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Rathalos the Acrocanthosaurus
Name: Rathalos
Species: Acrocanthosaurs
Age: Unknown (Young Adult)
Gender: Male
Length: 10.5 meters
Height: 3.5 meters
Weight: 6 tons
Wild or caged? He was caged as a juvenile but has escaped in adulthood
Power level: 8/10 a Very strong but not very strategic fighter
Aggression: (normally 6/10) (high alert 9/10)
Intelligence: 5/10 (Decent problem solving skills, and great hunting abilities, but is nowhere near a raptor's intelligence)
Allies: His Human trainer (Deceased)
Foes: Indominus Rex (Deceased?), Most humans
Mate/Crush: Unknown
Eggs/childeren: N/A
Diet: Predatory (mostly sauropods or hadrosaurs)
Personality: Usually Docile but is a brutal hunter. However he is naive and easy to trick.
Bio: As a Hatchling he was cared for by INGEN. He was very shy, but he had a strong bond with one trainer who worked with him. However, on the day the Indominus Rex escaped it's enclosure, Rathalos escaped so he could find the only human he trusted. However, the Indominus found the trainer first. Rathalos soon found his trainer, but he was cornered by the indominus. Rathalos fought to attempt to save his trainer, but he was not strong enough and was crippled. Rathalos was forced to watch the only friend he had be ripped apart by the hybrid. The Indominus assumed that Rathalos was dead, so she left and headed for the flying-reptile dome. Later, Rathalos escaped into the abandoned forest on Isle Nublar. Now he spends his days hunting sauropods and attempting to find a new trustworthy ally.

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Name: DeathBringer
Gender: Male
Species: carcharodontosaurus
Age: 28
Bio: DeathBringer is a monstrosity, he doesn't do anything but kill everything in his path, DeathBringer his pack (which are his sons.) Are finding for the dinosaur/animal that killed his wife.

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Name: Spiny (My Pets In Animation)
Age: 5-8
Gender: Male
Species: Idk
Diet: A Bunch Of Meat (Carnivores)
Aggression Level: 30
Personality: Genius, Nasty
Height: 30 Feet
Length: 20 Feet
Weight: 3.5 Tons
Bio: Spiny Is An Spinosaurus Pet That Have An Skill Like Wrecksy And Not Indominus Rex
Crush: None
Caged or Wild: Wild
Currently Living: In Animation
Speed: 19 Mph
Smart Level:10/10
Power Level:20

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The first hybrid with 2 hybrid
Name: Ultindominus rex
Mother: Indominus rex
Father: Ultimasaurus
Gender: Female
15 metters
4 tonnes
Where: Jurassic World ( Isla Nublar)
When: actualy
Speed: 54 km/h
No eggs
No friends
Kill her sister
Age: 7 years old
Agressive level: 8/10
Smart level: 98/100

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Here Is My Profile

Name: Andy
Age: 5-6
Gender: Female
Species: Velociraptor (JP One)
Diet: Some Of The Meat (Carnivore)
Aggression Level: 8/10
Personality: Genius, Nasty
Height: 5m/ 16 Feet/7 Inches
Length: 6m/19 Feet/8.22 Inches
Weight: 2.5 Tons
Bio: This Became Very Aggressive Raptor. Much Smarter Than The Troodon. It Had A Crush Named Caesar, It Had Very Sharp Toe Claws. It Currently Lives On Raptor Park/Raptor Paddock. It Can Run To 26mph.
Mate: None
Eggs: None
Crush: Caesar (Male Velociraptor)
Caged or Wild: Caged
Currently Living: Raptor Park, Raptor Paddock
Speed: 26mph
Smart Level: 10/10
Power Level: 9

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