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We are closed and we do not have over 3,000 members like the stats are showing for those people now wanting to join or using bots to join communities with large numbers of people.

For some reason the stats show us as having 3,011 members still and seems to slowly be catching up with the real number of people still here which is actually only 8 members still and all of them are moderators.

I tell you this since I and others are still rejecting any requests for others to join now we are closed and each day I check our members list to make sure it's still the same and see from time to time with moderators helping reject all the bots that keep trying to join that some make it through and are accidently approved and then they realize the community is dead and erase the account or the name they used to get in so each day I see accounts added to the members list and then they only show up as blank names so I remove them as well as any one that is not a moderator .

Eventually the true member count will stabilize and show only 8 members instead of over 3,000 like it does now so if you are reading this , that is why you were rejected or escorted out after you were approved by accident from rejecting so many people each day that do not read the images or the text saying we are closed or that must be not translating properly using google's translate feature.

Thanks for understanding.

Due to spammers I am now having to hold everyone's post for review before I approve their posts -

This after one piece of spam could not be removed from the community even though the spammer was banned it was still showing up.

This should not affect many people due to the Google TV community no longer active as it once was as we don't have many new members posting questions here that were not already answered.

Due to the spam problem I am now also having to look over each person that asks to join as they ruined the community for all. Getting approved now or becoming a member may not happen due to all the spammers that tend to use hit and run tactics and change handles all the time.

In fact due to the amount of spam I see a day as well as the spam showing up in the comments I finally decided to close the community once everyone gets the news and move on to a more peaceful time in life where Managing this community out of respect for +Kevin Lau and +Google TV appeals to me.

Since it has been dying out already and very few real people actually come here anymore so unless you are a member now you are no longer being able to become a member from now on.

Those folks that are still members feel free to say your goodbyes or reminisce about the good old days if you were here from day one.

The new members , I am sorry you did not find us sooner when times were better .

I would like to thank the following people for letting me get to know them that were instrumental in making me stay moderating this community so long as it was due to them and my love for them all that made me stick with it so long as they were all #GoogleTVAmbasadors or the people behind the curtains that tried their best to get things done in those early days.

In no particular order but as they appear -
+Thomas Tenkely
+Google TV
+Michelle Li
+Brian David Feliciano
+Matt Lane
+Michael Interbartolo
+Tony Busko
+Kevin Lau
+Derek Ross
+Brian Stein
+Laurie DesAutels
+Lester Walters
+Kyle Souza
+John Blossom
+Riley Scheid
+Charles Hogge
+john durant
+Rex Brown
+Chris Lang
+Paul Anderson
+Yifat Cohen
+Kim Beasley
I wanted to make sure I did not forget any of them as they basically held my hand virtually back in those early days of learning the ropes here and I wanted to make sure I tagged them all so they could get the recognition they deserve and give them a chance to pop in and make any statements or post any photos of those early days before I close shop here to go out with a bang so to speak :)

I also wanted to let them know that a while back the family here had a scare and mom had a pacemaker put in and she is better now but those that still check in to the messages I sent to the group chat that sent me prayers for my mom is why I tried to keep it up here and hold out as long as I could.

Love you guys I tagged above and you will all continue to be in my circle of friends here.


to confirm, voice search on the gtv 3 platform is dead?

(not voice search from the remote app on the phone, which TTS's the query to a text search on the GTV - but voice searching using the on-physical remote mic)

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Hello everyone, Today I would like to introduce one of our group games, games about ninja story and of course the name of the game is Ninja Fighter Z , you can also fight monsters, powerful and cruel, you, a ninja must fight against them, plus you also get naruto RPG, hope you guys like it,

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Apparently my LG 55g2 TV has is no longer alive RIP little buddy :(

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I have a google tv 50GA6400 and its refuses to boot, stays at the logo screen. I have looked for a firmware for this to download but has not been successful.

I need help in getting my TV to work, please suggestions please.

Has anyone had issues setting up their Sony Google TV remote. I keep getting Zip Code not found errors.

Hello, everyone I have been reading everyone responds and so to get on track if we have Lg Google TV G3 and we factory reset it it's not going to pick up the channels not even with a cable box. OMG Help!
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