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Could the Modiphius staff please post in this thread with their position / responsibilities and I'll pin it to the top.

Also if any Modiphius staff would like to have moderator status, please let me know.

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As I continue to prep, I am writing/drawing comic strips "detailing" the background of the campaign (or something like that, I just want to draw) :)

Brainstorming a campaign setting:

I'm interested in setting a game in the early 24th century, between the end of the Original Series/Kirk-era movies and TNG. My primary motivation in doing this is that there is not a lot documented and I love the ships of that era, primarily the Excelsior-class ship. I would like to set a game on an Excelsior.

So...What kinds of story lines could I be looking at? It's pre-Khitomer accords I think, so Klingons could still be considered rivals and there are a number of first contact scenarios we could play with species that are established later in canon. What do you all think?

Oh, and uniforms would be a modification of the Wrath of Khan style uniforms, which I also love.

Challenging a Value

If a value is challenged, does the player have to use their milestone to rewrite that value? The wording is ambiguous to me.

Can I choose to use a different milestone option and leave the value crossed out, and rewrite it later when I get another milestone?

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Just a quick reminder to all GMs, Players and Venues for Star trek Adventures, as part of The Hairy Gamers (my FB review page) Ive created a Googlemap for you all.

Modiphius are looking at integrating this into a website and it has since been renamed the Star Trek Adventures Game Finder. Below is the link:-

The instructions to add a pin are contained within the Legend on the left and if you struggle please do not hesitate to contact me and ask for assistance. Im only too happy to add you manually so you can find more local GMs, Players and venues.

Make it so!

Hairy Gamer Jase

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Cool review on the new rpg!

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For some reason... I was probably most shocked that this game (of all games) does not yet have a NPC/Supporting Characters Sheet even though that would seem like it could be really useful considering the basic creation for supporting characters as well as having easy access to custom NPC info and stats. Therefore, I made one. If anyone would like to use it until we get something official, feel free. This might not work for everything but for those characters where you don't want to carry around and sort through stacks and stacks of character sheets... this might help.

I made two versions. The Alpha version is for basic NPCs, support characters, and the like. The Delta version has spots for character pictures for those who want to jump into a program like photoshop and add a picture to the card to make the NPC or Support Character a little more personalized.

Anyone is free to use, edit, alter, etc. the files to fit their needs. No credit necessary. Hopefully it helps. :) 
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Shuttlepod Shields?

The shuttlepods (pg. 235) are listed as having Shields: 2. Aren't they the shuttlepods from Enterprise, and thus have no shields? Or is this a different shuttlepod?

On that note, does anyone have any idea how to deal with ships like the NX-01 that do not have shields? Foregoing the shields would mean a quick end to the ship since it wouldn't have a 'stress track' to absorb damage. The NX-series do have hull plating that functions similarly to shields, so they should have some stress-adjacent track. 

Running STA for the first time this weekend on Hangouts and Roll20. Got any tips?

Congratulations to the Star Trek Adventures design team, layout people and writers.

I was able to play in a game started fresh on Roll20, early this morning.

2 hours to make a character with a group of 4 other players at the same time.
The step y step process was very smooth. Smoother than LUG Trek was.

Got in some decent play of the Xerxes 4 Scenario.

It comes across as even more Narrative style than Last Unicorn Games, approaching the focus on narrative play level of One Ring RPG.

I can easily see how those who have no experience with narrative might have a really rough time, because Focus is.. make it up yourself. 6 Things your PC is REALLY good at doing.

I worked with the lifepath, points didn't add up correctly so In the end, I just slid stuff around to make the concept I wanted, and it is about 90% of the character that I wanted.

Great fun playing it with a brand new GM, and brand new players yesterday. I am starting a new group on Roll20 of my own. I got 6 players to sign up within 2 days. One of them is a Conan GM on Roll20.

Very excited, but I am having to crack open my old LUG Trek Narrator's Guides and Decipher Narrator's guide to design the setting, and lay out scenes and similar stuff for my new STA Campaign.

Looking forward to some really cool Star Trek Stories with this.

I got the ,pdf from Drivethru, and will order the print book when it is in release.

Very happy. Thanks to all who worked on this project.
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