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someone has developed TRestclient to upload an image to please help!!!
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which version of Delphi you develop?
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Delphi 6 Pro (can't afford to upgrade)
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Codegen / Floating point performance has not changed since XE6. Wait instructions inside of a simple routine?!
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Eli M
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Jude De Silva

Discussion  - 
i have Reinstall Delphi XE 8 after that all components coming difference name for example if add the TMaskEdit name give as medt1 could you someone help me on this please
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Thanks for advice
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Jude De Silva

Discussion  - 
an unhandled win32 exception occurred in bds.exe[1084]

Abov error gives me when i try to Run the Application in DElphi XE8 any one can help me ?
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Have you installed all service packs/hotfixes for xe8?
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arup saha

Discussion  - 
Can Anyone tell me how Can I increase gap between radiobuttons in Delphi XE 10. I am using TAdvOfficeRadioButton.

Any help would be very much appreciated.
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maybe ask TMS Support? AFAIK components starting with TAdv are TMS controls.
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Uwe Raabe

Discussion  - 
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+David Intersimone
The code shown is a correct representation of inlined code with optimization on and stack-frames off.  Because the 'double' needs 8 bytes it cannot be passed in 32-bit regs and thus goes via the stack.
Even if the function is inlined the compiler still follows stack logic.
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Join us Telegram Channel :@delphitech
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Danijel Tkalcec

Third Party  - 
RealThinClient SDK v7.24 (2016.Q2) has been released for Delphi 7 - 10.1 (Berlin). Starter editions for Delphi 7, 2007 - 2010, XE - XE8, 10 and 10.1 are available as a free download from the RTC Downloads page:

Full commercial release is available to all developers with an active RealThinClient subscription from the RTC Forums:

Detailed list of all changes between each version can be found in the Updates*.txt files inside the HELP folder (included in Starter and commercial editions).
What's in the Starter edition? The complete RTC SDK compiled in DCUs for Delphi. SDK Demos and Quick Start Examples with Full Source Code. SDK HELP with detailed explanations of all components. SDK License for Free NON-COMMERCIAL use. Limitations of the Starter edition: ...
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RTC SDK is a component set for building reliable HTTP(S) Servers, Clients, Routers, Load Balancers and ISAPI extensions with Delphi. For more details, please visit
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Stefan Glienke

Bugs & Issues  - 
TRegEx does not work with empty input.
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The empty string should match stuff like (\s*|SomeText) - if it doesn't (and it doesn't) then it's an error in the library
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Stéphane Wierzbicki

Help! Need input!  - 

I'm getting nuts on this....

I'm have a task liste (TObjectlist) bound to an TAdapterBindSource. I'm using the oncreateAdapter method to link my list this way :

procedure TfrmMain.adpTachesCreateAdapter(Sender: TObject;
var ABindSourceAdapter: TBindSourceAdapter);
ABindSourceAdapter := TListBindSourceAdapter<TCRMTache>.Create(Self,
TCRMData.GetInstance.taches, False); // TCRMData.GetInstance.taches is an TObjectList<TCRMTache>
AssignAdapterEvents(ABindSourceAdapter, dgTaches); // this only assing events from my datagenerator to the new adapter

At runtime, my listview correctly display all tasks. When I double click on a task, I display a form with controls linked to the adapter.

I can edit, and post on all records. I can cancel only ONCE and all new cancel calls will raise an EAccessViolation !

Here is the call stack


As anyone any experience with bindings ? I don't see what I've done wrong !

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What I've found so far : the issue arise after freeing my "task" form. I can't explain why. the only link between my main form and my Task form is a bindlist component (where I bind my fields to the main form adapter)
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Mr. E !

Help! Need input!  - 
Need help:
I'm using at work a Desktop PC, without serial ports, bluetooth, running a Linux distro and a virtualbox machine w/windows 8.1 with Delphi XE10 (upgraded from XE8)

I only use DXE10, sometimes I do a backup the vm to work at home.
(I read in the past a question related, and some answer tells it was OK and legal to do the above; I hope).
I use Only One instance/vm at given time (mostly at work)
Because of the slow backup from my PC to an external disk, I need to use RDP to the vm from home to work.
But the storm season is here and we have outages and electric storms, that make me shutdown our servers.

