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Michael Taylor

Bugs & Issues  - 
Is anybody else getting graphics glitches in the code editor windows in Seattle?  I have issues when scrolling with the keyboard cursor keys.  The text redraws out-of-place.
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For background, I have the following setup:
- Windows 10
- Nvidia Geforce GTX
- Show all line numbers
- A solarized-esque text editor color scheme
- No plugins
- Using a Delphi file of around 200 lines
All I have to do is go to the top of the file and hold down the down arrow cursor key.  Once the cursor reaches the bottom of the screen, the line there just starts repeating.  Scrolling with the scroll bar will fix the text drawing until I move the cursor with the keyboard again.
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Roland Kossow

Bugs & Issues  - 
Can anybody confirm that Castalia is not working in the RX IDE?
Just want to insure, that it is not just my IDE - that is not doing what it is supposed to be.
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Delphi 10 Seattle installed without any problems, used Web Installer.  Really like the MongoDB support - installed MongoDB opened up the sample projects and it run without any glitches.  Now to implement it in some application.
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yes, good job EMBT on DX10 :). Installed and registered here OK and starts up much faster than XE8 and the IDE is more responsive too. :). Just waiting on some 3rd party components to get updated now
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Brandon Staggs

Discussion  - 
Are the newsgroups officially dead?  It's been weeks since I could connect. Wondering if it is time just to unsub from them in my reader.
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+Andreas Hausladen yes, that was it, thanks. 
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Rodrigo Ruz

Blog Post  - 
I just updated the Delphi IDE Theme Editor adding support for RAD Studio 10 Seattle. Remember which starting with Delphi XE8, DITE allows you edit the values (color and font) of the IDE modern them...
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Magno Lima

Discussion  - 
I commented before that one of our applications that process XML files was much more slow on XE7 than Delphi 2010 - same code. After have to return to the project I think that problem is the database, related much much more than processing the XML files.

Example for processing about 4K records:

- D2010 = 38s (slow,but ok) - XML process only: 1sec (MSXML vendor)
- XE7 = 80s (unacceptable) - XML process only: 0.39s (Oxml) / 2.3s (Omni XML)

The process itself envolves a lot of rules, its not a simple insert and/or update, that explains some expected delay. So, more than 90% of time seems to be with database processing, as the coding for rules are the same.

The D2010 version is using ZeosLib and XE7 I am using FireDac (previous I had a version with ZeosLib and XE7 - also slow)
I tried disable RTTI just to see if I could gain some performance.
Finally, I cant make it to production with XE7 as at least 2x slow than same code compiled with Delphi 2010.

To be more consistent with the tests, I set a condition to only allow the select statements, so the rules could be tested, but avoiding inserts and updates. The XE7 drops to 51s and Delphi 2010 drops to 27s.

The database selects and programming logic are the very same, only differs on compilers. Same source code.

I would appreciate any help, if possible.
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+Andrea Raimondi "One option would be to try using ZeosLib with XE 7 and see whether the times are the same".

I did very first. I installed the last ZeosLib and move the version from D2010 to XE7 and so we decide to remove Zeos and use FireDac. The performance (slow) was very similar.

For sure, I dont know a lot of FireDac and as Asbjørn Heid told, I will try some tweaks.

I think that most problem is related to "selects". I made a test mod so it will not insert/update, only select and the total time dropped less than I thought (so inserts/updates are not the main guilty here).

I had to move back to D2010 so I can release a patch to the software and get time to study that program (by the way its time to a makeover on it).
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For those who are not able to compile the latest Jedi JCL/JVCL trunk :
Apply patch :

Ps: +Olivier Sannier , there is also an issue with jvPluginsystemreg.register generating an EAccessViolation in JclDeveloperTools230.bpl
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The git master JCL and JVCL should now compile. DELPHI10 was renamed to DELPHIX_SEATTLE and the LibSuffix 220 was replaced by 230.
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Bugs & Issues  - 
Stupid !


procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
  s: AnsiString;
  p1: PAnsiChar;
  p2: PAnsiChar;
  s := 'Hello';
  p1 := PAnsiChar(s);
  p2 := PAnsiChar(s);
  StrCopy(p1, p2); // E2251

E2251 Ambiguous overloaded call to 'StrCopy'

in SysUtils we have

function StrCopy(Dest: PAnsiChar; const Source: PAnsiChar): PAnsiChar; overload; deprecated 'Moved to the AnsiStrings unit';
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+Horácio Filho actually, no, but it's not the problem, I have some custom controls with source code that deal with AnsiStrings, I don't want to rewrite everything, only recompile them with DX

{$IFDEF VER300}System.AnsiStrings.{$ENDIF}StrCopy()
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Lars Fosdal

Tips & Tricks  - 
Reclaim that space!
RAD Studio uninstall is not all inclusive, it seems. After uninstalling XE6 and XE8, the shared samples and kits still linger.

\14.0\ 3Gb in 58k files (XE6 uninstalled)
\15.0\ 3Gb 56k files (XE7.x Installed)
\16.0\ 2Gb 51k files (XE8.x uninstalled)
\17.0\ 2.8gb 60k files (10 Seattle installed)

So, that's just above 5Gb reclaimed by removing the two dead directories.
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I also don't understand why they keep puting an copy of Android SDK per version ! Why don't they let the user choose the SDK location ?
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Providing different image sizes for different DPI is not hard. 

