I am having an issue with my netgear gtv100 allowing me to see on my tv screen and access the settings.

My neotv netgear isn't letting me leave the setup page. Can anyone help?

Does anyone know how to update neotv prime GTV100 to android 4.4.2
i only hace access to Netflix help please

Is there going to be an upgrade to 4.0+ for NeoTV Prime ? 

Can any body send apk file of youtube from your GTV 100 as i am not able to download from play store.In other sites i am getting apk of 8mb but official app for youtube is less than 1 mb

hello I have Neo TV GTV100 but when I power up the screen say Initializing.. but not continue to the main screen I tried press the back bottom to factory restore but not works

Hi, I have a Neo TV GTV100 and I can't update apps, the only app that works is Netflix, but I can't select a profile.
Anybody knows if there is an update of the firmware or something else that I can do to fix the problem?

youtube doesn't work on NeoTV (GTV100) anymore, though before few weeks  it works, always complained network issue, but I can play Amazon's PrimeVideo correctly, so for sure there is no network issue. Pls. help GoogleTV team!!! 

How is it that Netgear can continue to sell the NeoTV Prime when they know full well the software for it has been abandoned for quite some time now, and compatible apps will continue to be fewer and fewer in number?   I could see some suppliers trying to sell off old stock on closeout, but for Netgear to continue a known abandoned platform smacks of severely blatant Fraud.  It's like selling a new computer with Windows95.  But look to the Netgear website, and there's a big blazing page trying what they're trying to pass of as a viable product.

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I am playing this video from a connected USB drive. The video is playing pixelated, grayed, broken, etc. Sometimes its just the top left part of the screen and somtimes its different parts of the screen. Can someone help me find out what or why this is happening and how to fix this? I have attached a few pics. Thanks :-)
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