Pluracracy - Latin 'plur-' (more, or group) + Greek '-kratia' (power, rule).
Plural (group) / cracy (power); 'Pluracracy' - 'group power.'
A system where groups have the power in government instead of individuals.
Which way a group will vote counts more to a politician than which way an individual will vote.
Pluracracy is when politicians cater to groups instead of individuals. Policy is based on 'group needs.' The upside is a politician (or official) can serve large amounts of people's needs by talking to a few key people. The downside is that some people misrepresent that they represent large amounts of people and concerns (using a letterhead, a website and a home office).

In today's political arena... we live in a pluracracy instead of a democracy... politicians cater to groups for support; more than trying to get the 'individual citizen's' vote.

("I heard this term in the 1990s when I was involved in politics" - Evan Brady McNeeley, submitter).

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