The Play store says my Nvidia Shield TABLET running Android 5.1.1 is incompatible :(

Besides the handful of graphs shown on the blog, are there any other summary reports/published knowledge ? As my employer is a mobile carrier, we are interested in the amount of bandwidth consumed by the 'extraneous' activities in apps AND the variety of PI leaked.

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Wow! It’s amazing!! I downloaded app locker free. I recommend to everyone:

At ICSI, we've been working hard in the last year on an interesting project called Haystack.

Haystack intercepts all your app's traffic, and tries to identify PII leaks even if encrypted. Haystack informs you about the different organizations collecting your personal information and which application is causing such leaks.

This group is for alpha testers, and if you want to participate and provide us early feedback or if you want to help us to debug the tool before making a full public release, feel free to join us and install the app. We'd love to hear your feedback so we can make Haystack better!

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This URL allows you to opt-in as a Haystack alpha tester.
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