Right now, the vm limits my efforts to:
+ upgrade to Berlin (few disk space)
+ I want to program in Android, but the vm-Android inside the vm-vbox are giving me some trouble.
+ With the storms, I can't let turned on my work PC & servers.

So, I got 2 computers that I can use for DXE (one at work/windows8.1, one at home/windows10-maybe) both with the needed hardware to use: serial ports, usb, bluetooth.

At home I can install a "desktop sql edition" to simulate our database and develop without using RDP, in fact I'll try to simulate my office using 2 vm as servers: a nethserver as PDC (domain controller) and other to simulate our ERP setup.

I wonder if the following is possible and legal:
Is possible to do a fresh install of Delphi XE10 (then upgrade to XE10.1) on both computers for MY only use without infringe my licence on XE? (using one at the time)

If possible:
What I need to backup/copy from my vm machine to do a fresh install and activated without issues?

I search and found this files on the vm:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\Studio\16.0\License\RADStudioXE8.slip
C:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\Studio\17.0\License\RADStudio10.slip
C:\Users\All Users\Embarcadero\.licenses\.cg_license

Finally, I wonder if is recommended to "not install" OR "uninstall" DXE8 to end using only DXE10 -then-> DXE10.1
(Maybe on the new computers don't need to uninstall DXE8; 500GB on C seems to be enough)

Regards, thank in advance.
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Mr. E !
+Lars Fosdal I'll go to ask them. Thank you!

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Let's see if Embarcadero will listen on this one.
You must log in to access this page. If you think this message is wrong, please contact your JIRA administrators. Username. Password. Remember my login on this computer. Not a member? To request an account, please contact your JIRA administrators. Bug tracking and project tracking for software ...
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+Johan Bontes​ it's flaky. Kinda works for 32 bit but I could never get it to fly for 64. There's promise there though. 
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I wonder what that means regarding support in SmartInspect for older Delphi versions. Usually when Embarcadero acquired a company they dropped the older versions to "encourage" their customers to upgrade to the latest and greatest Delphi release.
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Fred Ahrens

Off topic  - 
it doesn't look like Idera has no plans for the development tools sector.
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I am just happy +Marco Cantù​ is still here available...
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Jude De Silva

Discussion  - 
Why Opening forms in Delphi Application is Very Slow when it SQL Database over LAN Connection, its Extremely slow , any once suggest me solution ?
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Why do you need to load your whole database into memory? Seems like a pretty bad design.
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Fábio Gomes

Job Opportunity  - 
Hello, we are looking for Delphi Developers in Brazil, for full time remote work.

For more info, please see:
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trabalhe-conosco - Venha trabalhar onde as boas práticas são valorizadas
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+Thomas Mueller yes, for now we are hiring only brazilians, as the codebase is mostly in pt-br and we deal with a lot of brazillian specific stuff, like taxes for example.

I've posted it here as there are a lot of brazillians in this community.
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Markus Joos

Help! Need input!  - 
Problem with GExperts Grep Results (1.38).
Since a few weeks I am having problems with GExperts Grep Results. When I want to navigate to a reusult clicking in the Results window, the Delphi IDE (XE) just crashes. This behavoiur is new, and I have no idea what could have caused it. I uninstalled and reinstalled GExperts, but without any difference.  If you look onto the status bar of the Result window of the screenshot, you see that it has overridden text, maybe this is a pointer for someone.
Any ideas?
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I'd suggest that you get the source code from sourceforge and run it in the debugger. Since you can reproduce the problem you are the one who easiest can find the reason for it. Get the formatter branch because it's a bit easier to compile right now:
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Stéphane Wierzbicki

Help! Need input!  - 
Is it possible to filter an TAdapterBindSource ?

My adapter is bound to an TObjectList and i want to filter my listview content.
I haven't found any TAdapterBindSource.filter / setfiler ...

I've changed my TObjectList<T> to a TFilteredList<T> (see Malcom Groves blogs), refreshed my list this way :

with TListBindSourceAdapter<TCRMTache>(adpTaches.InternalAdapter) do
function(Item: TCRMTache): Boolean
Result := not Item.Termine;
end); // display only finished tasks
SetList(TCRMData.GetInstance.taches, False);
Active := true;

but all data is still displayed ! The only solution seems to go with a temporary TObjectList<TCRMTache> holding non finished object only.... but this isn't really nice.

Does anyone have a better solution ?
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