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Name : Hikawa Maria
Âge 18 ans
Cure name: Cure tender

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Name: James dusk.
Age: 21
Gender: male
Height: 6'3" | 191 cm
Weight: 230 lbs | 104 kg
Hero name: Crystal element
Powers: none
Weapons: crystal bow.
Weaknesses: running out of arrows
Race: human
Team: defenders,rebels,harmony
Fighting style: hand to hand combat, and marital arts
Crush: none
Likes: ladies,helping and tacos
Dislikes: monsters, and drunk people
Bio: James dusk was a good pale a friend to everyone but everything changed he was chosen from another world he then accept this responsibility and got himself a crystal bow he become a hero for good a warrior with harmony his name is crystal element. His Crystal bow was forged by a place called the Crystal empire with it he made special and trick arrows to help him to any missions.
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Name: Asahina Mirai
Age: 13
Precure Season: Mahou Tsuki Pretty Cure.
Theme Colour: Pink
Alter Ego: Cure Miracle.
Moto: The two of us are miracles! Cure Miracle!
Personality: Mirai is a thirteen year old girl who is just about to enter junior high. She's a strange, funny, lovely and energetic girl who is interested in various things. Her stuffed bear Mofulun that she was given by her grandmother, Kanako, is very important to her and she admires Riko a lot. Her goal is to study magic she loves while trying to gain Riko's admiration.
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Name Akagi Towa
Cure Ego Cure Scarlett
Power Princess of Scarlet Flames!
Attacks Phoenix Blaze

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Name: Yayoi  Kise
Power: Thunder and Lightning
Cure Form: Cure Peace

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Name: Hikari
Power: Sparkling Life
Shiny Luminous

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Name: Mana
Power: Abundant Love
Cure Heart

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Name: Reika
Power: Snow and Ice
Form: Cure Beauty
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