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This is a READ ONLY Group now

Google TV Community is CLOSED

This is for ARCHIVE Purposes only to help Google TV users only.

We are closed and we do not have over 3,000 members like the stats are showing for those people now wanting to join or using bots to join communities with large numbers of people.

For some reason the stats show us as having 3,011 members still and seems to slowly be catching up with the real number of people still here which is actually only 8 members still and all of them are moderators.

I tell you this since I and others are still rejecting any requests for others to join now we are closed and each day I check our members list to make sure it's still the same and see from time to time with moderators helping reject all the bots that keep trying to join that some make it through and are accidently approved and then they realize the community is dead and erase the account or the name they used to get in so each day I see accounts added to the members list and then they only show up as blank names so I remove them as well as any one that is not a moderator .

Eventually the true member count will stabilize and show only 8 members instead of over 3,000 like it does now so if you are reading this , that is why you were rejected or escorted out after you were approved by accident from rejecting so many people each day that do not read the images or the text saying we are closed or that must be not translating properly using google's translate feature.

Thanks for understanding.

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It's 8:41 PM and we started removing the last 15,000+ members at 1:21 A.M. this morning -

Many ask why I did not just delete it? The main reason is I have joined too many communities in the past and due the owners getting tired of them and moving on they usually post a closing message and then deleted the entire board only to start up again later on down the road or the board was lost due to mistakes beyond their control.

Each time this happened many of us felt all the work we put in that board only to see it lost that later were treated like newbies elsewhere because we joined other boards and the nicks we used lost to many due to this type behavior and treated by the moderators and even users as mostly clueless do to most people acting that way do to the old guys knowing each other and kind of looking down on new folks by the way they talk to them because they think everyone who comes to a place is there to ask for help.

When +Google TV gave me the chance to take ownership I jumped at it even after +Google basically dropped support of it long ago.

Many of you when +Kevin Lau asked us to be #GoogleTVAmbassadors were upset wanting to be one to get closer to Google.

None of were picked for our knowledge back then as we learned as well as we taught.

We were picked back then because we were the ones kevin kept seeing going out of our way to be helpful and not look down on people or judge them or act like we were better then them to prove anything.

None of us knew back then what we were in for as many of us back then were honored to be chosen.

Myself , I actually was going to turn down the offer due to being old hat with seeing how places like this come and go and no one remembers them except in old jaded memories over time from the tellers perspective usually based on how they wanted others to see them instead of what actually took place due to no records anymore to prove them full of bs or if they were telling the truth.

I tended to not care about people's lack of spelling or if they went off topic once in a while here because I did it myself and I know how I was treated in the past by saying something and then people making fun of me for it sounding stupid or just a trouble maker due to like many I saw here I used to be new too and come in and not read the pinned post and did not know how to use the search option that most of these places have.

That is why I treated everyone I saw as brand new in case they were new or old hats I personally never knew.

Some got offended with what I said and when that happened I explained myself instead of abusing my power that I had as first a moderator and then and owner.

Google was going to delete this community as they did the others and I wanted everyone that made their mark to be remembered by what they did here instead of letting them deleting it and being a he said / she said as most everyone remembers the moderators even after the place is gone forever but many forget the people that contributed to make the place what it was.

Most everyone wants to be remembered so this is making sure everyone here was remembered for those that took time to make a post.

Some posts were lost mainly due to me not knowing how to get rid of the spam comments that spammers posted that did not need to be saved.

Also I took advice for everyone that asked me to remove the videos section and other stuff due to people using it to spam us with 1 video or another that many said they would find their own videos instead of seeing others recommendations.

I know many came in and went and formed judgements due to not taking time to read each post and I understand that as I used to do it too.

The rules were formed over time since most people that want rules spelled out use them to their advantage anyway instead of just helping for the heck of it and so they can bend them without being tossed out.

That is why after a while I used the #spam hashtag to tell people what I considered spam after trusting on common courtesy to others fell away.

