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Straps for Motorcycles?

Does any Tom Bihn bag have loops or anything that makes it possible to strap the bag to a Motorcycle like the kriega us30 bag (see photo attached) ?

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My Aeronaut has arrived!
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Created by

M Schmidbauer

Discussion  - 
WANTED: Field Journal Notebook. I only just learned of Tom Bihn FJM--just in time for them to retire the design. If anyone has an FJN in good+ condition, threat they'd be willing to sell, please contact me. 
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Ron Lusk

Discussion  - 
Astonishing amount of detail and thought in this review, on a backpack that exhibits just as much detail and thought, the +TOM BIHN Synapse 25.
There was a time, not long ago, when I would have considered the battle for the world's best laptop backpack to be one of such insurmountable difficulty that debating such idealism would be a mere ...
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Is there a shop which sells Tom Bihn in Europe?
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Haha, good idea. You might try posting on our forums ( -- I know several TB meet-ups have been arranged through there. 
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