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YOU MUST READ BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE OTHER WISE YEA......idek anymore. Just read em tho

1) try and keep swearing to a minimum. Yes it doesnt really matter but still. At least try

2) no erp. Hentai/yaoi/yuri pics keep to a very very very minimum.

3) you must have a character profile before start to rp. Its your choice which one you choose, animal/pet or student or teacher, but you need to have atleast one.

4) character limits. Ik its hard having too many characters. I struggled with 5. So imma put a limit amd say 4 is the most amount of characters you can have. If you do double up can you please choose teacher characters and actually use them. As well as students you need teachers too.

5) you guys can rp they way you want. Whether it be, she walked up to you "hi" she said, or, yo bruh walks fast meh. Either are fine, if you have multiple characters you can put what they say in one post. For instance
Kanra: yo
Izaya: what up
Kuro: meep. Idek anymore
Kanra: kk
Kuro: meh
Izaya: welp.

6) have fun

I hope everyone has a good time here.

thanks everyone for your cooperation


chatango is really boring. lets start this thingo up again?? cause this was fun??

Why is it so dead here?

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((OPEN RP NO NEED TO ASK and yea her notebooks look like the one below along does her sketch book just with blank paper and filled with drawings ))

I take a deep breath as I head inside looking back at my dad who just dropped me off at the front office nodding his head in encouragement I simply nodded knowing I would be home soon after this and went inside to the office. Um....hi I'm Scarlet....I need my schedule? I said unsure of what it was I shifted my backpack on my shoulder which held my writing notebook and sketchbook along with colored pencils and anything else I needed for the school year.
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Wait whats the school called. Ihdk and i didnt put one.

Ok here we go.

Everyone can make suggestions and then ill short list 3. Ill then make a poll and the ine with the most votes will be the name.

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i love this song

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Name: Scarlet Drew

Species: mumbles Vampire

Abilities: Mind reading , telekinesis, and seeing the future.

Other Abilities: Vampire Powers

Age: 15

Gender: Its obvious

Birthday: October 31st

Crush: None for now

BF: None

BFF: None for now will change in the future

Hobbies: Singing, writing , drawing (will not be my own all credit is to the artists ) , sleeping , reading , and hiking

Bio: Scarlet grew up like a normal child unaware of what her parents or herself were. Her parents planned to keep it that way until she was older and would understand everything. She also wondered why everyone in town avoided her and her parents. Scarlet's father always made a joke about it so he wouldnt have to explain anything to her. She then started school and after a while of being alone she made 2 friends that understood her completely of what she knew. One day when she was 7, her home village was burnt down to ashes. The only thing she could salvage was her father, some money (not a lot), a photo of her her father and her mother and a keep safe from her mother. After her and her father made it to a safe area she swore to herself and her father that she would get revenge on whomever burnt her village down and killed her mother and friends along with it. At this point her father thought it was best she knew why it was attacked and who. After explaining everything she was shocked and started to cry. She wanted to run away from all of it but knew better to stay with her father and stay protected by him. They ventured south-east from the village to Killarney as it didnt cost much to live there. Her father soon got a job and she was educated by her father until she was in highschool. Scarlet was very self conscious of her life and tried staying away from everyone. Her tale of future events is soon to unravel at Crucifex high school.


1st: English

2nd: History

3rd: Art

4th: Chorus


5th: P.E.

6th: American Government

7th: Science

8th: Study Hall
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