Greetings to all my name is Anubis God of the underworld. I hope to create wonderful friends and also help those that seek a pleasurable afterlife

You had been hired as a scientific assistant for a top secret research project lead by a underground biological laboratory. The project was based around rapid genetic modification that could turn any foreign living organisms into anthropomorphic beings (or furries). After many tests, it has been known that the so called "Human" organisms have gone through the genetic modification with high success rates, compared to other foreign begins that have been tested. However, there was a draw back. Most of the "humans" that had gone through the genetic transformation have gone through mild to crippling truama during the process of set transformation. This was quite odd as the process of this transformation was in fact very humane. The process was painless and non-stress induced. The investors of this project have suggested that the capture methods of these "humans" may be to blame.Though the truama could have induced through the manner in which the were captured, scientist at the lab have high doubts about that beging the case. They even had evidence to prove this, as they had given all test subjects given the proper rehabilitation services for the believed truama. Along with that, all the test subjects truama lined up in some way. They would all claim to see these dark, spirit-like figures in their dreams and in person, they even claimed to say they would stand in near faculty members during there check-ups. For most, the stress of see these "figures" would drive them to insanity. Some would overreact to regular friendly check-ups, begin blair witching, and others winding up dead, leaving only the cause being suicide. What makes this stranger is that the cameras in the subjects living quarters would go off at the time off the time of the unlikely suicides. This gone on since the project has started, but about a year since you were hired, a new test subject had been brought in with great results. You had been called in to a survalaence room with a few other faculty members to be informed about his behavior. Begin the first to arrive you decided to turn on the monitors to see what this subject looked like. As the monitors began to to burst their bright colors, you saw an adult fox pacing around the room in which he was begin held. You saw a door open and a nurse walked in for what appeared to be a routine check-up. You kept watching curiously as the you saw the nurse walk toward him, the the screen goes blue, displaying an error message. Thinking it was a computer crash, you attempted to fix then, just as you looked up at monitor one more time, the video signal came through again. The once clean room was splattered with blood from the once alive nurse who was laying on the floor with neck sliced and a hole though his chest. The test subject, who was two feet away from the nurse's body, was sitting on the ground petrified and staring at a wall as if something else was in the room. Seconds later an alarm goes off and trained soldier rush in and pin the fox down on the ground. Then the rest of the faculty members that where called in with walk in and see what has happened before all the monitors go off completely. "Not a word is to be mentioned about what you have seen here." You turn around along with the others to see two other anthros. These being the head executive and head scientist in the facility. "As of right now everything that has occured will be classified. That includes any memory you retain of this event. Any mentions will result in your immediate 'resignation'," said the executive. (The roleplay begins here, I will be roleplay as the test subject mainly, but I will also take the role of the executive and the scientist in the beginning, and any other role that may come up. Unless you want to take some temporary roles, to make things easier on me xD)

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((Gonna try and revive this character, since I'm a bit more active on Google plus))


Quotes: "I need a drink..." "Watch me!" "I'm not you're typical drinker." "Bust me, and I bust you ten times harder..." "It's not like I'm an alcoholic! I drink as a luxury, not as a prescription."
Name: "My full name is Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. Ironic, considering I'm not a fox, don't you think?"
Nickname: "Everyone calls me Whiskey, sometimes, some people will shorten that and call me Whisk."
Age: "I'm about 17 years old. Though I can act more or less mature depending on the situation."
Birthday: "I was born on a lovely fall afternoon of September 11, 2001. I wish that was a joke, since I know how bad that event was, but I'm not."
Zodiac Sign: "I'm a Virgo, the Maiden. And no, I didn't have to Google that."
Bio: "I grew up roughly normally, in a small town in Kansas. Lebanon, to be exact. Things were fine, until my dad lost a big case. We fell into a bad spot, until I volunteered to go get a job at my cousin's friend's bar in the city. I think her name was Brooke? Anyway, I took the opportunity, and have been making my living ever since. But I'm setting my sights on a large building with a workplace on the bottom floor and a living space on the top. I've always dreamed of living in one of those. Anyway, I'm trying to raise enough money for that building, where I can start my own business. I've always been so fascinated by old muscle cars. Their aesthetic was always so clean and classic, and I love it! One of my biggest dreams is to make an auto shop where I specialize in old muscle cars, like Thunderbirds and Impalas and Mustangs and Chargers. That would be heaven..."


Gender: "I'm a female. Though, occasionally I act more like a guy. I guess I could be a tomboy, then."
Height: "Last time I checked, I was five foot ten. I don't think I'm going to get any taller than that, though. I've been this height since eighth grade."
Weight: "Don't worry, I'm perfectly fine with saying my weight. it's part of who I am, no? Anyway, I'm about 124 pounds. That's about 56 kilograms for those on metric system."
Fur Color: "Alright, strap yourself in, 'cause I'm goin' all out. My back, and my face above my nose is a light tan, as are my legs. My chest, belly, and the underside of my tail are a cream color. In my tan places, I've also got black spots, and the tip of my tail has a couple black stripes before a solid black tip."
Hair Color: "Despite the fauna-like appearance, I have chestnut brown hair. In some lighting, it looks redder."
Eye Color: "One hundred percent natural hazel green eyes. Somewhere in between. They sometimes look more one way or the other in certain lighting."


