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Hey guys!
Welcome to the community!! Ask what ever you'd like PG13 and these two will answer the question they are asked! I hope you all enjoy asking questions, or even daring them (ooOoo). My only wish I ask of you is to please be patient, your question will be answered, just not right away.
We each have certain times of starting and ending for answering questions. If we give out a certain time we will start answering, we won't start until that certain time or maybe later than that.
Anti- +Bacon_Buddy_123​​
Dark- Me
Children- +TheTofuBirb​​, +James Curry​​, +SEXYPURPLEANTI​ and +Ramen Wølf​​
Cats: Hell, Mr. Fluffy |||, Snowie

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Oh nu

Anti- I'm back BITCHEs

Hey dark, if you had to choose between tacos, burgers, pizza, or chicken wings, which one would you give up (random question)

Hmmmm Warfstache my main man do you think you could where your old Colonel outfit?

Dark how come you choose to stay looking like Damien? You can change your appearance ya know

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Wilford I know where Celine is!!!!!

pokes Dark How are you 3 people?! Also sorry for poking you, but still how?! me being shocked after seeing who killed markiplier
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