If you want to see the people I thanked first the link is at

Also I held no grudges against the people I banned and usually it was due to stuff I call spam or just not letting people use what this community was made for and pushing newer stuff that they used or even telling everyone to move to something newer when chromecast was all the rage.

I rarely follow people here except those people in my small circle here due to not wanting to play favorites from having seen it done in the past when I was the new one trying to prove myself and playing the whole trying to fit in game back then.

I also learned to forgive so no one here that I banned or others banned no longer exist as I am not going to judge you for anything and only had to do what I did for what I thought was the best for the community.

I'll make sure everyone here is remembered not by old tales but by what they posted at the time.

As for the moderators still here I made the offer to all the old people that were moderators when Kevin was here and still respect the decisions he made by making us vote on what to do instead of what he wanted.

He knew how to make people shine and many of us were sad he had to move on.

I hope you guys appreciate being remembered even after many of you moved on and it just a few of us showing up. I am glad to have kept your names alive as much as I could even if you move on or disappear like so many others I have seen elsewhere as it was a pleasure for me and the others I hope to let you all put your stamps on the internet and make sure you are not treated like noobs when some may think you are do to not knowing you from anywhere they hang out as each of us had to start somewhere.

Thanks again and I hope I covered everyone big and small.

Just an update to those still here or others that may keep coming back to see if I personally can remove all 85,000+ users that I was able to finally clear the banned list so no one is banned and checked the number of users the community registered at that time and it was 29,000 plus users tonight and see while I was on the phone the number updated again and is down to 24,000.

I do plan on keeping my promise after I locked the form and community down to keep the data in tact and let it speak for itself since most stuff that was brought up and solved is still used now.

The stuff I went out of my way to get fixed will probably never be fixed unless someone higher up takes pity on me and fixes the server problem that many of us find out about after we reset our Google TV's to factory defaults that made me upgrade to another model tv to replace that one and not mess with the 2nd Google tv that my brother uses mainly for over the air tv and netflix as that still works great.

None of my tv's are rooted either since I did not want to break it by something I did and end up voiding the warranty and hence why I rarely sideloaded apps until much later when I knew enough to be able to reset it to factory defaults and knew what to expect.

And yes many of the moderators and Kevin may have not liked me being so opinionated at meetings we had but I saw the bugs back then and experienced them myself and saw myself back then as more of a user of the product that made a moderator as a sort of buffer to the other users based on Kevin at the time seeing us as helping out the most before offering us our Google TV Ambassador positions.

I probably would still be running the community to if I did not get the same experience all of you did multiple times when I called Google and talked to helpful people like I am that took time to let me ramble on and felt sorry for me explaining stuff to them that went out of their way to make sure to try and pass my information to the higher ups that would actually get the server back online we all need or maybe fix the code which i don't think they will do so the tv's do not rely on the zip code data to decide what channels it can scan for and not be stuck with a tv that only can get channel 3 when you reset it but my reports never got far up the chain due to possible lack of communication as I know they can reproduce the problem if they wanted with how widespread it affects all the Google Televisions when the reports came in here wanting a fix and me and others tried our best to find one and many said they reported it and offered to have a tech out to fix it at their expense which usually is what they offered in most cases.

My frustration shows in my posts as well and I know many still used their Google TV's that like me left one tv alone after I wanted to try to find a solution that others may have missed that I decided not to care if I sacrificed my tv to find the solution even knowing the problem existed that I hoped I could find one for everyone that was missed but also knew that if I failed I would have to buy a new TV to replace it.

I ordered the replacement TV on Black Friday in preparation and reset the Google TV after it arrived and did my best to find a solution and when I could not find one I took the batteries out of that remote and stored it in the spare room instead of throwing it in a landfill or giving it away to someone that needed a new tv since they would not be able to use it with what they described and knowing the tv's limits that I told them it would not work kept it stored just in case the Google TV Hacking community ever decides to try to patch it in their spare time with how locked down the TV's are or in case this story ever makes it to Google and they put the server back or issue a weird unexpected patch for all the models affected that us first generation adopters bought and still are using as long as we can that were warned here about the problem and stopped using a factory reset to fix problems that popped up that was not talked about before and given a solution here.

