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Do you code in Delphi ?
Update: 296 Yes in one week = 3.3% of the 9K members. Not a massive number, but it is summer and holidays perhaps?

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Bear with me on the silly vote. 

I need to update my Embarcodero Developer network details, but I cannot find out how on the Embarcodero site. Need to update my email address. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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When I created the Delphi Component Directory, it was with the intent of having somewhere to go to look for components. The idea - as outlined in it's description - was that you created ONE entry for your component - and either kept it updated, or removed that entry and posted a new one.

It seems that nobody bothers with that, and a lot of people just use it as another place to cross posts their blogs and videos. Many such cross posts are just reshares, trapping them in the automatic spam filter, and I am getting tired of having to clean up that mess.

I think everything that is being posted there, is also posted here. Hence, I am leaning towards closing down the community all together and rather focus on Delphi Developers.

The same goes for the Android/iOS community. I am considering adding VCL, FMX, Windows, OSX, Linux, Android, iOS as categories here.

Thoughts, anyone?

Edit 16:19 CET
OK - It's official - Both the other communities are closed for new posts / members - but I'll leave them online and searchable in case there is something good to find in there.

I've mucked about a bit with the category names and order. I discovered there is limit to the number of categories, so I had to get a bit pragmatic. How does it look?


Is there a bug in the new Google+ UI or is post moderation in effect?

I've tried posting twice in "Code Rants", but while I see my post in my profile, it doesn't show up here, neither in "All posts" nor "Code Rants" section.

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Delphi Study meeting in Osaka/Japan, will be held.
It is held this Friday(March 3, 2017). 

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Happy 22nd Birthday, Delphi!
#Delphi 1 was released exactly 22 years ago, on Feb 14 1995, and that year we released our first Delphi components!
#ILoveDelphi #ILoveTMS

I'm very sorry that a "help needed" post was just accidently removed by myself after the approval. It contains some words like "file mapping variable". I'm not sure who the author is. Please repost it if you see this topic. Thanks!

<rant>Became used to the Material Design Google+ thingy but then comments started to act up, so switched back to classic, but classic shows the posts in more than one column so my non-american eye can not see the ordering, so i make the browser narrower, and that's ok, but when i follow a link (in a new tab) i forget and make the window wide again and when i'm back i do not know where to scroll. Grraahh!</rant>

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How do I ask good questions?

Have you explained your problem in detail to the nearest teddy bear?
Was that explanation coherent, or was it hard to make him understand?

If you can’t formulate your problem - you can’t formulate a question, so the first step is for you to properly identify your problem for yourself. After that, you are ready to ask us your questions.

Give a context - What is obvious to you, may not be obvious to us. We don’t know the whole situation. When we start thinking about your problem, it helps us to understand in what context the question is asked. What platforms, compilers, versions, technologies or techniques are in use?

Give exact details - We need the specifics of the symptoms as they happen. We need the actual error messages and not the approximate versions you think you remember.

Be prepared to answer questions about your question and try to give good answers to these questions - even if they seem irrelevant to you. Our questions are a result of us trying to understand your problem.

If possible, come prepared with sample code that exhibits the problem (

Note: I just jotted this down from the top of my head, so any suggestions for changes or additions are most welcome.
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