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need a bf

Hey guys, how's everything going

Hi I'm new here

I'm autism since childhood I'm cool I'm bi- gay ok I'm try to tell ya about my life ok let's see I wanna guy 18-25 top only!!!! spend with me in my place I like to BJ and fuck my ass cuddle on bed watch tv gay porn and gay movies true story peaceful and sleep together I just wanna be happy spend time with you at great smoky mountain I'll be gone don't know how long you know my brain damage is bad shape very serious so I wanna spend with guy I can't get hard on anymore sometime but still soft hard on since I got surgery from hernia two of them ACCDENT from work so I really sad but I m good life as long if they want with me don't have front people I'm with guy hands or kisses don't have front people just only in my place private only or I'll with you as I do respect what you like to do I'll do for you ok and I wanna find cutie guy skinny or normal or fat boy open mind and no one like me they call me (you're ugly and never find you cutie guy) feel sorry it hurt my feeling and my best friends lesbians cried a lot don't like that call me like this I want peace live spend with guy when I'm ready to passed away I will signed for of attorney and my last will to my boyfriends I did give my statement to three judge my situation and legal future if not find guy they will take my benefit from my insurance or my family will take everything on my laptop and my money and everything I don't want them take my stuff NO WAY!!!!!! I want to give my love boyfriend you are cool my best friends forever please help me ok I didn't have sex since 10 years hard to find one trust personI want to help very. Much I'm really poor life very much all family and friends worried and cried abt me please help me ok I'll deal with you some day I'll go out eat with you go out eat nice place ok I really alone since 12 years need find guy so I can together till I gone to heaven my all friends long times they cherish me as long I'm looking for guys forever till I found rest in life I work mc Donald's in pigeon forge tn since 8 years I'm funny person add me Facebook Michael f Craig I'll teach you sign launage together my love thanks friends hugs back XOXOX email text me at 865-385-0934 please use text only!!! I'm deaf I'm great and good condition!!!!

please somebody post something

hey people this is a new community so enjoy
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