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Symptoms of Computer Viruses and Spyware and Hackers Motivations written by virus removal specialist J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. #InHomeComputerVirusRomovalHonolulu

Most people don't even know they have computer viruses and spyware until they get their credit card bill or bank statement. So I decided to list and explain some of the computer virus and spyware symptoms that I've run across as a computer virus and spyware removal specialist here in Honolulu Hawaii.,13409.msg13689.html#msg13689

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Warning Don't Use Remote Computer Support Services article by Rick Kirkham #ComputerTips #RemoteComputerSupport

Why Do Unethical Remote Computer Support Service Companies Drop Viruses on Customers Computers?

What Do I Do After Dismissing a Remote Computer Support Service Company?

What Are The Symptoms of a Computer Virus?

What NOT to Do When You May Have Computer Viruses and Spyware

What to Do If You Might Have Computer Viruses and Spyware

I know, that sounds funny coming from the owner of a remote computer troubleshooting service, but as a computer virus removal specialist, I get calls on a regular basis here in Honolulu Hawaii to remove computer viruses from Windows and Apple/Mac computers after the remote computer client has cancelled the remote computer service.

Now, my observation could be skewed.... continue,13080.msg13348.html#msg13348

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How I Diagnosed a Bad Wifi Router written by Rick Kirkham #InHomeComputerHelpHonoluluInternet

One of my in home computer clients in Honolulu Hawaii wasn't able to log onto the internet in her bedroom. Her Samsung smart curved tv in the living room was working and Netflix was accessible therefore the internet leading to her home was working.

So what was the difference between the internet in the bedroom compared to the internet in the living room?,13036.msg13303.html#msg13303

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I demonstrated in this video how to switch from desktop view back to mobile view with a Windows Phone, but this will probably work on a Android phone as well

Honolulu Hawaii and all of Oahu call or text dual certified teacher, in home computer, cell phone and tablet tutor J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. 224-1870

computer tutoring,computer help,computer virus removal,in home,housecalls,onsite,Honolulu Hawaii,Oahu,Windows phones,tutorial,how to

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As a recovering Android phone user. I was amazed with the business apps in The Windows Phone. In this video I share my thoughts and ideas about The Windows Phone as an in home computer, cell phone and tablet tutor here in Honolulu Hawaii covering all of Oahu

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Don't Chase Your Money written by Rick Kirkham #BusinessTips

As I gain lessons as a full time self-employed businessman, I try to share with others so they won't make the same mistakes. If you're as hard headed as I am, you may make them anyway.

What Do You Mean Don't Chase Your Money?

Do not continue to do business with people who make it difficult to collect your hard earned payment. I have a good friend who's helped me with both the business and technical aspect of my field. A business owner outsourced him some work and made him invoice my friend instead of paying him upon delivery of the work. Naturally the business owner didn't pay. Now my friend, last I heard, is afraid to stop accepting work from the man for fear he will not pay all the money that he owes.

I was a computer IT for a man who owned a business cleaning after hours a well known discount store chain. He told me himself they were always months behind and he had to continuously call them to get paid. I asked why he didn't threaten to sue. He said they'd probably cancel his contract and get some other company to clean for them. This reminds me of a lesson I also try to give online and offline business owners when I train them. Always diversify your income. You should have at least three income streams. You lose one, you've only lost about 33% of your income not the whole thing.

I've had to chase bad checks, a monthly check and a promise of payment. I'm going to go into explaining how I resolved or ended these. I'd also like to share some preventative measures I used using good public relations and sales skills to keep customers when I wanted to do so.

How Did I Catch My Money?,12807.msg13070.html#msg13070

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 A Unique Web Design Offering 21st Century Tools to Help You Communicate and Make More Money from The Mind of Rick Kirkham Powered by Our Lord and Savior #WebDesign #WebTraffic #InternetMarketing  

The Concept is Better Than a Website

It combines, with modifications, the beauty of a website with the 21st century communication tools and flexibility of a forum.

The First Thing Your Buyers See

Is your beautiful website. Color and content, just like most websites have though. 

Approved Contributors and Automatic Ontopic Content
WAIT! What’s that along the side? More ontopic content from different writers! Oh I want to get notified of new posts. I’m going to subscribe and get email notifications built into the forum. This website owner doesn’t even have to pay for an email service!

Automatic Email Notifications

WAIT! A link where I can subscribe to the forum part of this website and post classifieds! I’m coming back to this website and post more ads. Oh, I have to read the website owner's advertisements each time. I like this pay per click ad. I’m going to click it. The owner of the website will get paid to when I click this advertisement.

Social Media Buttons
WAIT! Social media buttons! I’m going to share this article I just read on my Facebook page. It will give a short description with a link back to the owner’s website where the article is located.

Automatic Posting of Articles to Facebook LinkedIn Twitter
WOW! This website owner’s articles are all over the place. Articles have been posted to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn automatically! I’m going to click this article link going back to the website owner’s website and read the rest of the article. I hope he/she has a product to go with it. 

