Goodbye Google+, I won't be online anymore. I'll be here just gone, meaning I'll have my account not deleted. Bye guys. And no you can't stop me. Bye.

Hunter Sparks: Just wakes up Huh, what happened last night, ok bar fight, changeling encounter, we followed a changeling and. Looks at hooves Why do i have holes in my hooves. looks into mirror What the Hay Notices red pupils and grey skin, hair is blue and horn is holed am i a changeling.

walking around ponyville when a changeling hits me in the back of my head (need somepony to be the changeling, any rp, including nsfw)

Do I have to draw myself? >.<

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look like it a rp time

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General blaze (me)

Having trouble identifying changeling drones? We know them by there smell. All changeling drones have a difference. For instance. Blaze as what you call a cutie mark etched into his chitin that's shows Tic Tac Toe. And he smells of apple cider. That's how you can tell its blaze or another drone. Armor is the key to the high ranked officers. There is green blue light. Then blazes armor shaded heavy blue armor. Information of telling what changelings

+Queen Crystal I'm back! And I'm staying my new form..need bigger armor though...mines to tight..."

yawns "hey. Want to talk?" (( +Queen Crystal))
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