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👇 All About KEVIN 👇


● American Name : Kevin Woo

●          Korean Name : Woo Sung Hyun
(우성현) [Woo Seong Hyeong]

●          DOB : 1991 November 25

●          Blood type : O

●          Family Relations : Parents &
Older sister

●          Hobbies : Listening to music,
watching movies, reading
books, composing music

●          Talents : Popping dance,
Guitar, English

●          Religion : Christian

●          Hometown: Danville

Kevin Woo Facts

●         Kevin’s favorite color is Blue.

●         Kevin is good at swimming.

●         “Let It Be” by Beatles was the
1st song that Kevin sang
in a large crowd.

●         Kevin can do popping dance,
guitar, and speak in English.

●        Kevin wanted to try skydiving.

●       Kevin likes action movies.

●         Kevin hates BUGS.

●         Kevin prays before he eats.

●        Kevin eats slowly and eats a lot.

●        Kevin eats Pizza with kimchi.

●        Kevin loves Ddeokbokkgi and
spicy foods. He also loves
Mexican foods, and his favorite
food is PIZZA.

●        Kevin loves taking photos.

●         Kevin loves his hands.

●         Kevin likes talking to his computer.

●         Kevin likes acting cute in front of girls.

●         Kevin likes acting like a girl.

●         Kevin likes handmade gifts.

●         Kevin is very loving and caring to others.

●         If an opportunity comes, Kevin would like to try acting!

●         Kevin would burst into laughter in a little thing/corny jokes…

●         Kevin is one of the MC of Pops In Seoul: I Feel Like and The M-Wave, & now After School Club ( ASC ) -- programmes from ArirangTV

●         Kevin was called the doctor in Pops in Seoul (about 3/5 times) because he was the one who usually explain what was going on.

●         Kevin rides public transportation (e.g. subways) to go home and save money.

●         Kevin didn’t experience to have a girlfriend.

●         Kevin haven’t had his first love because he started training at an early age so he haven’t had any chance.

●         Kevin had a crush in his school days and he confessed to that girl before he went to Korea. Kevin gave a message to his CRUSH when he was in Pops in Seoul. He didn’t confess to his crush because he can’t get the perfect time & he's too Shy. But when he wants to confess already, he came to Korea to become a singer..

●         Kevin have seen one of his fans who is the type of girl he likes.

●         If Kevin would date a girl, he will take her to LOTTE WORLD!

●         Kevin’s type: Girls with soft hands, who can carry him [take it as a joke], who would not hurt his feelings, older than him.

●         Kevin’s ideal girl is a cute and lively girl and a girl with smiling eyes. Also, he likes girls with long fingers.

●         Kevin’s ideal girl is Sandara Park and he’s shy when they want Kevin to make a message for Dara.

●         Kevin wants to get married after 30.

●         When Kevin is nervous, he closes his eyes and pray!

●         When Kevin’s watching scary movies, he covers his face.

●         When Kevin’s computer is hanging/slow, he’s gonna talk with it like ,”WHY ARE YOU SO SLOW?!”

●         Kevin goes gayish when it comes to iguanas.

●         Kevin didn’t experience wearing a uniform in his school days. In America, there are Public Schools & Private Schools. So he went to public school.

●         MP3 is always on Kevin’s bag. He said that it’s boring if he don’t have music with him.

●         Kevin has a facebook account but it’s on private, he only accepts his friends and family.

●         Kevin hugs a teddy bear when he sleeps!

●         Kevin likes basketball, badminton, taekwondo, and soccer but he’s not good with them.

●         Rain Bi was Kevin’s inspiration to have his dream as a singer.

●         He saw Rain performed in America and started dreaming to be a singer.

●         Kevin’s fantasy kiss is a kiss in the eye, because he told that it's so romantic.

●         Kevin loves laughing a lot. Because he believes in the saying “Laughter is the best medicine”…

●         Kevin never leaves his house without his camera.

●         Kevin loves getting gifts from his fans. He even has a cabinet where all his gifts from his fans are hidden.