Personality: "Generally, I'm docile, and kind to all, but I occasionally can come of as abrasive and energetic. I own up to that. I like to say I'm an, what I like to call, an 'urban redneck'. I enjoy country living, as well as the benefits of city life.
Likes: "Maybe I haven't mentioned it, but I love classic muscle cars. I think my favorite has to be the Impala from 1967. My life would be complete if I could own one. It would be even more awesome if it could be black! I would kill for that. Anyway, I also love music, and similar to my car preferences, the classics. AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Kansas the band, Bob Seger, and other artists like that. My favorite song has to be 'Tiny Dancer' by Elton John. I also love constellations and stargazing. I love to just lay out in the grass in the park, and let my eyes adjust enough to see all the shapes in the night sky. Each one has their own stories, and some of their stories interact, and that's beautiful to me."
Dislikes: "I hate wine with a passion. The people that like are are always to prissy. I also hate people who get furious over the smallest details. SO-ORRY your drink had an ounce more vodka that you asked for! Like, I'm not a robot, I can't make it perfect! I also don't like people that think they can do whatever the hell they want."
Skills: "I'm skilled with building and fixing engines, thanks to my cousin. I can also make excellent drinks. I'm smart, and strong.


Sexuality: "I had a lot of LGBT+ friends back in Kansas, so I know what I'm talking about. Emotionally, I'm attracted to anyone. As far as whether I like male or female genitalia, I'm not attracted to any of them. That makes me pan-romantic and asexual."
Significant Other: "Nobody yet. I'm just trying to focus on bettering my skills before I start looking for a partner.
Crush: "As mentioned, I'm not interested in that kind of stuff yet."
Mother: "Rose Welsock. She was an author. Not a very big name, though."
Father: "William Weslock. He's a lawyer."
Siblings: "I was an only child, though my parents have told me that if I were to have a sibling, they would name them Champagne. I guess my folks have a think about naming their kids after drinks. Oh! Wait, I do have my cousin Chase. He's the one who taught me everything I know about cars. He's been like a brother to me. Does that count?"
Pets: "I doubt I would be able to care for a pet with my busy schedule. Maybe one day, though."

((First picture is Whiskey))
((Second Picture is Chase))
((Third Picture is Brooke))
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I found this, can't really come up with a starter but eh, if any girls have an idea, let me know lol
I found this generally interesting and nice looking the background is blurred out out but the fact that i love this is that it's photoshopped and i find it amazing that people do this on that site and their ability to do this....

Does any girl want to rp?

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we were roomates. We have been friends for a long time but as the years wenton we both started to change. Different clothing styles. Different music. And so on. And that happened with our relationship as well. It went from us being friend to us starting to flirt with each other. I started smelling your panties and you my hoodies and my boxers. We even masturbated to each other. One night i was in the kitchen making myself some food. You were really horny that night and i was wearing sweatpants and a open hoodie. I turned around and i looked at you Hey~ What's up~ you saw my cock print in my pants as you were in your bra and panties Are u gonna take a shower or something?~ i said smirking at you. You then...



Be somewhat descriptive

Use at least two lines

(You can pick our characters. Or use your own)
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Does anyone want to role play with me i am bi sexual and i would like to do a high school romance role play. Some sex is included in it. I am a male fox very dominent and loves to lift weights. Likes to chill at night with his fereal dog a husky named jackson.

Starter:* we are at lunch and sitting at the same table and i am a jock and so are the other people at the table and you just smile at them and they smile back. I say to them "this is my new mate i would like to have them sit at the table with me and nobody mess around with them." Everyone noded and then you...*

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This will be a gay or straight role play.

Likes: Loving submissives. Getting respect when he needs it, and cuddles
Dislikes: hitting biteing and clawing

Starter:* i was in the weight room lifting 500 pounds and you see this and your jaw drops and i keep on lifting "i see you over there do you like this?" You knoticed that i saw you watching me and you blushed when you saw my massive buldge that might be needing some help so you...*

(I need a submissive)
(I will do this rp in the pp, google hangouts, or kik only)

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Does anyone wanna rp?~
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(Female needed please)
It was a dark, cold night in the city glowing with neon colors. Probably a few of the ideal locations for vampires to thrive in. Lots of alley ways for people to go unnoticed, many places to hide and blend in, and lots of rooftops for surveying unsuspecting victims below. Tonight was an interesting night, however. As you were surveying the area, you catching the scent of some prey near by. This was a strange occurrence as no one else aside from you was up there, however this didn't stop you from investigating. The scent was just too close by to pass up. Who wouldn't want to have an easy target every once in a while? As you followed the scent you were taken to an area where the rooftops almost become closer together where they can be crossed with a well timed jump. Soon enough the scent becomes stronger and low and behold, you find your prey standing near the edge of the roof, completely unaware of your presence. You decide to approach, careful to not draw attention to yourself, but your victim blissfully turns around spotting you in your tracks. In turning around, it was revealed that the prey you have located was a fairly young wolf, and he seemed pretty surprised and startled. He stared at you unsure of why you were there. "Uhh, can I help you," he asked shly, unsure of what could happen next.
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