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Hello Friends, i work on my XATC and found (maybe) a bug. But before i wrote an issue i'll ask some guys here.

I'll run a Touchprobe command (G38.2) inside of a gcode file, but in every case the board freeze at this command. The controller doesn't answer on the serial console and i don't got an error message.

I use build 442.04 cuz the last edge-build (449) freeze sometimes and is in this state unusable. Has somebody the same experiences and maybe a workaround for this? You see, i try to change the WCS and so on, but no luck.



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Anyone interested in using tinyg (via serial_port_json_server) with ros could use the module I wrote.

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ChiliPeppr deja que yo pueda mover los ejes antes de hacer home, esto significa que puedo mandar una orden que recorra o sobrepase los limites físicos de la maquina (Jogging), esto es un problema porque la velocidad con la que se mueve es altísima, y golpea el extremo antes de de que el servopack la haga frenar, debe haber una solucion para limitar la aceleracion inicial que pones en la configuracion de tinyg antes de que ella haga home, creo que se puede hacer en el widget de los ejes.
También creo que debería hacer home primero Z esta bien, pero X y Y debe hacerlo en simultaneo para ahorrar tiempo.

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I'm still trying to get a good understanding of the process involves running my custom CNC with a tiny G and chili pepper. I just ran across this...
could someone enlighten me as to how this piece of the puzzle fits in?

Now the end year holidays are passed it is time to continue with my g2core shield.

My shield is based on the Arduino DUE pinout in I have checked out the g2core source code and managed to compile it with Linux. I compiled it with BOARD=gShield as my guess whas that being the closest matching BOARD, but it turned out (in gShield-pinout.h) that the spindle direction pin is set to -1 (not used?) and it is indeed not set on the Due. By modifying it locally to use pin13, spindle direction does work properly.

After reading the development pages on the g2core wiki it is yet not clear to me why the spindle direction pin is not used by default on the gShield. Can someone from +Synthetos give some direction why that is the case?

Of course I can try to add a new pinout definition for my own g2core shield, but it would be better if the gShield BOARD can be re-used.

Setting up electrical Z-Probe in g2core on Arduino Due and gShield v5

i used this feature with a self compiled version of 87 of g2core stable.
Now i upgraded to 109 edge and have the problem that the machine goes directly into "shutdown" alarm state...

on the 87 i used INPUT_ACTIVE_LOW which worked fine.
on the 109 i tried IO_ACTIVE_LOW

i always get "shutdown" with error:

G21 G91 (Use mm and rel coords)
G38.2 Z-20 F25
{"er":{"fb":100.19,"st":250,"msg":"Probe cycle failed - Probing error - invalid probe destination"}}

Can you help me with correct settings?

Addition 10.01. :
there are no other endstops connected.
Z-Max: 0 / Z-Min: -60
soft limit: 0
Z-Homing Input:0
Z-Homing Direction: 0

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Go join the LaserWeb/CNCWeb Community, and buy +Claudio Prezzi​ some beer over on to help him bring you the awesomest gcode generator that so far has been only for Grbl/Smoothieware users, to your TinyG machines too! And a big thanks to Synthetos / +Rob Giseburt​ for donating us a couple of these
Got this new tiny beauty to implement TinyG support into LW :)

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After some weeks, the PCBs of the g2core shield arrived. Quickly mounted the components and tested that all 6 motors could be used. Also the coolant and spindle enable are working nicely.
For some reason, the spindle direction stays off all the time, anyone knows if g2core switches this properly?
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Hi guys! want to ask something. if your ox cnc with tinyg controller with the x axis off by 1mm to 1.5mm where do you adjust? please help!

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I'm so happy and proud to present my first successful PCB Milling with XATC (diy automatic Tool changer).

Ok, i know the video quality is not the best and the Focus to the PCB is wrong, but hey that's the first moment to have a success process and i want share this moment with you :)
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