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your software works perfectly. But I have one problem. When publishing my application (including translation) on Google Play, so Google will not recognize that the application contains more than one language version. Could you help me how to properly publish it? Google requires directory structure values (values-en, values-es, etc.) in the res directory (see

Jiri Paskevic


I use DKlang in many of my projects, I think that it is the best localization package. Actually I’m developing a project with many consts, most of them caught from a SQL database like params, so I need to know previously if a const exists in project .lang file before assign the text to the var, something like;

If exists(DKLangConstW(‘@param1’)) then MyText := DKLangConstW(‘@param1’);

It throws and exception error ‘Item not found’ If ‘@param1’ doesn’t exists in my project .lang file and I want to avoid this error before call of DKLangConstW, is there any way or function to check it?, thanks.

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Hello, Is possible if language is Arabic you change bidimode of edit text and arabic colum of DKLang Editeur to bdrighttoleft.

I ask if is there a possibility to translate a MessageDialog resourcestrings (like Yes, No, Abort) present in Vcl.Consts.

  SOKButton = 'OK';
  SCancelButton = 'Cancel';
  SYesButton = '&Yes';
  SNoButton = '&No';
  SHelpButton = '&Help';
  SCloseButton = '&Close';
  SIgnoreButton = '&Ignore';
  SRetryButton = '&Retry';
  SAbortButton = 'Abort';
  SAllButton = '&All';

Thanks in advance

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Since the recent 5.0 release of #DKLang #support requests and questions are picking up. I think it'd be for everyone's benefit to have such a community where people can publicly discuss related things.

Please feel free to ask questions or share your ideas. Please only use English language. #Delphi   #VCL   #FireMonkey   #XE5  
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