Hi! I'm new to risus, meaning that Ive discovered it like 2 ours ago, and I have a question concerning conflicts. My example is this: there are two character involved in a fight. One is clearly winning, so the other decides to run away. How do I solve this? For example the combatants are a barbarian and a rogue. I assume that the barbarian is winning, and the rogue tries to run away. I understand that is a narrative thing, so, for example before throwing the dices the rogue says: "Ok, I want to flee, so I turn away and start running as fast as possible along the allway and the barbarian says: "As soon as he turns, I try to grapple him". But mecanically, do I have to throw using the cliche's dices or the 2 dices rule? And do I have to make the rogue flee until the barbarian runs out of dices? And, another example: let's say that the rogue tries to make the barbarian trip over. If it succeeds but the barbarian has still some dices left, do I have to continue the fights even if the barbarian is on the ground and the rogue is over him? And is there a mecanical advantage for the rogue if the barbarian wants to keep the fight going? Thanks! 

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I know someone somewhere was asking about Star Wars Risus. Sorry it took me so long to find it but once I tracked it down I did some serious updates.

I hope everyone enjoys this.


So my currently running Urban Fantasy game started as a highly modified version of Risus, later was swapped over to Wushu, and is now coming back to a much less modified Risus.

I've been recreating my player characters in Risus, and then we'll modify in play if they want to tweak it. Here is the party as it stands now.

Changed Hook to Trouble, and added Specialties, which is a reskinned Quest Dice with a rules change. Instead of acting as a more focused Lucky Shot, they now have a much broader field of use, but act like Over The Edge Bonus Dice now. Meaning they add a die to the roll, but the player is still bound to only keep a number of dice equal to the cliché rating. Let's them drop low dice that way.

I'm also considering doing the same thing to cliché damage to help even out the death spiral. 'Lost' dice are still rolled, but player can only keep a number equal to the current - damaged - rating. Using the Boxcars option from The Companion works with this as well, to help smooth out the death spiral. At least that's the thought, we'll see in play the weekend after next!

Not-So-Retired Assassin (4)
Living Legend (3)
Combat Wheelman (3)
Specialty: Legendary Assassin OOOOO
Lucky Shots: OOO
Trouble: Top of the Food Chain (Living Legend)
Trouble: No Women, No Children
Trouble: Revenge for My Murdered Wife

Jacob Hawking
Wise-Cracking Robin Hood (4)
The Best Thief For the Job (3)
Office Drone (2)
Specialty: Master Thief OOOOO
Telekinesis OOO
Lucky Shots OOO
Trouble: Lightning Rod

Mark Dreven
Private Eye (3)
Ex-Cop (3)
Ritual Caster (3)
Sidekick: Magic Trinkets (6)
Lucky Shots OOO
Trouble: White Knight

Dylan Foster
Battle-Scarred Veteran (4)
Independent Photo-Journalist (3)
Wealthy and Connected Entrepreneur (3)
Specialty: Special Forces Training OOOOO
Lucky Shots: OOO
Trouble: Prosthetic Leg
Trouble: Conspiracy Theorist

Harry Breaux
Metro Homicide Detective (4)
Former SWAT Instructor (3)
Overlooked Desk Jockey (3)
Specialty: Mastermind Tactician OOOOO
Lucky Shots OOO
Trouble: Too Old For This Crap

Bounty Hunter (4)
Psychic Detective (4)
Specialty: Always Get My Mark OOOOO
Talen: See Through the Veil
Lucky Shots OOO
Trouble: Sucker For a Pretty Face

Ian Loomis
Bug Frick Black Magician (3)
Arcane Idiot Savant (3)
Small Medium at Large (3)
Specialty: Friends in Low Places OOOOO
Black Magic OOO
Lucky Shots OOO
Trouble: It's Not Paranoia If They're Out to Get You (Small Medium at Large)
Trouble: Clinically Insane

Lightning Bruiser (4)
Sassy Goblin Ninja (3)
Cute Ex-Pirate Princess (2)
Specialty: Goblin Hijinks OOOOO
Goblin Artifacts OOO
Lucky Shots OOO
Trouble: 125% Goblin

so, in during combat, if no applicable cliché exists, a character gets two dice while the opponents cliché is raised by two

this feels rather harsh at times. lets say we have a gymnast (4) facing a boxer (4) in a boxing match. Allowing the gymnast to use his full cliché seems like allowing too much, while reducing him to two dice (and raising the boxers dice by two) as per vanilla rules gives the gymnast an equal chance of winning as let's say professor in a wheelchair.

(this assumes that inappropriate clichés cannot be applied, either because they aren't allowed or because the player cannot come up with a good motivation for how they can be used)

Any ideas for scaling or don't you bother with it?

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The Risus Companion, is now available on DriveThruRPG! http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/203657/Risus-Companion

Don't forget to contact S. John if you already own it: https://plus.google.com/u/0/105107453507285149523/posts/F9bgkM9uKz1

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New cover for the upcoming of the Risus Companion on OBS
I felt an odd mood to mock up a cover for the Risus Companion's arrival on OBS, and boy did I mock. Not pompous enough, or just the right amount of pompous? It's one of those.

Naturally, if you're a Cumberland PDF customer of the RC or if you're a Lulu customer who followed the instructions and got your number registered, I can hook you right up with free OBS access once the time comes; might as well start those emails coming; there's over a thousand folks who qualify and I see a lot of cutting and a-pasting in my future. The email is sjohn@cumberlandgames.com the info is your name, IOR number, and order details (whatever you've got to make the database search a little easy; have a heart) and really it's just pompous enough, I think. Yeah. Coming soon to the OBS ...

Don't want to derail David Lozano's thread, so I'm shifting my concern about piling too much onto a single cliché to this new discussion. I wonder if one solution is to take a page from Barbarians of Lemuria and link clichés to careers or lifepath stages.

I.e., a character who looks something like this:

Retired Infantry NCO (4)
Survivor of a Childhood on the Streets (3)
Bored Caravan Guard (2)
Secret Knitting Enthusiast (1)

What happen if i use adjetives or descriptions like cliches?

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OK, so now the Risus Table in Tabletop Simulator is coming along.

Hardest thing is to figure out what kind of record keeping stuff works best in play, but this is very serviceable.

Clarification request: when double-pumping, a character is not capped at their cliché value, yes? I.e., the Flame-Throwing Wizard [5] can double-pump her cliché, raising it 8 dice and only losing 4?
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