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New and updated version of the ZEDGE 5 BETA is now available. 

5.1b3 is available NOW!  This version has updated bug fixes, some additional tweaks to the navigation and a bunch of updates under the hood that you might not see but will make your browsing better.

PLEASE leave comments here with thoughts about the new experience or contact us at referencing the BETA program.  

If you need to rejoin the group this is the link:

Experienced Beta Tester here. I'm so excited to test ZEDGE™!!! I have been a Dolphin Browser Tester for a few years (having used the product for many). I also test All-In-One Toolbox, which is very stable. That's it right now.

Is there generally a link posted, for those who cannot access PlayStore? I have one device whose manufacturer has a mutual standoff with Google. Still I use many Google apps via downloading the apk files.

Thank You so much. Glad to be here! 🌹

Not working on Android 7.0 anybody got any ideas.

Hello all. I would like to ask for somebody to give me a little "guidance" (I apologize for asking this to begin with)

I've been in the "Zeagle Beta tester community" for four to five months. Anyhow, last night I had to do a factory reset on my device. After doing so I'm unable to re-install Zedge, ANY VERSION. It won't give me the beta version, or the version I was using prior to my reset. The Zedge info page says. "you should uninstall when you're done being a beta tester" or something along those lines. But, it gives me no install/update button. When I look in the "beta" tab, Zedge. Isn't listed. I'm officially stuck. Anyone have some helpful Advice for me? Thanks in advance.

Zedge not available on google play to download in India please help out

Link to join beta?

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This error all the time. I'm from India


Won't start up on Android N Developer Preview 2. have tried a reinstall and that hasn't worked. Did work on marshmallow beforehand. 

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Taken on the 27th March 2016

Can Anyone Upload The Apk And Provide Me The Link Of The Latest Version It Says "Item Not Available in your Country" !! 
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