I will keep rejecting the people still wanting to join and banning those still that try to post spam before I escort them out personally and yes I am the one doing the crazy job of making sure to remove each one of you and hate doing it too because many of you I got to know through the posts you made before you moved on or me not being strict enough on the ban hammer then I should of when people were going nuts over Chromecast and going out of their way to get others to use it when their Google TV was working well enough for them.

We had several tough times like that and the reason I did what I did was because I pissed off a moderator in the past telling a story that involved me personally with my experience back then that for some reason the moderator took personal offense with because the story was about a experience I had with overdue books and how before computers there was paper and how back then that person working always made sure to keep track of every book they loaned out and made sure I paid my fines and once that person retired and computers tracked the books more stuff got lost in the cracks due to lacking that personal touch.

That said I left voluntarily after a while of seeing people treated the same way over there due to a troublemaker I learned that with me being new made them think I was him and even fell for one of his fake personalities he used to befriend me back then and after I left I wanted to make sure I never did that to others and try to respect people's rights and let them go as long as they did not try to browbeat others to something they used and also make sure everyone kept to the the topic the community was originally created for.

I felt it a great honor for Google TV to actually at one point see this community still being helped by me mostly when many moved on to Android TV and decided to trust me enough to keep it running based on the decisions I made that they must have looked at or that others were reporting to them instead of deleting it entirely like they were thinking of doing at one point.

All the above is why I kept it up and running so long and I know the moderators that are still here actually have lives as do I so that is why I lay no blame on anyone as there are always 2 sides to a story and most people tend to be to closely entrenched in their beliefs to listen without some judgement and even when I had to step in ages back to decide what was the best for the community I felt I may be to close to the situation to decide on banning that person due to trying keep my beliefs and that is why I asked the others at that time to stop in and investigate if my ban was bs as he thought and others may have seen it or me abusing my Moderator powers.

After that Incident was finally settled I kept out of his hair and I think he kept out of mine as I have no clue since I judge people for their actions instead worrying if he created multiple identities like I was accused of in the past and hated and left for and hopefully he understands why I did what I did.

After that my views on #spam were pretty well known if you read the pinned post when you joined as multiple times I just told people to search for the term #spam to get an idea of what I thought was spam.

Sometimes people came here with non-Google TV questions as with every community I became a member in the past with did and I tried helping them if they genuine and some thought me nasty for answering the same questions over and over again and making them know there is a search option and said they were sorry for joining but again that is why the pinned posts exists in most all communities that many tend to ignore.

In the meantime I will keep plugging in removing the people one at a time that are late in getting the news and keeping spam down from those that are still here and want to post something that I consider spam and keep rejecting people and once I am done for good the only ones that should be left here are the Google TV moderator person that made me owner of this community just in case that person needs it back to make changes after I removed everyone for some reason as well as the moderators that still show up as moderators.

Some moved on and some got accidently removed by me and I offered to make them a moderator again in case they wanted to and if they want back the offer always stands to add them back as it's no longer much to take care of like it used to be.

I also said that those that want to leave can that stayed and it won't stop me from following them all since I got to know them when we were all picked and for the ones that kevin decided on letting go I am sticking with his decision even though I complained about it and hope that person understands based on the above.

Also after all is done I will try to make time for any spam that slipped through I missed after all is gone and I feel like it to remove it as well and won't touch what I said or others so that is why I said the offer stands to give this place back to Google if they don't approve of my behavior and why this post is so huge to try and explain why I did what I did if they do.


Just a quick update for people that are still here due to me having to remove 85,000 people one at a time I get tired and from time to time accidently ban someone instead of remove them due to the menus the moderators have access too.

Don't worry as it will be lifted as I removing the bans on people as well that were previously banned by accident or on purpose since the community is closing and thought I would post this new message to those people not taking time to read Google TV Community is now closed due to spam.

