I will not be able to attend the meeting due to limited time. So I'll post here why I called for one.

Reason: Alpha was on path to darkness, but has been rescued spiritually by my spiritual martial arts clan known as FireFlies ( Real life clan ), he is now back as full human.

To the Beta ( Ravioli ): You will now be the current acting headmaster. I will remain just as a helper until you can find a beta and another delta. I will help you until you are good to lead the clan on your own. My clan will remain hopefully on good terms with yours.

To others: This is a warning when dealing with supernatural/werewolf spells, etc etc: NEVER underestimate it's powers. If you do not know anything about a spell you are doing, you may not want to do it until you understand it, the results, and so forth.

- FireFly Founder 

Hi I'm a hybrid. Can I join? I'm in your allied clan Dark Shadows.

Hi i am a werewolf and fae hybrid i would like to join this pack

So weclome new pack members, I am your Beta, I hope you read the rules and regulations.

`No Vampires (no exceptions)
`If you disobey any alpha, delta, or beta, you will be prosecuted.
`Anything involving drama with you and another pack, please let one of us know.
` I will not be afraid to kick you out if you disobey.
` This is not an RP group, this is an online pack, treat it like one.
` Please be honest on what you are, only one human is allowed here, and thats GhostlyRuins.
`Be nice, we dont accept conflict, and if their is, contact one of us.
` Drama is prohibited, no fighting.
`if you see a fake here, please inform Daylen, Ghostly, or me.

Punish system
1st offense: Warning.
2nd offense: Suspension.
3rd offense: Banned/expulsion.

Other words:
Wolves aren't pussies, let's be strong here. and active, it'd be nice. 

to all my clan members we will have a clan meeting at 5pm tonight

How is all doing? 

ghostlyruins40k is my Delta and best friend he is our human mage be nice

Hey what's up, I know your leader in real life, invited me in as well. What do you guys think of Human Mages?

I hate vampires just as much as the next person/werewolf.

What I'll be doing is

Protecting the Shadow Clan from Magicka threats ( and protecting our leader from magical / supernatural threats from our enemies ) And attacking our enemies with magic/ supernatural powers )

Yes, I will be equipping my self with the knowledge ( & Weaponry - The Stake, etc )) to defeat vampires as a human, I am studying Ninjutsu ( Bujinkan System - to combat humans or humanoid forms ), and will be learning other forms of fighting with other weapons as time goes.

I'm also considering transforming into a werewolf half-blood ( then eventually full blood ) in the future when I live on my own.


- I am at war against Hell ( Demons ), the leader understands if I official get accepted into the pack we will also be at war with Demons, ( Satan is the leader, Demons are his soldiers ( Supernatural ) )

Do not worry, I will keep them ( Demons and supernatural entities ) at bay and we'll slaughter our enemies together. Werewolf for life! 

we have a new beta her name is gabrielle and i have promoted VI Lycan IV to Alpha at my side

hello my fellow pack mates and allies i`m just saying happy thanksgiving to all my friends
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