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Eugene Mayevski

Help! Need input!  - 
Hello. I am in need to design the hierarchy of classes (up to 10 classes), and I am looking for some UML-like tool for this, which would generate the code at the end. There was ModelMaker long time ago (and we licensed it), but right now it's a one-time task, so I'd use something simpler and preferably free. Any suggestions, please?
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+Jeroen Wiert Pluimers
It's not about UML changes, but about tool usability changes and possible integrations (not saying that I don't have that old license anywhere, and I know how vendors feel when asked about ancient versions and ancient licenses, so I don't want to bother Gerrit with this).
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Nick Hodges

Community Management  - 
We crossed 8,000 members.
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+Attila Kovacs Maybe we crossed back the other way?
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Jude De Silva

Discussion  - 
i am having issue to save PDF file to MS SQL Table, with following code and i am getting error (Error image has attach) please kindly some one help me to solve the issue, thanks

procedure TEmployProfile.AdvGlassButton6Click(Sender: TObject);
FileName: string;
FileStream: TFileStream;
BlobField: TBlobField;
SBlobFieldName: string = '';
FileName := '';
if OpenDialog1.Execute then
FileName := OpenDialog1.FileName;
if FileName = '' then
FileStream := TFileStream.Create(FileName, fmOpenRead);
BlobField := QDocument.FieldByName('EMPDOCUMENT') as TBlobField;

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TDBImage works with images only. If you need preview the PDF, you need use the TOLEContainer but Adobe Reader must be installed on computer.

Just save the content from BLOB field to temporary file and load in TOLEContainer
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Delphi Ruby

Tips & Tricks  - 
If someone wants the Tips & Tricks I have some nice in my site are available to all

Knowledge appartien the world
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I thought this was a link to integrating Ruby with Delphi. :-(
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Marco Cantù

Blog Post  - 
Blog post "Resuming the DelphiRazor Library Project" at
September 30, 2016. Resuming the DelphiRazor Library Project. Given I've updated the library for 10.1 Berlin for a personal project, and also added a few new features, I decided to make my Delphi Razor HTML scripting library public again. Given I've updated the library for 10.1 Berlin for a ...
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the same like our store with indy and boostrap.

for more info

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Does anyone have experience using the APIs at

I am trying to POST some data and use the Response.

They do not have a Pascal example. I think I have used Indy10 to post. However, all the POST examples show the URL with a "/dosomething.php" or something similar.
Then the HTTP component adds a "?name=value&one=two&" and so on for all the headers and data.

The API call I want to use does not have this, ""

When I send the request it sends ...Estimatorx-mashape-key=xxxxxx... The response is "missing key".

Can someone show me how to do this?

Win 10, Delphi XE7 Pro.
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OK, this helped me. Thanks
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Stefano Carfagna

Interesting Link  - 
DOCSHARE20 è il software per condividere i documenti semplificato per la piccola e media azienda.
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Did you write this application?
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Nancy Lescouhier

Third Party  - 
A new version of our ORM framewok for Delphi has been released with several new features!
What's new in TMS Aurelius v3.4.0.0:

TMS Aurelius is part of TMS Business Subscription:
Users with an active license to TMS Business Subscription receive TMS Aurelius v3.4 free.
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Thank you +Stéphane Wierzbicki and +Fabio VITALE. It's always rewarding to read spontaneous and positive comments like that.
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Ole Harald

Job Opportunity  - 
Jeg ønsker å komme i kontakt med en utvikler som har erfaring med å integrere et system mot Altinnportalen.

Logge inn, sende skjemaopplysninger og hente kvittering. Gjelder særlig innsending av lønnsopplysninger og mva.

Ønsker 100% Delphikode.

Kontakt post at teltec no
 ·  Translate
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Hei Lars
I wrote this in Norwegian because I would very much like to get in touch with a Norwegian developer. As you say, it's very specific to Norway.
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sorry my starter and I still use Delphi 7
I am confused how to lock the main menu .. if not logged in then the main menu can not be used ... how its Delphi code
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+David Heffernan You are right. You can probably defer the createform of the main form to after login. In our case, the main form create kicks off some background threads to prepare stuff before the user logs in

Also - good tip on using Actions.
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Aleksandar Djurovic

Help! Need input!  - 
how to get last inserted mongo documents, objectID ?
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dzMdbViewer 1.0.2 released
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A new blog has been posted:
Delphi and iPhone helping vision impaired people

