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Prep these delicious chicken breast recipes for the freezer in under 20 minutes.


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I subscribed to your YouTube Channel; following you on Pinterest; Facebook; I've pinned 10 recipes; and shared the 4 recipes here!!  I want that icecream maker :)  JUST love your recipes.  It is my main go to source for eating clean eating, as it is all food I have access to! ....thx

Hey, I just shared 4 of your recipes on Google+ :)

New Years Resolutions, this year I want to eat clean all year, exercise daily, and lose 25 lbs. Anyone want to take the challenge with me? 

Hi all, I am busy off to class each day...and would like to eat more than steel cut oats, egg whites, and tuna for breakfast and lunch. It needs to be quick, easy, clean ( of course ) and portable. I would be grateful for any ideas =) 

Not really sure how to phrase this question right, but here goes... I've been talking to people on the paleo/primal lifestyle (not diet right?) and what that entails. I don't agree with it 100% but can see some benefits. So can you tell me how paleo or primal may fit into a clean eating lifestyle?

Hi Tiffany. I am newly interested in clean eating. I am an exercise junkie, but I want to get my diet truly clean so I can reap all of the benefits from my exercise. I work for a nonprofit, so I'm on a tight budget. I've been trying to buy lots of fresh foods, but I find that they go bad before I can eat them. Do you have any tips on eating clean, on a budget, and shopping/cooking for one?

I am so glad I found you!  Now if I can just firgure this whole thing out.

QUESTION: What is your toughest hurdle with eating clean?

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So after getting some really great advice, I've decided that this community will be dedicated to those of you getting started and those of you who just want to ask questions or figure out some of the different aspects of eating clean. This will be a discussion board for clean eating in general.
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