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New UI more 3Dish

Just an update setup is still going strong after all this time no problems till today .

Just guessing, I use Automate car dash on my Note 10.1 2014, and I have an M8. Can I sync my m8 to my note so that I can make and answer calls on the go from my note without touching the M8. Same to my M8 messages. 

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Finally found the solution for the people who are looking for cheap android  DAC.

the basic version with Cmedia cm119 of this will work as a DAC with any android 4.4 and above,currently using it with my setup.much superior sound quality. Guess this makes the complete working setup. no more plugging in 3.5 mm jack every timeYay.

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Final Car UI and connected with Huawei 4G LTE on Project fi everything working as it should. Had to switch to 5.1.1 since no one have much info about using USB modem on Marshmallow. 

Update: After using this setup for over a month I can confirm that this project was a complete success.I did not run into any problems so far.
Future enhancement "work in progress"  is to add a cheap LTE modem (around $19) in this setup to get live updates for traffic since my Nexus is wifi only and i find it a pain to tether phone all the time.

Brilliant stuff! Not sure how much I can implement on my crappy Galaxy Tab 3 but this has given me some inspiration to dabble with KLWP for starters. I actually have an EasyCap but no clue about "utv007" (whether it's that chipset or not). Great work on this. LOVE the "dash" you made with KLWP! Any tips or templates would be appreciated.

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everything inside

Build Notes. "Do and Don't for this build" will save you money and time.

So i ditched the idea of DAC as it will be useless unless i am putting an amp or if your CD player have AUX input on the back.

This install is not for fixed in-dash install as EASYCAP is some time temperamental and occasionally require you to unplug the otg cable.

Do not waste your money on OTG hub they work but hard to find the right one .If you have an OTG cable just splice it to put power through USB charger it will be more stable unless you want to use USB data drive for more space then you need to use a hub. "please google how to make OTG Y Cable for instructions "

Do not use smart / Fast car chargers.I found that they cause problems with OTG and make easycap viewer app think its getting a signal "Kills the idea of app auto start when put in reverse "

Power to OTG charger should be given through IGN. Switch ON wire. i.e. wire that only get power when ignition switch is turned on.

Plug in the tablet only after starting your car or you will get IO error on easycap App.

the Max adapter i could use with OTG is 2.0 Amp on Nexus 7 2013 any thing over cause problem with signal on OTG ( Don't know why ).

This system uses wireless video transmitter and most of you want that cause of easy install. You will need to power the receiver side also through the backup light wire "this is not easy to trace on the front side of the vehicle so please see your vehicle wiring diagram (took me 10 min to find it ).

last but not the least don't try to jump from park to drive and drive to park "Automatic transmission" in flash it will trigger the reverse multiple times and your easycap viewer will get stuck " I know we all want to be ninjas"

Every thing else should be common sense.Ask me if you have a question.
I am not responsible if you blow a fuse, burn your devices, Car wiring or hurt yourself during this install " Just saying "

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video grabber this need to have UTV007 Chip to work with android
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