Assemble this cool iPhone app powered with Delphi 10.1 Berlin and the TMS FMX Cloud Pack in 15 minutes!
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Jude De Silva

Discussion  - 
Can you tell me how can i save PDF file to MS SQL Table in Delphi 10.1 ?
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On the blob field, you must crate a blob stream, and load t from file.
I do not have delphi right now, but something
With http://field1.createblobstream do

Sorry, i write from phone, please correct the syntax errors :)

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Horácio Filho

I made this!  - 
Hello guys,

Some days ago I started a project aiming decrease the gap in the integration between Delphi and Objective-C, it is the first time I own an iPhone device (it was a gift, I am a poor guy :P) and my first contact with Delphi wrapping Objective-C APIs, it is pretty good however the integration between the two languages is not pleasant, using TOCGenericImport and TOCLocal is not much beautiful.

The idea here is consume Objective-C APIs in a more friendly way, using the max of Delphi code possible :D It is hosted here ( in very very early phase, at this time it is just an experiment.

If you are interested on it, please let me know :D

Thanks in advance and thanks for +Chris Rolliston and +David Nottage for answering my question here :D
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My 2p is that the existing Delphi to Objective C bridge is pretty good for calling Cocoa APIs, albeit with blocks being a not insignificant gap. That said, I can just about get away with doing blocks manually on OS X, assuming it's only the odd usage case involved.

However, using the bridge for Objective-C subclassing is horrible for a variety of reasons, independent from the fact the bridge is implemented at the library level with no special compiler support (which is itself a big limitation). My main bugbear is having two independent reference counts, one controlling the Objective-C part of the object and one controlling the Delphi part, especially given the two counts do not share the same basis - Objective-C objects begin with a reference count of 1, Delphi ones with a reference count of 0 that only become 1 on the first assignment.

All in all, over time, I've come to realise that the FPC approach - implement the Objective Pascal dialect - is fundamentally superior, even if Objective Pascal code looks weird from Delphi (or indeed normal FPC) eyes. If you're doing anything serious with direct calls to OS X or iOS APIs, you're just going to have to learn and follow the conventions, otherwise you end up continually having to mentally translate between idioms. And yes, that means I now even prefer typing TNSString.stringWithCharacters over StrToNSStr ;-)
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Aleksandar Djurovic

Help! Need input!  - 
how to find document in mongodb collection, if i have ObjectID as string?

i tried some variants, but without success

.Match('"_id" : ObjectId("57EB7FD37E58C0C489BFF6F2")')

.Add('$eq', '57EB7FD37E58C0C489BFF6F2')

both does not work.....
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Both are ok,
first one better for complex querys on server side.

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Ilya S

Discussion  - 
8,000 Delphi Developers community members count has passed! Congratulations!
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8K by Update 2 or bust!
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David Berneda

Third Party  - 
#TeeChart World maps can now be rendered in 3D (VCL: GDI, GDI+, OpenGL and Firemonkey: all platforms). Very fast rotation and zoom
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+David Berneda said "still supporting D7" - *THANK YOU SIR" - I am reminded that many years ago when coding graphics engines - our engineers coded using the least performing hardware the code was expected to run on. Most likly, that is why that engine went on to replace the one used by that company with the mouse ears (and we were rewarded appropriately). Good job +David Berneda - know there are plenty dev using "Legacy Delphi". My largest customer still uses D6 for production even though we have every version installed and running.
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Tommi Prami

Third Party  - 
Lasse has released new version of TBCEditor.

Lately he has been included pretty good optimizations also. For some cases it's faster than SynEdit (With big file, keep in mind that SynEdit has "native" pascal code highlighters and TBCEdit has dynamic highlighting)

If you have need for syntax highlighting or already use one, you really should check this out. And I think it would be good choice even if you do not need highlighting at all.

PS. not my project ;)
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To me the response linked by Alex sounds more like a threat than a denial of a feature request tbh.
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Dany Marmur

Community Management  - 
<rant>Became used to the Material Design Google+ thingy but then comments started to act up, so switched back to classic, but classic shows the posts in more than one column so my non-american eye can not see the ordering, so i make the browser narrower, and that's ok, but when i follow a link (in a new tab) i forget and make the window wide again and when i'm back i do not know where to scroll. Grraahh!</rant>
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Yes, +Attila Kovacs​ :(
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