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This is the place to shit on fairy tail's weak ass verse, there is no mercy here, anyone that tries to hype ft, we will beat the fuck out of them. 

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All credit, goes to your boy +Man from Shadow​ for calcing this insane level of power, maybe prime White beard can destroy the world after all, who knows. Considering, that this was low balled as fuck, was done kind of casually.

And he was definately weakened at the time, anyway. I just noticed that WB can easily solo the fodder tail verse.

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Haven't uploaded here in a long time, it's about time i do, so one piece has been in need of upgrades, i found this. A legit subrel one piece calc for hakuba, mach 12k-30k.

Already shits on any speed feat in FT.

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WTF, so people actually unironically believe, that achnologia is large continental and moon level, WTF. I have to dispute this here, all the problems with this, 1 you can see the mountains in the sky, so the planet isn't as large as what is stated here.

People try to refute this, by saying fictional mountains =\= real life mountains, whilst that can be true, but it was never spefically stated. So until there is proof, it will remain a moot point, fodders such as, wendy etc survived the AOE of it.

So if it was truely moon level, even the shockwave would of destroyed all of them, houses survived the shockwave, it's just a feat that mashima doesn't give a fuck about. And i don't see curvature on the scan, he just assumed, how high up achnologia was flying, all he did was made assumptions.

And another thing, those lights in the sky, were also assumed to be stars, it needs to be night time for there to be stars. So it's just his energy, that was in the sky, so this whole thing is a complete mess, with no proof and just assumptions.

So therefor, all of the fragile calculations crumble into nothingness, when examined closely, the entire calc is an assumption. Whilst i don't doubt it's continental, it is certainly not moon level, just a jason keiffer fanatic, debunked WTF.

+Earth The Kid​​​ +gojira4life​​​ +ATARi​​​ +KidKinsey​​​ +Kazuya Minegishi​​​ +JayEmoney​​​ +Ichigo Kurosaki 黒崎一護​​​ +General Kai​​​ Thoughts?

natsu is weaker then the admirals, captains, logias, weakened white beard and black beard.

Fuck the fodder tail.

Ok guys, a brief little update for you all, so i did some research on the one piece world, It turns out that the op planet is far larger then are earth. Your boy found out the exact number, diameter of the planet.


That's over 74x the size of earths diameter, so this should give the planet possibly star level durability, how would this effect the characters stats? They should be buffed, if WB can send earth quakes across a planet, considering the size difference, this would be moon leveL.


Top 5 one piece characters that solo fodder tail

1 White beard, WB in his prime, is easily a continent to multi continental being, whilst no one in FT can even destroy an country. Conpletely curbstomps them, GG.

2 Blackbeard, he can suck them all up with his black holes, fodder tail hasn't got shit on him.

3 Gold D Rodger, do i even need to explain this? He's the most powerful pirate, of all time, atleast multi continental, they can't harm him.

4 chinjao, kill them all with his contintal split, they won't see it coming, they are all to slow. Just a bunch of fodders.

5 mihawk, yep you guessed it, he's superior to zoro and as i've mentioned a few times before, zoro is far superior to anyone in FT. So that makes mihawk atleast a god in FT, i'll debate anyone on that, i'm outright serious, you have your little multi mountain level verse.

One piece has god tiers, that range up to subrel multi contintal or even moon, so suck it fanboys, your verse is weak.

All you've got is plot armor, i'm done bro.


doctor roger that's strike 2, if you do it again, then you're gone, the reason why they are being deleted is because you keep disabling the comments. You're a pussy, one piece>>>fodder tail.
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