●         Kevin can imitate: (i) Jung Ju Ri’s face; (ii) Dinosaur looks; (iii) Margie’s voice (Margie from the Simpsons)

●         Kevin did a part time job before —> BABY SITTING

●         Kevin’s uncle is an Opera singer in Germany.

●          Kevin came to Korea with his mom to audition last 2006.

●         Kevin once did a clumsy thing in his grandfather’s birthday when he was young.

●         Kevin’s sister, Deanna Woo, is 3 years older than him.

●         Kevin usually talks to her (Deanna) on phone.

●         Because Kevin is the youngest in his family, he was told to wash the dishes, throw the garbage and was like “aah!~” poor son!

●         When Kevin was young, his sister always scolds at him like “Go To Sleep!”, “How come you would not finish your homework?!”

●         Kevin said that his sister and him are similar when they were babies.

●         "I was the happiest when I went to the amusement park with my parents, holding their hands" - Kevin.

●         "If I do have the chance, I want to make my own music, compose & write my own music & sing my own music." - KEVIN.

●         The first and the last time that people heard Kevin’s voice cracked was while performing TALK TO ME in the huge crowd.

●         Kevin said he’s weight is 54 kg.

●         Kevin is the member who doesn’t wash up that much!

●         Kevin is not good at math.

●         Kevin writes in a neat handwriting.

●         Kevin is always on time!

●         Kevin’s fave time of the year is MIDTERM.

●         Kevin cries while watching drama shows or sad movies.

●         Kevin loses to Rock-Paper-Scissors Game easily!

●         Kevin is satisfied with his looks!

●         More than words by Extreme/Westlife was the song Kevin used/sang in his audition, maybe at the audition in Xing.

●         The happiest moment of Kevin was when he debuted as a singer!

●         Kevin was the last original member of Xing that left the group. KiBum was the first.

●         KEVIN is one of the TOP 10 MOST INNOCENT South Korean stars in a poll taken by Thailand Kpop fans.

●         He lived in California / San Francisco before joining the U-KISS 

●        Has fluent in english

●        The most photogenic Member

●       Before the U-Kiss he is close with Kibum, but after becoming a radio DJ, he is most close with Eli.

●      He is also the target of bullying like Eli

●     Kevin never steal and bite-Poro Poro's Kibum when Ki Bum is sleeping. if Xander is a monkey, and Elli is a tiger, then Kevin is a chick 

●    Very jealous of Xander who mastered 7 languages 

●     He studied Martial Art for 5 years

●    His favorite color is Blue 

●    The most timid Member

●     Likes soft-handed woman, had a wonderful eye-smile and Member of the most emotional among all. His favorite song is Jason Derulo - in my head 

●    Most can't talk about girls

●    His favorite thing is a letter and a photo album from his fans 

●    Kevin says if he is beautiful and perfect the way he took- Member that has the most fans- Has never been courting- Like embracing a teddy bear while sleeping 

●    20th birthday yesterday a trending topic on twitter and he went on to twit "Wow ~ ~ # 20kissesforkevin trending? I'm shocked! Haha thank you so much for everything! Kisses to all of you wonderful ~"

●    The member says, Kevin lives with stuff from fans 

●    Good to dance SNSD dancing, especially Gee and Oh! Also - Step by Kara, GoodgirlBadgirl by Miss A.

●    The first thing to do when he wake up is to brush his teeth and clean-up

●    MP3 is the stuff that he always carried everywhere

●    The size of shirt is 95/28.

●    "My wish for my supporters to give me more love"-Kevin

●   Kevin happy to receive gifts from KISSME's. He will accept anything as long as the gift from his fans

●  One of Kevin's nickname is "fish"

●  Kevin like girls who cares for him. 

●  Kevin define love as a "song."

● Kevin acts weak in front of the noonas.

● Kevin is really very sensitive but he always try to hide that.

● Kevin always wants to watch horror movies in the dark.

● Kevin is a positive person.

● In March, 2017, he said that he's going to leave the group at the end of March.

● 2017 April 1 , Kevin left UKISS...

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He's cute even when he's talking, gosh... ❤

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Chubby! 😄 Love him!! 💘

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Just found +Sammy T​​​'s life yesterday

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