At the moment the member count is 38,000 people but that is probably way off due to the numbers only occasionally being updated instead of any live updating due to the sheer number of users now.

I am pinning this and thanked everyone elsewhere and now I am going back to work closing up shop.

By the way, I am also in my spare time cancelling all those invites Google sent out ages ago to people 1 at a time like as with everything else that many people did not like getting :)


Hey everybody,

I just thought that before the community was shut down I would say a small something and voice my appreciation.
I never felt deserving of being a Google TV Ambassador (when that was a thing, and thank you Kevin for inviting me), hopefully I wasn't too disappointing - I know I wasn't disappointed. Meeting the other "regular" people involved (online and/or in-person), meeting some Googlers, and getting to see a product lifecycle was all very exciting and educational for me. I got interested in smart tvs after seeing an UbuntuTV demo. I quickly gravitated towards Google TV and am still disappointed in how everything played out (mostly rejected by the public, resulting in the hardware/support issues we experience now). I still have two Google TV devices and use one almost every day - I'm a simple person, and if something works I tend to let it continue on until it doesn't.
But back to my point, this community, and the core that founded it, have been a blessing to me - so thank you, thank you all.

PS - Thomas has been amazing, when I, and most everyone else, pretty-much checked out he has helped so many people. He has kept up with me and my family, and is a great person all around; not that others aren't, I just wanted to show him some extra gratitude.

Oh man, now I've got that sad feeling in my stomach, like when a friend is moving away...

Due to spammers I am now having to hold everyone's post for review before I approve their posts -

This after one piece of spam could not be removed from the community even though the spammer was banned it was still showing up.

This should not affect many people due to the Google TV community no longer active as it once was as we don't have many new members posting questions here that were not already answered.

Due to the spam problem I am now also having to look over each person that asks to join as they ruined the community for all. Getting approved now or becoming a member may not happen due to all the spammers that tend to use hit and run tactics and change handles all the time.

In fact due to the amount of spam I see a day as well as the spam showing up in the comments I finally decided to close the community once everyone gets the news and move on to a more peaceful time in life where Managing this community out of respect for +Kevin Lau and +Google TV appeals to me.

Since it has been dying out already and very few real people actually come here anymore so unless you are a member now you are no longer being able to become a member from now on.

Those folks that are still members feel free to say your goodbyes or reminisce about the good old days if you were here from day one.

The new members , I am sorry you did not find us sooner when times were better .

I would like to thank the following people for letting me get to know them that were instrumental in making me stay moderating this community so long as it was due to them and my love for them all that made me stick with it so long as they were all #GoogleTVAmbasadors or the people behind the curtains that tried their best to get things done in those early days.

In no particular order but as they appear -
+Thomas Tenkely
+Google TV
+Michelle Li
+Brian David Feliciano
+Matt Lane
+Michael Interbartolo
+Tony Busko
+Kevin Lau
+Derek Ross
+Brian Stein
+Laurie DesAutels
+Lester Walters
+Kyle Souza
+John Blossom
+Riley Scheid
+Charles Hogge
+john durant
+Rex Brown
+Chris Lang
+Paul Anderson
+Yifat Cohen
+Kim Beasley
I wanted to make sure I did not forget any of them as they basically held my hand virtually back in those early days of learning the ropes here and I wanted to make sure I tagged them all so they could get the recognition they deserve and give them a chance to pop in and make any statements or post any photos of those early days before I close shop here to go out with a bang so to speak :)

I also wanted to let them know that a while back the family here had a scare and mom had a pacemaker put in and she is better now but those that still check in to the messages I sent to the group chat that sent me prayers for my mom is why I tried to keep it up here and hold out as long as I could.

Love you guys I tagged above and you will all continue to be in my circle of friends here.


to confirm, voice search on the gtv 3 platform is dead?

(not voice search from the remote app on the phone, which TTS's the query to a text search on the GTV - but voice searching using the on-physical remote mic)

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