Only 100% and 200% images were provided in original size in PNG format. All other were automatically created on the fly by re-sampling from 200% images.

There are some down-sampling issues on alignment icons - they are not as nice as they would be if they would be drawn for specific size without re-sampling, but if needed originals can be provided for any particular DPI scale.

So automatic image handling can be done, but there has to be will to do so.
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+David Heffernan Heh yeah, I've used my friends Lenovo Yoga 2 a few times, and given the high resolution on the tiny screen, non-scaled icons are almost impossible to see.
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Can someone direct me to a good example/case study of a IoT Delphi implementation?

Much appreciated!

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running Android on the Pi2 should work, I believe someone did that for the bananaPi.  The first Pi was not possible to run Android. well one with GPU driver so not possible on that unit
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Steffen Binas

Discussion  - 
Unfortunatelly still no HigDPI-Support for Firemonkey applications at all. A new Firemonkey application has HighDPI-Support enabled by default in the project options but doesn't scale at all. MultiDPI support via VCL's FormBeforeMonitorDpiChanged/FormAfterMonitorDpiChanged is also not available on Firemonkey's TForm. #Delphi10
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Eli M
What I did in my app was add a Zoom In/Out feature. The user can change it how they like it. Could be CTRL - + and CTRL - -.
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Ilya S

Tips & Tricks  - 
For those who want's to try DX/CX (LARGE_ADDRESS_AWARE) on Windows 7/8 x86 there is the way to patch OS kernel and loader using the patch which enables PAE, increase UserVA to 3072 in BCD and see ;)
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Girish Patil

Third Party  - 
Coming Soon in  #XtremeDocumentStudio  #Delphi
Here’s a look at the new interactive PDF features of the VCL DocumentViewer in the upcoming release of #Gnostice  #XtremeDocumentStudio:
-- Rendering for all types of annotations
-- Interactively add, drag/move, delete, edit annotations on page
-- Threaded annotations for document reviews and commenting
-- Interactive navigation pane with hierarchical listing of all annotations

The screenshot shows a side-by-side view with Acrobat Reader.

To know more about #XtremeDocumentStudio , please log on to:
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+Steve Maughan Your product looks impressive. Regarding creating EMF, are you not already drawing to a TCanvas compatible Canvas? If you are doing that (and I'm sure you know this), you just need to assign a TMetafileCanvas object to the variable pointing to the canvas object you are currently drawing on to.
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Milan Vydareny

Bugs & Issues  - 
From the Seattle main menu choosing Help==>RAD Studio DocWiki results in "Help for Delphi® XE8 and C++Builder® XE8" Choosing "Documentation" from the Welcome Page, however, results in "Help for RAD Studio Seattle"
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Thanks for the heads up. Will be fixed soon.
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Ralf Stocker

Discussion  - 
Would it be possible to divide the ISO according to languages (EN / DE / FR / JP)? 8GB is a horror!
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It's kinda weird. I can't register DX Seattle, because I supplied an XE8 serial. But I also cannot download the DX Seattle full ISO. I'm very confused.
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Mahdi Safsafi

I made this!  - 
Hi guys,
Anyone looking for a parsable copy of Intel instructions set.I just made them available at:
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+Alexander Benikowski 
Instructions are marked by CPUID flags.From that you can know if instruction can runs in a specified CPU processor (let's say PENTIUM or CORE i7).
All instructions listed are guaranteed to run on Intel based CPU as long as your CPUID flags meets the one listed in the XML.
To generate assembler that runs on both Intel and AMD you must avoid using VEX and EVEX encoding because they are not supported by AMD.
Mostly all non AMD(DREX,XOP) and Intel(VEX,EVEX) encoding will works on both Intel and AMD.
3DNOW,SSE5,FMA4 instructions are AMD only.
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Steve Sinclair

Discussion  - 
I was looking at purchasing CodeSite from Embarcadero but it now seems really expensive since they bought it.  Seems you can't buy it without a years's subscription which effectively doubles the price up to 688 euros!  Whereas SmartInspect is only 199 including updates for a year.  It's just for one job that I wanted live logging from a service so I need TCP/IP messaging which CodeSite express doesn't inlcude, so much as I like CodeSite I think I'm going to have to go with Smart Inspect.  How do you guys feel about it?  Am I just being grumpy in my old age?  I guess I'm just having a rant because I want CodeSite but can't justify it at that price.
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SmartInspect is better anyway :p

(purely opinion based - they both have their advantages - I like SI more because it runs without any additional tool like the CS dispatcher, and I like the viewer UI a bit more)
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Lars Fosdal

Bugs & Issues  - 
Delphi 10 Seattle Samples
It seems the host URL is wrong.
Anyone else see this problem?
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Oh, that IOResult bastard!

I just spent quite some time trying to track down a weird bug.
An error occurred during a zip routine, but only on certain occasions.

After several attempt to find out where the bug was, it turns out that IOResult was already set somewhere else in the code, and came unhandled into the routine where I though the problem was...

Duh!  Now I have to figure out where the IOResult should have been handled...
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Enable I/O checking and errors are converted to exceptions.
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