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Playing with my TGraphicPanel (a parented TGraphicControl) I've think about a feature that could be nice to have, an AlignWeight property to priorise controls alignments.

The concept is simple, by default, a value of 0 do not change the behavior.

If the AligWeigth of a component is higher, then it is aligned first.

It can also define the align order of a set of "alLeft" components regardless of it's actual position.
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be nice if the migration tool handled the GetIt installs too

+Andreas Hausladen Will you update idefixtool for delphi 10.2.2 ?
We still code complation bugs on 10.2.2

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I develop on the raspberry PI (1 2 and 3)
using FPC
it would be great is Delphi could in the future add support for that platform
(I see you can, and I did get it working, run android on a raspberry pi3 and Delphi does work compiling and deploying to that but that is still a beta solution (android for raspberry pi ...the video output is not very well supported yet, ec)

you know what would be a really good Delphi IDE function?
to copy to the clipboard all the object names highlighted on a form by a right mouse click option

Better support for UHD, 4K in Delphi IDE?

Several customers needs support for UHD in my products (some bought devices like Ms Surface) so I just configured a new developing machine with an 27"LCD 3840x2160. I installed Tokyo 10.2.1 and.... is it really still a 96 dpi application? I can't believe it... it is totally unusable... keeping 100% of Win10 dimension the IDE is microscopic... switching to 150% or more IDE suffer of blur effect cause of Windows scaling on legacy applications... in both situation my eyes are destroyed...

Is it in the road map or plans the idea to have a better IDE also for this kind of situations?

Will we ever see class operators on classes in Delphi? So far only records can have them! I know that iOS can have them but will the next update bring them?? Or at least has someone discussed about it?

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I have a question on the IDE behavior.

You can define a layout for the design time and an other for debug time...but I offently move the IDE at debug time to let me see a console window for instance (I use that a lot for debug purpose)...and each time I restart the application, the IDE returns to it's original place.

I can save the layout for good, but I need that only for a couple of hours, not permanently. The default layout is just fine most of the time.

Don't you think that the window should remain at the same place ? at least until I close Delphi or load an other project ? Then it will reload the saved layout.
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It's perfect like it is
You're right
I don't care
What are you talking about ?

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A thing that I'm missing in Delphi in comparison to Lazarus are those automatically generated lines called "Dividers".
Is it possible to have them in Delphi, too?

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On some projects I put an invisible TMemo on the main form to keep notes about things todo...

is there any extension that could attach a kind of floating memo with some text saved in a Unit1.txt file for instance ?

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