SMS Text Notifications on Prospects’ Mobile Phones

I don’t have time to read all this when I get home. WAIT! I can sign up for text notifications when new fresh content is posted on the owner’s website whether it’s ontopic, automatic content from a news feed or an author! It even has a link in the sms text on my mobile phone so I can read the whole article on the owner’s website. I think I’m going to buy the website owner’s product after reading this last article on my cell phone,

Rick, Do You Have an Example of This Unique Website Design?     

I built Post Your Advertisements Free Forum Classifieds Site. I monetized it (set it up to make money) automatically using my own products and ads including CbPro Ads. There’s a free version of this. Here’s the link if you want to sign up. Content comes from business people who post their ads for their products and services. I have settings and mods on place to stop over-posting, spam and abusive language. I have it setup to pretty well run itself. 

Why You Should Not Get This Website

How to Post in Top Posters Category and How to Make Your Posts Stickies in,5.0.html     
To share this post copy and paste this at least from the link above on up. The more people who come to this post your ads forum the more people that will see your advertisements

Register with
Click the link in the double check email
Check your spam filter if it doesn't arrive in a few minutes
Log in

You may now post your ads for free in any section except Top Posters which appears at the top of the forum

To Post in The Top Poster Board Section Category and Get More Views by Being on Top

Register with
Click the link in the double check email
Check your spam filter if it doesn't arrive in a few minutes
Log in
Join the correct subscription. This subscription will also allow to post sticky posts anywhere as well as Post in the top section of

To Make Your Advertisements a Stickies on Top of ALL Regular Posts

Register with
Click the link in the double check email
Check your spam filter if it doesn't arrive in a few minutes
Log in
Join the correct subscription. Both subscriptions will allow you to make sticky posts. Top Poster also allows you to post in the top section of
After posting your advertisement click Attachments and Other Options
Click Sticky this post
Click post

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Capture Emails from Websites with This Software and Speed Up The Emailing Process

I wrote a program so I can go to websites, capture their emails and email them with an introduction. Can I write a software program just to grab all emails from a specific search in Google and send out a mass email to that list? Sure, I wrote one a few years ago, but the purpose of this email capture program is not to send bulk mail to an entire search result, but to introduce yourself to someone and do what is called a soft-sell, network and build a relationship which is each worth 1000 spam emails!

It’s the same technique you'd use when first meeting someone at a party.

“So what do you do?”

“I’m a plumber.”

“How long have you been doing that now?”

“20 years. What do you do?”

I’m an in home computer tutor and virus removal specialist. Here’s my card. Do you have one?”

The Same Type of Introduction Can be Done Utilizing The Email Capture Program

Here’s an Example of a Letter of Introduction I Sent Out to a search result Using Kirkham’s Email Capture and Quicker Send Software,9645.msg9844.html#msg9844    

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If You're Self-Employed You're In Sales - Get Over It! Written by Rick Kirkham

The Following Phrases Are Costing Your Business Money Whether You’re Self-Employed Full Time Part Time Selling Products Services Doing Network Marketing or MLM

You don’t have to sell to do this

This is so good it will sell itself

I’m in service not sales

If people like my product they’ll just buy it

You don’t have to sell this because it makes sense


I was having coffee with a very good friend of mine who stated he hated sales. 

I replied, “You’re self-employed aren’t you?” 

He said, “Yes”

I said, “Then you’re in sales.”

Folks if your income depends on people purchasing a product or service from you or signing up “under you” then you’re in sales and the faster you get over it the faster you’ll start to help more people and make more money!

When I went self-employed full time as an in home computer tutor in Honolulu Hawaii, I’d been in computers since 1993. I started off specializing in senior citizens because I had spent 20 year in the hearing aid industry in which I sold hearing aids for commission and then took care of my patients explaining how to use the hearing aids and adjusting the hearing aids for them. The same sales techniques which I used to help my patients, pay my bills and feed my family transferred seamlessly to the computer business. The same p.r. skills (public relations) and sales techniques used in my previous business  to get appointments, explain, teach and charge a fair fee were the same techniques which helped me to get ahead in my new in home computer tutoring business here in Honolulu Hawaii.

Don’t worry about a thing I’ll take care of that for you

I have Monday morning or Tuesday afternoon available which would be better for you

Right now I’m free this afternoon but, that can change in five minutes

That’s not your fault. The manufacturer should have made that easier. 


I did not know I was utilizing sales techniques to get appointments until I self-analyzed what I was doing. THE TRUTH is the most powerful sales technique you’ll ever use. NEVER LIE to your prospects or clients. Now, with that said, there are ways to explain things and say things which will help both you and your prospect or client and I’ll cover just a few of them later but, and I cannot state this stronger, NEVER LIE!

The Difference in Accepting You’re In Sales,9530.msg9725.html    
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