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βœ… perfect for skin problems like acne and acne scars
βœ… whitens skin evenly
βœ… contains the highest type of glutathione
βœ… master anti-oxidant
βœ… easily absorbed by the body (free form of glutathione)
βœ… with glutathione boosters (Vitamin C, grapeseed extract, NAC, alpha lipoic acid)
βœ… FDA approved (USA and Philippines)
βœ… Halal approved
βœ… HSA Singapore approved
βœ… GMP International certified
βœ… Made in California, USA
βœ… perfect for skin problems (acne, uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, etc)
βœ… exclusively distributed by Frontrow International (cannot be found in drugstores)

The BEST SELLING Glutathione :)
2014 Most Effective Whitening Supplement
2015 Most Effective Whitening and Anti-aging Supplement
2016 No. 1 Skincare Whitening Product
2016 The Most Powerful Whitening Supplement

LUXXE White at affordable price!
1 bottle 30 capsules 2500 while
1 bottle 60 capsules is 2980 only


You can get lifetime 50% discount upon availing our packages and signing up as a distributor

βœ‰πŸ“²MESSAGE ME HERE ON FACEBOOK for more inquiries
And/or contact me

Thank you and God Bless!!

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