisoner.

Austria responds by sending in all their army, asking the French Army to deal with Munich. Austria attacks back, taking 1,000 of the 30,000 German troops with them(dead), and attacks the rest of the German positions.

Example of Autohit

German troops attack into Prague, successfully attacking the perimeters, and taking all the Czech forces prisoner. They also capture the city.

Czech forces respond by killing all the German troops.

Czech forces advance into Munich.

Czech forces advance into Berlin.

Second rule: Please do not swear. It is unprofessional and only used when wanting to show emotion.

Third rule: Do I need to list all the rules? This rule applies to all the mini rules, as that if you cannot roleplay rightfully, the mods or I have the right to kick you, restrict you of your nation, ban you for 24 hours, or banned forever.


YEAR: 2020: The United States, EU, Russia, China, and North Korea are all the world cares about now. The US has invaded Mexico, Cuba, and the Bahamas, the EU has forced Greece into submission as they invade, Russia takes over Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, and Finland, China occupies the Philippines, Vietnam, and Tibet, and North Korea has invaded South Korea and Japan.

Who shall attack first?








Army active:
Army reserve:

Navy active:
Navy reserve:

Air active:
Air reserve:

Economy Status:


GDP Per Capita:





Special Allies:

Special Enemies:


Flag(just put the flag here, don't copy and paste this section, but put the flag there)

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Name: T.G.A.C (Terrorist Group Against China)

Population: 120,000

Capital: Lhasa,Tibet

Government: Terrorism

Leader: Zionian Mapper (The name of the leader :P

Army active: Look at my previous Post at this community
Army reserve:

Navy active:None
Navy reserve:None

Air active:3
Air reserve:1

Economy Status:Average


GDP Per Capita: 9 Dollars

Allies: Philippine Rebels

Enemies: Choina

Factions: None

Intentions: Kill Choina

Special Allies: None

Special Enemies: Still China

Denonym: IDK what this is

I can't copy the template for some reason... This will just be limited. I'll add my flag tomorrow :P (If I remember)
Name: T.G.A.C (Terrorist Group Against China)
Active Military: 89,000
Reserved Military: 11,000
Navy: (None)
Location: Tibet and East Turkestan
Allies: Rebels in the Philippines
Enemies: China

Russia starts the siege of Sealand. Russia sends 69M troops but they all lose in front of a sealandic mountain dew


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Russia invades part South Ossetia, Abkhazia and bombs chechen rebels

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