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Just tried to run same code on 64-bit Windows and Ubuntu.
Both are in VMware on the same machine.
It's PascalLUDecomposeBandedReal function posted here by +David Heffernan some times ago.
Maybe my Ubuntu is not running well in VMware?

Windows 11500 ms
Ubuntu 19800 ms

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+Mahdi Safsafi, well, this might reveal my superficial knowledge about DLL injection, but from this library's description: "DoubleAgent is a new Zero-Day technique for injecting code and maintaining persistence on a machine (i.e. auto-run).

DoubleAgent can exploit:

Every Windows version (Windows XP to Windows 10)
Every Windows architecture (x86 and x64)
Every Windows user (SYSTEM/Admin/etc.)
Every target process, including privileged processes (OS/Antivirus/etc.)".
Just in case you didn't know about it (it's just revealed today) and it has any inspiration to your excellent Detour library :D

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Catch the replay of the Woll2Woll BeaconFencing's External Advanced Mapper.

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This Python exception handling library shows a great stacktrace, I hope it can give some inspiration to @madExcept and others. I especially like the function parameter values are shown in the stack trace, but not sure it's possible with Delphi. 

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Animated Photo

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HTML Component Library on Ubuntu server

TestInsight 1.1.5 has been released!

Apart from Delphi 10.2 support and two small bugfixes it also contains a pretty neat new feature:

You can configure a build configuration that TestInsight uses when it compiles and runs your tests. This enables running your tests with special parameters, another host application (for example a code coverage tool tease) or other things that you can configure in a build configuration. You can set the name of this configuration in the TestInsight options (just hit F6, type TestInsight and press enter).


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Hello guys.
Does anyone know how to do in Delphi 10.1 Berlin this evaluation method with stars like the one in the image below? Do you know any website or code that teaches you step by step?

Spring4D has two releases today!

1.1.6 which is just Delphi 10.2 support for the 1.1 version

1.2 which marks the end of two and a half years of development since the 1.1 release and contains a lot of bugfixes, improvement and new features. In the coming days and weeks I will write more about them.
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