Is there a way to use the JVCL's TJvXxxAppStorage to store float values as strings (e.g. "10.152") rather than hex dumps and also control the decimal separator that is being used?

I know that I can set
AppStorage.StorageOptions.FloatAsString := True;

But then it will use the currently active DecimalSeparator when I store a float property, e.g. "10,152" for standard German settings.

It internally calls

procedure TJvCustomAppStorage.WriteFloatInt(const Path: string; Value: Extended);
if StorageOptions.FloatAsString then
DoWriteString(Path, EncryptPropertyValue(FloatToStr(Value)))
DoWriteFloat(Path, Value);

Which calls FloatToStr which uses the DecimalSeparator. Providing an OnEncryptPropertyValue handler won't solve that problem either because then the result will be mime encoded.

(I think it cannot be done without changing the WriteFloatInt code. But I would like a confirmation for that.)

Searching for a full time Delphi developer in Milan Italy for an Analytical project about six moths. anybody interested?

for more info write to :


say I've got the following classes:

TClassA = class

TClassB = class
fCA: TClassA;

Now, suppose I do not know that fCA is TClassA but I know that the field is called "fCA" and I want to get access to the instance fCA.

I try this:

ctx: TRTTIContext;
cType: TRTTIType;
clB: TClassB;
cField: TRTTIField;

obj: TObject;
[initialise clB and fCA]

if assigned(cField) then
///Q1: How do I check that fCA is TObject??

//I try this but I get AV

//I have also tried this and AV again


Any ideas?

Thanks a lot in advance

Does anyone have any suggestions for a currently supported DTP style component set like

I used this some years ago and it now looks unsupported. I do have the source so may be able to work with it but I tend to prefer using supported components.

I have hit a big snag with DevExpress ribbon recently. Its a long story in a (so far) private ticket at DX. It's really slow going and i'm not getting all sides of the problem. What i mean by that is a ticket is a ticket so they are trying to solve the same specific problem. But i'm not getting really far when trying to discuss alternate solutions to my problem.

When googling on DevExpress + something all their other flavours come up a lot. So i was thinking, would there be any interest in creating a G+ group called "Delphi DevExpress Users"? To discuss design issues using DX VCL? If i get a positive response here, i'll go and see how to create such a group.



Is there any way to report bugs in TeeChart without an active subscription? We did not renew our subscription this year and therefore lost write access to the forums.

I found a bug in TeEngine / TeeTools that results in a Range Check Error.

I need to verify and extract the original file ( need xml ) from a .p7m
(Signed-Data PKCS7 Format) ?

Any one from Netherlands?

I was planing to visit Netherlands during this week, to catch up with Delphi Conference 2018, but unfortunately I will not arrive on time, I will be on Netherlands between 20 & 25 Sep.

I'm interested to meet any developers there and visit companies if they don't mind for knowledge sharing and to see any future business opportunities between us.

I have a small software company, with team of Delphi & C# developers, and already doing outsourcing for multiple companies in Europe & USA.


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These is a cool project by one of my fellow Chinese Delphi programmers called nickemma (see original links at the end of the post) I came across today that I couldn't resist to share with the world:

Picture 1
The electronic car that receives control commands through WIFI, sent from an Android app developed in Delphi.

Picture 2
The FireMonkey app that sends hex. control commands to the toy car.BTW, it uses an UI framework called OrangeUI that's available in China only.

Picture 3
The settings window of the Android app where you specify the IP of the toy car's WIFI modue, the hex. commands for turning left/right, forward and back, and so on.

Picture 4/5
He made two toy cars each of which are differently constructed, but seems to be controlled by the same Delphi-powered Android app. I don't know much about the electronic thing, but this project obviously shows a cool part of Delphi :)

link1: link2:
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+Arthur Hoornweg I hope this can provide a work-around...
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