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Starting up a Survival/Exploration Scifi adventure. Its a Play By Post Fate Accelerated adventure.

Looking for a few more players, details are in the link.

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Recruiting for a new Play-By-Post Campaign

Not a Fate game this time, One Last Job

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Just thought I'd post a link to the latest news on the state of Tavern Keeper from Bill the Minion.

Tavern Keeper has stopped generating emails when people post. Any idea when that will get fixed?

Hi, I have notifications from discussion threads from a campaign I've left, but I can't clear the notifications because I can't see the discussion anymore, since I'm not in the campaign anymore. Is there anyway to fix that?

The only way I can think is to rejoin the game and look at the discussion threads before quitting. But there's no option to leave a game once joining. I'm worried I'll join, but by the time I've asked the GM to kick me out again, someone else will have posted in the discussion thread and I'll be back to square one. 

Paging the Centinaros. Paging the Centinaros.  Still around?

In the Crossbones & Cavorite campaign, the first mutinous adventure of the Pangolin has come to an end.

Mysterious fancy dressed prune faces shot the Cap'n in the noggin, gears flying everywhere. The crew began a pitched battle as Frye and Scraillig rushed below to check on the commotion, where a disoriented amnesiac assassin fell out if her hiding crate. The three of them faced down a chef/pruneman symbiote (always chew your food).

Only the First Mate, two PC crewmen (Scraillig and Frye) and a stowaway (Sebastienne) came out alive (The cyborg Joh Doe and the armored Valusari have MIA players so their fate in sick bay remains unknown). The cap'n was drawn in by the ship itself and assumedly in repairs.

Can the Pangolin still fly with a skeleton crew? Do YOU want to sign on in search of adventure..?

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Hi I'm having some difficulty with my account. The main issue is that I can't seem to login to my account. 
I logged out of my account, which is connected via google plus. Unfortunately I tried to log back in, clicking the google plus button but it logged my into a new account, unrelated to my previous one. 
Now when I try to log into my normal account, it automatically logs me into the google plus account. Is there a way to stop it from google plus logging me in?

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now that it SEEMS to be working, I present my campaign, CITY OF NIGHT
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