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|| Name ||

|| Gender ||

|| Species ||
Abyss Corrupted Being

|| Personality ||
Artorias is described as having an unbendable will of steel and due to this is generally one of the most famous of Gwyn's Four Knights. He's what would be described as "knightly", giving it his all in order to protect his companions. Similar to Ornstein, Artorias is very honorable, given his nighthood, as well as cut dialogue in which he asked his comrades to forgive him for his failure in fighting the Abyss.
Artorias gets along well with the other Knights of Gwyn. He respected Ornstein for his honor, Gough for his excellent marksmanship, and Ciaran for her deadly precision. And while Ciaran did indeed have feelings for Artorias, it is most likely that he either didn't return these feelings, or was oblivious to them. Either way, the group as a whole cooperated well.

|| Appearance ||
Artorias' physical appearance isn't well known. His face is constantly hidden behind the shadow his helm produces over his face, though if one looks closely, they can see part of his face, which seems to have no indication of turning hollow. Other than this, he wears a full body set of knight armor that's resistant to fire, particularly those of dragons, as the Four Knights of Gwyn were a group assigned to kill dragons in the first place. The armor is a metallic grey color, and is covered with two blue cloths. The first of which is part of his helmet/hood and appears to have once been a cape before it was torn apart during his battle against Manus, the second is around his waist and like the first cloth, appeared to have been somewhat longer before his corruption. Another distinguishing feature is his broken left arm, which is, in fact, his blade arm. As well as the large greatsword he usually carries on his shoulder.

|| Equipment ||
Artorias' Armor: Flame resistant armor that has held up well, despite having engaged in combat with Manus, it still has managed function surprisingly well.

Abyss Greatsword: Formerly known as "The Greatsword of Artorias", this blade had been cursed after Artorias made a covenant with some beasts from the Abyss. And afterwards, it had been further corrupted by the Abyss, granting it the title "Abyss Greatsword". The blade has no true name, though it is wielded in a surprisingly fast style, despite its weight.

Cleaning Greatshield: Artorias no longer possesses this shield, as he gave it to his wolf partner, Sif, in order to protect him. The shield was resistant to several magics as well as having decent resistance to fire and lightning attacks.

Wolf Ring: One of the four rings awarded to each of the Four Knights by Gwyn. This ring grants Artorias a large amount of poise, making it difficult for someone to stagger him.

|| Abilities ||
Swordsmanship: Artorias has been described as being unmatched with a greatsword. This reigns true, as he is capable of easily swinging his sword around as well as being able to quickly perform front flips with the blade, and is very agile, despite the average weight of a greatsword. Not only that, but Artorias' blade arm is his left arm, which is currently broken, due to being very experienced and training both arms to wield a greatsword, he is capable of using a greatsword with either arm efficiently.

Strength: Surprisingly, even though he is weighed down by a full set of armor, and even a greatsword that's almost the size of his entire torso _-_as well as once also having a large greatshield on his person-, he is very agile and can swing the large blade with great ease.

|| History ||
Before the Age of Fire, the Lords waged war against the dragons, with Gwyn being the leader of the three Lords. Gwyn lead an army of knights who would face these dragons with their Lords. Of these knights, four stood out and would be rewarded with special souls for their efficiency in killing dragon and would be referred to as the "Four Knights of Gwyn".

The captain of this group was Dragonslayer Ornstein. Whether or not he claimed himself to be the leader, as he lived the longest out of the four, is unknown, however he was very skilled with his Dragonslayer Spear, which could cut through boulders. With it, he pierced the scales of dragons, allowing the others to cut them down.

The next member was Hawkeye Gough, a giant who, surprisingly, was one of the best bowmen in all of Lordran. His helmet was filled with Tree Resin, effectively making him blind. But even when he was blind, with his Greatbow he easily shot down dragons straight out of the sky, which in turn would bring the dragon into the range of the group.

And then there was Lord's Blade Ciaran, an assassin, who, with her two Tracer blades, she poisoned and cut through vital areas on the dragons they hunted. Unlike the rest of the group, she was the only female of their numbers, as well as the only one who was actually human-sized. It should be noted that Ciaran had feelings for Artorias, however it is very likely that he never returned these feelings, or was oblivious to them.

Last, but not least, is Knight Artorias. He was well respected amongst the Four, and was probably the strongest out of them. With his Greatsword, he cleaved through any dragon that would stand in his way. It was also likely that due to his and Ornstein's weapons of choice, they were both on the front lines of battle and were close comrades.

The knights would not be together for much longer, as the Abyss which had emerged from Oolacile was spreading. By this time Artorias had already made a covenant with beast from the Abyss, which had ended up cursing his blade. Artorias went in alone with his wolf companion, Sif, into the depths of Oolacile in order to face Manus. However, the two were ambushed, and Artorias gave up his Cleansing Greatshield in order to protect Sif.

Facing the Father of the Abyss, Manus, by himself, Artorias had been defeated, breaking his sword arm in the process. With his defeat at the hands of Manus, Artorias had been corrupted by the Abyss, with his armor and already cursed sword becoming corrupted with him. He became a mindless beast, only able to utter a few words to those who face him to get away from him and run. He was at this point, no better than a hollow in this state, and even after his death, the corruption of the Abyss still emanated from his soul.
The corruption had changed him forever, his mind gone and returned, broken and partially pieced together.
Knight Artorias was no more...
All that now remains is...

Artorias, the Abysswalker...
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