I could only see websites to which an app is sending requests,,,,,would it possible to get the complete request URLs instead of just domain names...thanks

Love the app since I installed it on my LG G3 a few months ago. Thank you - it has been helpful for documenting anomalies in regulatory compliance with privacy laws.

Problem is that the app appears highly unstable and will not stay "on" for more than 10 seconds. I don't know why this is happening and keep hoping that the problem will go away with the next patch or update.

Also, the app regularly quits whenever I try to view some results and data.

Happy to provide more details and evidence if interested. I really want this app to work!


Why does you app not work with a Nexus 7 2013?
They play store says incompatible "no carrier".
Why do I need a phone carrier for your app to work?

FYI the twitter account you link to on the bottom of your webpage does not exist.

Is the dataset link https://haystack.mobi/dataset.html down? or it is removed permanently ?

I meant to ask if there are any plans to translate the Lumen UI but when looking around I am not sure if this project is still alive? The Twitter account listed on the website does not exist, website shows 2016 as date, and things look very light here as well?

We've had a report of Lumen flagging OpenSignal as "High Risk" and indicating that it is transmitting data on Signal by WhisperSystems. This is not correct! I am wondering if there is a problem with the heuristics it is using? (perhaps because our package name contains "signal") feel free to contact me - james (@ opensignal . com) if you need more info to fix. Thanks!

Google play refused to allow Lumen as an app; I had to go to the desktop to click on the direct download button at haystack.mobi. The APK does work; I did a direct download that works just fine on my phone. I was stunned by two things : the huge number of apps that help themselves to CPU by starting up from reboot unsolicited, and the large number of apps that share the Android ID. Many of them were uninstalled this morning, especially those that I use infrequently. Love the app.

Suggestions : provide a button to add the external connections that are promiscuously sharing Android ID to the "Adaway" blacklist.

Also a usability suggestion : somehow mark all the apps that are not sharing any significant privacy information with a "Green Checkmark", so that attention is drawn to those apps which are risky.

The Play store says my Nvidia Shield TABLET running Android 5.1.1 is incompatible :(

Besides the handful of graphs shown on the blog, are there any other summary reports/published knowledge ? As my employer is a mobile carrier, we are interested in the amount of bandwidth consumed by the 'extraneous' activities in apps AND the variety of PI leaked.

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Wow! It’s amazing!! I downloaded app locker free. I recommend to everyone: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ULock&hl=en

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