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Here is the biggest Pokemon giveaway in Google+ history!
It's so big that we had to split in into four giveaways
Part 3:

4,300 Member Prize - Shiny Zekrom
4,400 Member Prize - Shiny Reshiram
4,500 Member Prize - Shiny Kyurem
4,600 Member Prize - Shiny Kyogre
4,700 Member Prize - Shiny Groudon

To Enter:
1) Be in this community
2) Enter your Friend Code and IGN
3) Share this post to another Pokemon community

If I +1 your comment that means you followed the steps to be in the giveaway. Don't forget to share Part 3! Good Luck

Contributors of Part 3: 
+Alex Loya 
+Pokéfan Sylveon 
+Max Gonzalez 
Part 4 will have: 3 Arceus with Master Balls, and maybe more

Winners will be determined by:

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This is my son's reaction after I beat hiss ass in a battle
Animated Photo

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I will be starting off with hoenn starter giveaway, I will have ten mudkips, torchics, and treeckos to giveaway to the first 30 people to comment and 3 lucky people will get all the starters
-FC and IGN in the comment section
-share this to any other community
-(Optional for greater chances) follow me
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