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As much as I love G+, it seems like there has never been a lot of growth in this group.  I'll keep this open, and hope to cross post, but I have also started a new "group" on Facebook, with the same aim:

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I haven't posted in here for a while.  Thought I would add something.  New game coming out from FFG.  I have Xwing Miniatures, and just started playing Assault Wing last night (based on the same rules).  This looks interesting.  What I really like, is that those big ships have some inertia, making them move different than fighters.  

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I figured I would point this one out.  It is coming out soon. (Assuming it makes it past customs)  It was put up on Kickstarter a while back, and starts shipping immently.  Should be available for general purchase soon after.  I know of two others in the area that backed the game.  That should give us a good start! 

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Has anyone ever heard of or played Starmada or it's Federation Commander spinoffs?

Hey, just stumbled across this community. Your description mentions WH and WH40K,but my roommate and I are looking for Warmachines and Hordes players. Does anyone on this community play WM&H?

Starting this Friday, come down to AAG to play some Malifaux! +clayton parenti, I have a spare (well, a lot of spare) crews if you want to try  it out.  :-)  

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It starts today! 

I'll be down on Sunday for the Malifaux tourney.  I know Mike will be there.  Anyone else? 

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Has anyone else looked at Mobile Frame Zero?  (  It is a miniatures game based on using Legos to build your mechs.  

Ok, we need more people.  Invite other miniatures players in.  I'd love to see some other games beyond the standard fares we get now.  :-)  It could be a lot of fun to find enough people with those games we have in our closets.  Invite others.  :-)

Is anyone interested in the new(ish) Xwing game from FFG?  I keep looking at it... and it is very tempting.  I am just not sure I want my fiance to flail me alive.  :-)  But... Xwings, Tie Fighters, Millenium Falcon, Slave 1, Awing...  I just get kind of giddy.  
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