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Puzzled with this behavior. I'd appreciate help. I don't understand how initialization and finalization sections should behave with an Apache module on Linux (and maybe any .so). Take a look at this simple web broker application:

unit WebModuleUnit1;


uses System.SysUtils, System.Classes, Web.HTTPApp, TestLog;

TWebModule1 = class(TWebModule)
procedure WebModule1DefaultHandlerAction(Sender: TObject;
Request: TWebRequest; Response: TWebResponse; var Handled: Boolean);

GlobalCount: Integer = 1;

WebModuleClass: TComponentClass = TWebModule1;


{%CLASSGROUP 'System.Classes.TPersistent'}

{$R *.dfm}

procedure TWebModule1.WebModule1DefaultHandlerAction(Sender: TObject;
Request: TWebRequest; Response: TWebResponse; var Handled: Boolean);
Log('GlobalCount: ' + IntToStr(GlobalCount));
Response.Content :=
'GlobalCount: ' + IntToStr(GlobalCount);

GlobalCount := 5;

Now, what I do is start Apache, perform some requests (I leave some time between requests to close the HTTP connection) and then shutdown Apache. This is the log from Apache on Windows (a sane one):

4/25/2017 7:01:03 PM [00000974]: Initialization
4/25/2017 7:01:05 PM [00000C14]: GlobalCount: 6
4/25/2017 7:01:06 PM [00000C14]: GlobalCount: 7
4/25/2017 7:01:06 PM [00000C14]: GlobalCount: 8
4/25/2017 7:01:06 PM [00000C14]: GlobalCount: 9
4/25/2017 7:01:07 PM [00000C14]: GlobalCount: 10
4/25/2017 7:01:07 PM [00000C14]: GlobalCount: 11
4/25/2017 7:01:07 PM [00000C14]: GlobalCount: 12
4/25/2017 7:01:07 PM [00000C14]: GlobalCount: 13
4/25/2017 7:01:14 PM [0000099C]: GlobalCount: 14
4/25/2017 7:01:16 PM [0000099C]: GlobalCount: 15
4/25/2017 7:01:26 PM [0000099C]: GlobalCount: 16
4/25/2017 7:01:44 PM [000010F0]: GlobalCount: 17

and this is the log from Apache on Linux:

Apache Start:
4/25/17 6:54:41 PM [7F391A6B7780]: Initialization
4/25/17 6:54:41 PM [7F391A6B7780]: Finalization
Requests from Browser:
4/25/17 6:54:52 PM [7F391A6B7780]: GlobalCount: 6
4/25/17 6:54:53 PM [7F391A6B7780]: GlobalCount: 7
4/25/17 6:54:53 PM [7F391A6B7780]: GlobalCount: 8
4/25/17 6:54:54 PM [7F391A6B7780]: GlobalCount: 9
4/25/17 6:54:54 PM [7F391A6B7780]: GlobalCount: 10
4/25/17 6:55:02 PM [7F391A6B7780]: GlobalCount: 6
4/25/17 6:55:07 PM [7F391A6B7780]: GlobalCount: 7
4/25/17 6:55:07 PM [7F391A6B7780]: GlobalCount: 8
4/25/17 6:55:15 PM [7F391A6B7780]: GlobalCount: 6
4/25/17 6:55:15 PM [7F391A6B7780]: GlobalCount: 7
4/25/17 6:55:16 PM [7F391A6B7780]: GlobalCount: 8
4/25/17 6:55:16 PM [7F391A6B7780]: GlobalCount: 9
4/25/17 6:55:16 PM [7F391A6B7780]: GlobalCount: 10
4/25/17 6:55:16 PM [7F391A6B7780]: GlobalCount: 11
4/25/17 6:55:16 PM [7F391A6B7780]: GlobalCount: 12
4/25/17 6:55:26 PM [7F391A6B7780]: GlobalCount: 6
Apache Shutdown:
4/25/17 6:55:32 PM [7FB7C987B780]: Initialization
4/25/17 6:55:32 PM [7F391A6B7780]: Finalization
4/25/17 6:55:32 PM [7F391A6B7780]: Finalization
4/25/17 6:55:32 PM [7F391A6B7780]: Finalization
4/25/17 6:55:32 PM [7F391A6B7780]: Finalization
4/25/17 6:55:32 PM [7F391A6B7780]: Finalization
4/25/17 6:55:32 PM [7F391A6B7780]: Finalization
4/25/17 6:55:32 PM [7FB7C987B780]: Finalization
4/25/17 6:55:32 PM [7F391A6B7780]: Finalization

Would anybody care and take a guess about why this might be happening?

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Looking for a flexible and efficient binary serialization format? Try our implementation of Google's Protocol Buffers!

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I've spent last 10 days in Tokyo...and I did found Godzilla :)

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#Linux and RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo support with a better encryption in a new version of SecureBridge.

Is there a reason why third party component vendors still ship dfm in binary format and did not convert them ever?

I just noticed that I corrupted some of them when using git with strict eol handling (dfm in text work fine). So I used convert.exe and converted them to text format before committing them.

After googling a while without result here my question:
How can i get the app path in osx?
If i use
TPath.GetDirectoryName(ParamStr(0) ) i get

But i want only the path to '/Users/jeanmarck/PAServer/scratch-dir/JeanmarcK-DEV-BOOk' because i want read a config file from there.

Is there any out of the box solution?

Has anyone integrated Dymo's 4xl printer into any of their application(s)? Looking for a way to do this. I have looked at their latest sdk and it seems to be .net based.

any information or pointer to how to go about this would be appreciated

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