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All the new peple that just joind this group must make a oc before sending posts or other posts or coment and rp u must make a oc right away like.... NOW! And for the caracter that impreses me u will become a modrator

Now the Quidich teams:

Seeker=Donut whithglaze
Back ups=

Seeker=tysha salsabila
Back ups=

Seeker=draco is boss
Back ups=

Seekers=melody laggon
Back ups=

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Name: Harriet Pan
Gender: Female
Age:(Around the same age as the Golden Trio)
Looks: See Pic
Year: (Same as the Golden Trio)
House: Gryffindor
Wand: See pic
Crush: (Maybe Harry don't know for sure)
Patronus: Stag/Ardvark
Appearances: See pic
Family: Gryffindor
Blood Type: Half Blood
Broom: Fireboldt or Nimbus 2000
Likes: Explore, make new friends, master spells and other classes, Quidditch
Dislikes: Slytherin's, loved ones hurt,
Personality: She's grit, Courage, Mischief, Leadership, Anguish, Optimism, Self Reliance, Curiosity.Need to put things right. Hero Worship. Her favorite season is fall, due to the fact that her birthday is on November 14, 2002. She is almost identicle to Harry Potter! She loves to hang out with friends, play Quidditch, get's good grades except in Potions, and finally; she's never been kissed by a boy or dated! Her favorite class, is DADA.
Bio/History: Her parent's have passed due to an evil with taking her parent's lives and is an orphan and the Blacks are the only muggle family close to her. Even though her guardians aren't the best, she'll appreciate them for who they are.
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Open RP
Location: classroom
Time: during 5 period (or whenever slytherin 5th years have umbridge) of fifth year
Character: jinx and anyone who wants to join

jinx smirked as she had her wand out under the desk
(A bunch of my current rps got deleted for some reason)

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Quotes: I am invisible beacause people refuse to see me
Name Richard Bolt
Nickname Ricky Bolt
Pet Black Cat
Age 2 months younger than Harry
Patronus: Pheonix
Boggart: Death Eaters
Year at Hogwarts: same as Harry
Likes: Animals magi zoology, books, charms
Dislikes: death eaters, Draco, potions,
Crush: No one at the moment
Wand Holly
Length: 14 inches
Core dragon heartstrings
Blood- half-blood
Personality: outgoing, brave, quick thinker
Family- Bolt family
House : Gryffindor
Broom nimbus 200
Bio: Richards family died at the age of two left for his 4 year old sister to take care of him. She abandoned him and left him to live with the weaslys. Ricky has grown to call them family and is currently best friends with the golden trio.

For the ones that havent made a caracter plz make one now

Quotes: “who cares what the rest of the world thinks? It's what friends think that matters.”

Name: Jinx Vivian Black

Nickname: Jin, Viv, V

Pet: black owl (lydia)

Age: six months younger than harry

Patronus: fox

Boggart: rat (peter Pettigrew )

Year at Hogwarts: year below harry

Likes: reading, writing, music, singing, playing violin, piano, guitar, pranking, DADA, care of magical creatures, potions

Dislikes: bullies, malfoy, deatheaters, voldemort, umbridge, homework, Lockhart, quirell

Crush: fred weasley

Wand: apple wood, 9 inches

Core: Phoenix feather

Blood type: half blood

Personality: sweet, kind, caring, loving, loyal, brave, mischievous, smart, energetic, happy, bubbly, and above all Cunning.

Family: Sirius black (father)

Amelia Fey-Black (mother)-deceased

Remus lupin (godfather)

Hogwarts house: slytherin

Broom: doesn't have one

Bio: Jinx's mother died the day Jinx was born. Jinx was born a metamorphis. Jinx was given her name in honor of her parent's mischievous ways. Jinx much like her parents is very mischievous, using her abilities to her advantage. Once she came to Hogwarts she was sorted into slytherin. Jinx is proud of her house because she knows not all bad people are slytherin. Jinx was ecstatic when she found out her godfather would be working at hogwarts her second year. Jinx works with fred and George, she creates wonderful sweets as well as trick sweets.

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Yay i am atchely a true ravenclaw all this time. Always
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