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HGGC which recently lead the recapitalization of IDERA ...

( )

... formerly owned hybris

( )

... - which they sold to SAP.

( )

Do you - being a Delphi developer - think it would be good if HGGC would sell IDERA to SAP?
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I think it would be good.
I think it would be bad.
I am not sure.

Hi there,
I am making an app that has lots of Trectangles on the screen and each has 2 TTexts on them. So I decided to render the canvas or each rectangle, save it as a bitmap in the memory and draw it on the rectangle canvas on OnPaint procedure.

I work in XE7 FMX for android.

Now I declared the custom procedure like this :
Procedure MyOnPaint(Sender: TObject; Canvas: TCanvas; const ARect: TRectF);

and when I create the Rectangle I do this :
R.OnPaint := MyOnPaint(r, r.Canvas, Trectf.Create(0,0,w,h) );

but I get an error :
[dcc64 Error] Unit1.pas(2457): E2010 Incompatible types: 'TOnPaintEvent' and 'procedure, untyped pointer or untyped parameter'

Any help is appreciated.

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Working with Microsoft SQL Server over ODBC: I'm getting an 'invalid precision value' when trying to insert a string longer than 4000 characters in a `text` field. Relevant code is

InsertQuery.Params[1].Value := hexStr;
InsertQuery.Params[1].Size := Length(hexStr);

I've also run into these articles online such as and but I'm not sure what they mean for me. Do I need to specify the datatype of my TFDQuery? Is there another size/buffer parameter that needs to be specified? All help appreciated.

Does Embarcadero urgently need fresh money?! My Delphi maintenance contract is to expire in September 2017. Already in the middle of May I got an email, telling me that my maintenance contract is about to expire soon (OK, we now have an idea what timeframe is "soon"). I ignored it.
Today (end of June) I got a phone call from +1 512.226.8*** on my voice box. I could not understand the name, but the guy says he would like to talk about renewing my Delphi maintenance contract.
Here in Germany I've never got phone calls from the US regarding contracts or other sales in the past. Strange. Did they close the EMEA office in germany?
Someone here also got those calls?

Spring4d.Container - where to declare what?

Let's say I have 2 units:


it is straightforward to have a myRegister.pas which uses those and register the types with the GlobalContainer.

Now, if I need a class factory where do I put that declaration? My inclination is to put it with the classes, but that means you would need to place myClasses in the uses clause in the unit that is using the interface - which is not what we want as that binds the application to the class. I have been putting them in myInterfaces.pas - which is fine if the implementations of the interfaces use the same constructor.

So what's the mood around this?

I'm using the Spring.Container in some refactoring and am looking for some clarification on the best way (and where - I'll post that separately don't want to confuse things) to set up the factories. I have done this elsewhere, but always where there was a distinct constructor for a type.

There is a single interface, let's call it IFileInfoDisplay (because that is what it is called). There are 3 type registrations along the lines of

container.RegisterType<IFileInfoDisplay, TBasicFileInfoDisplay>('basic');
container.RegisterType<IFileInfoDisplay, THistoryFileInfoDisplay>('history');
container.RegisterType<IFileInfoDisplay, TExtendedFileInfoDisplay>('extended');

Each type takes the same constructor Create(aFileInfo: TFileInfo). TFileInfo is returned from a RemObjects server, hence not an interface.

So can I register the factory and call it with the discriminator


or do I need to register it for each type?


(originally posted in the "Coding In Delphi" community)

I've got a problem while debugging my Android app. Delphi says it cannot set the capabilities. I'm trying to test on a Samsung S6 with Android 7.

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New book on the horizon... A little update!

I must say that I'm surprised by the level of support I got here!

Clearly a $10 discount isn't really a huge incentive for anyone here to preorder my ebook, so I guess most of you really stepped in to offer a helping hand to friend in distress! :)

This little - sort of - campaign, will likely fill the gap and cover significant portion of my immediate cashflow needs just in time!

Thanks again everyone! :)

Oh, I don't have the time to to chat... have to go and write the book, you know ;)

If anyone missed my original post - summer and all, here is short recap:

I'm writing a book about memory management. The title will be "Delphi memory management for classic and ARC compilers".

You can read more about it at:

While the regular price will be $37.50, you can still preorder it at only $27.50 (for 3 more days)

and the complete story

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I love the Lock screen images on Windows 10 and wanted to use them as my desktop wallpaper. So I just built a utility that lets me do just that :)

Built using Delphi 10.2 Tokyo and Firemonkey, this app took me a day to build (I freaking love Delphi for RAD!). Check it out at

Happy to give a away a few licenses to this community - just send me an email (rohit @ if you want one
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