if u want, come to "Stuart Central" where we talk about many stuart gibbs's books. like Moon Base Alpha books, Spy School books and many more. we're looking for people so the creator will defiantly let you join. if you want to that it...

read em both

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|:| First Name: Haley |:| Last Name: Dale |:| Gender: Female|:| Grade: 7th |:| Age: 13|:| Arrival: Mission 5|:| Popularity on Internet: 11 |:| How Much You like the Moon Base: 2 |:| Looks: [See Pic] |:| Personality: Friendly, Out Going, Smart, and witty|:| Role: Kid |:| Talents: Coding, Guitar, and math |:| Friends: none yet... need more rp Members |:| Enemies: none yet... need more rp Members |:| Crush: TBD |:| Siblings: none yet... need more rp Members |:| Backstory: Haley lived in Wyoming with her family, until her family was chosen to go to MBA when she was 10 |:| Other: N/A |:|

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|:| First Name: |:| Last Name: |:| Gender: |:| Grade: |:| Age: |:| Arrival (Mission 3-7): |:| Popularity on Internet (1-10): |:| How Much You like the Moon Base (1-10): |:| Looks (Describe or add Pic): |:| Personality: |:| Role (If you are a kid, just say kid as role): |:| Talents: |:| Friends: |:| Enemies: |:| Crush: |:| Siblings: |:| Backstory: |:| Other: |:|

Notice- Please only join this if you have read Space Case and Spaced Out.
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