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M855A1 Reduced Velocity Ballistic Gel Test
Estimated range of 215 meters for 14.5 inch barrel.

M855A1 expands and fragments very quickly at full velocity as well.
(Especially compared to M855 "green tip.")

M855 vs. M855A1: AR500 level III armor comparison.

M855A1 is a great round for 14.5" and shorter AR's.

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My entry level and cheap AR but I love it!
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Something we all can use one more of, at least I can.

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A beautiful day to go shooting

Need input.

Quick backdrop - served 8 years in the USMC/92-2000, so picking my AR-15 last November was nostalgic & fun. (Smith & Wesson Sport II)

I've been out shooting it 4-5 times, a few hundred rounds each time. No thrills basic range stuff, iron sites status quo. Tight grouping. Happy. Accurate. Tight sling, all the good practices I mastered in the Marines.

Quadrail handguards, bipod, and flash suppressor. No gun smithing required. Basic stuff.

Last week I went shooting with 3 friends. First time with mods. At 50 yards even my friends who had not shot one were hitting a small frisbee size iron bell, & we loved how accurate it is. We shot 29 rounds each (I never load 30).


In the 2nd rounded shooting, we noticed the rounds dropping. Lower. More in the 3rd and by the 4th round rounds were in the dirt 2-4 feet in front of the target, based on the iron sites.

I was baffled. 300-400 rounds in 30 minutes could not possibly melt my barrel. The rear site was firm, not loose at all. The front post takes a tool to move and had obviously not been touched.


Yesterday at home I troubleshot:
Used a carpenters square to see if the barrel was bent. Perfectly straight, based on not using a machine, just a standard known straight tool.
I stuck a 223 bullet /laser pointer and sure enough, at 25 feet or so, it was way lower than where my iron posts pointed at. Why??

So I adjusted the front site post down to bring the bullet up. Got the laser perfectly zerod in at 25 feet, and can obviously adjust going forward as needed, based on the range. It took 3-4 quarter turns!


Why would my AR shoot stellar for 6 months, and then stellar with the mods, but after 4 magazines it all went downhill (literally)? Flash suppressor (looks like a silencer) cause the heat to build and melt the end of the barrel? Should I dump the rear site for a heavy duty replacement ?

I'm totally stumped...

Extra data point: I changed up ammo that day sporadically. All 55gr. Some federal American eagle, some Tulammo.

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Ar15 Sbr i ldid ! This is my first time on Google plus I really like this Community thank you for excepting me !

For anyone interested in a hell of a bargain, Bushnell is offering a $40 rebate on their TRS-25 micro red dot(and other various Bushnell products) which can be found on Amazon for only 56 bucks. This brings the actual cost down to 16 bucks once you get the rebate. I think the promotion applies as long as the purchase is made before 6/22. If you're interested you can find more info on their website.

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Almost there, need the .155 pins for the kns links as that's what the g2s needs.

Then a solgw upper
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