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Good Day everyone !!!
After release our 1st Developer Preview for 7 Devices we got response from only 3 devices and rest 4 devices can't get any reply form there side so... We Thinking to continue with 3 devices...
Here the list...
1. Moto E 2014 ( condor)
2. Moto E 2015 (otus)
And the other on
3.Moto G 2013 ( falcon) [ slightly delay ]

Now we are Concentrate about next Build for those Devices.....
If you have any thing plz Leave your comments below....
Or join us our Community!!! For updates....

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Good day every one...
Welcome to DOSP family...1st i like to thank you everyone be the part of DOSP team and constantly showing your interest about this ROM. Currently we have successfully tested 2 devices out of 9
Here are the 9 devices
1. Moto E 2014 (Condor)
2. Moto E 2015 (otus)
3. Moto E 2015 (surnia)
4. Moto G 2013 (Falcon)
5. Moto G 2015 (ospery)
6. Redmi Note 3 (kenzo)
7. Redmi Note 4 (mido)
8. OnePlus 2 (temporarily suspended)
9. OnePlus 3 (temporarily suspended)
Out of 9 we have successfully tested 2 devices
1. Moto E 2014 (condor)
2. Moto E 2015 ( otus)
And others 5 devices are beeng on Testing... And soonly been published and 2 devices. Are temporarily suspended due to Mentenance problem...

If u like to be an part of our Testing team just go through below link

We currently found 4 common issus on DOSP_7.1.2-Dev version that users are mostly reported..
1. Music application crash
2. Browse
3. Navigation buttons
4. System slow down issus
On our next Build (7.1.2_B1) we try to fix all those ISSUS .

Sorry For that, m the single one who mentained all those stuff and also my study it take time to set everything...

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