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Lord Ganesha is revered as the God of good luck. This story is from the Ganesh Purana and narrates the birth of Lord Ganesha. See how Lord Ganesha is brought to life from a statue of clay and then blessed with various celestial powers -
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See how Lord Ganesha is brought to life from a statue of clay and then blessed with various celestial powers. Watch wonderful devotional animated movie in Hindi -
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Watch 'Return of Hanuman' a wonderful movie that traces Lord Hanuman in the modern world as he fights against injustice and evil - #returnofhanuman #hanuman #animation #kids #videos #movies #shemarookids

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आओ साईं अंगना बाट निहारूँ तोर रे..


It is mentioned in the Bhagavatam that sage Atri did lot of penance to find out the one single God, who alone is doing creation, maintenance and destruction of the world in contrary to the concept that Brahma, the Creator; Vishnu, the Ruler and Shiva, the Destroyer are separate personalities doing these three works independently. Atri did not accept these three separate personalities and hence, all the three were united to appear as the original single God. This single God was born as the three sons of Atri indicating that one single God appeared as the three divine personalities separately.

The story says further that the Moon gave His divinity of Brahma and Durvasa gave His divinity of Shiva to Dattatreya and went away. Since then, Dattatreya is treated as the single personality in whom all the three personalities co-exist. Now, the definition of God given by the Veda is fulfilled since one God only is doing all these three works (Yatova imaani bhutaani) and the God is not divided into three but remains as one single God only (Ekamevaadvitiyam...). This means that same one unimaginable God is appearing as three separate Gods by entering the three different visible energetic forms. Appearance as three does not break the unity as said in the Gita (Avibhaktam Vibhaktheshu). All this is the deep explanation to clarify the doubt of Atri, who represents every Vedic scholar. If you take this as external story only without analysing the inner divine essence, by tomorrow, Swamiji will also say that Adi Shankara is just a young scholar hailing from the family of Nambudri Brahmins staying in Kerala. You can realize Him as the Incarnation of Lord Shiva, only if you view His life and commentaries through inner sense.

Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva represent the three qualities separately, which are Rajas, Sattvam and Tamas. Each quality predominates and is always associated with other two qualities in minor quantities. Human beings are also of the same nature. Anybody with some specific type of nature likes to worship the form of God of similar nature. A scholar likes to worship Lord Brahma. A good administrator with peaceful and balanced nature likes to worship Lord Vishnu. A fast emotional person likes to worship Lord Shiva. These three qualities are separately involved in various stages of spiritual effort and also in various tests conducted by the Lord. These three Lords are only the three functional forms.

A police officer on a festival day goes to temple with traditional dress and you can see a totally different pious nature in him. The same officer while dealing with the issues of administration of family or office will be found with lot of balance and calm mind to solve the problems. The same officer while going to attack the terrorists along with his team looks totally in a different way with emotion and valour. The difference in the situations and functions change the atmosphere even though the same person is involved. Realization of the same one unimaginable God in all the divine personalities of all universal religions is the climax of spiritual knowledge. This is the last step in Pravrutti and first step in Nivrutti.

God acts as devotee to show path – of devotion to the humanity
God comes down not only – as master but also as servant,
Both Rama and Hanuman are God, - the address of God lies
Not only in the human incarnation, - but also in devotee, some times.
God acts as devotee to show path – of devotion to the humanity.
He undergoes all normal life – facing all sorts of severe problems.
In fact, all these problems – are only sins of His devotees.

I am giving spiritual knowledge – through this body of Datta Swami,
I will propagate this knowledge – through devotees of Datta Swami.
The same current moves fan and – lightens tube light, works differ,
But the inner current is one and same, – it is a teamwork always.
All the devotees participating in – the propagation of this knowledge
Become human incarnations, - since I will enter into them.
Only blessed devotees of My – inner most circle or family alone
Will propagate this knowledge – to give guidance to entire world.

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Karthika Masam | Importance and significance of Karthika masam.

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Famous Top 20 Hindu Temples in India. tps://

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