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Comic/Canon Roles Taken:
Peter J. Quill (Star-Lord): +Bryan Kahn 
Gamora: Open
Rocket Raccoon(89P13): +Saint Walker 
Drax: +John Constantine 
Groot: +Starkiller Clone 
Yondu: +Mr Jimbo
Nebula: Open
Nova Prime Irani Rael: Open (this role will be given to a mod most likely) 
Please note that this is only reference for comic/canon characters that are known within the GotG universe. When other characters are added from the universe they will be added here.

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Guardians of the galaxy

Information of Character

Name (first, last): Rosalyn Garnier

Nickname: Rose

Age: 21

Birthday (if known): Oct 21

Gender: Female

Species: Human/ Unknown Hybrid

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

About Him/Her

Personality: laid back, fun to talk to, caring, just dont shut her music off

Good Habits: can fix anything that is broken

Bad Habits: she gets distracted easily

Likes: old music, soft rock, making new weapons, singing, gum, and repairing

Dislikes: people who make fun of her music , assholes, and the color pink

Hobbies: repairing items, playing on her guitar, singing and a bit of dancing

Powers/Abilities: from her unknown species side most likely from her mother , she can summon many different weapons and items. Her weapons come at random but the items come whenever she needs a certain one. She tries not to use her powers so much.

Dreams: maybe start a family and settle down.

Life Story:

Family and Friends: None

Parents (if known):
Lillth Lumiere Garnier (Mother; Deceased; Species unknown)
Roche Garnier (Father; Deceased; Human)

Best Friends: none

Friends: none

Rivals: none

Crush: doesn't really have one

Relatives: she doesnt know any of her other relatives

Pets/Workers: She has a ferret that can freeze things when he wants to. She found him on a different plant. So she kept him and named him Jean.

Looks and Appearance

Body Type/Looks: rose has a curvy body and a 38 C cup bust.

Height: 5'7

Weight: 101 pounds

Blood Type: B+

Hair Style: either up in a ponytail or in victory rolls

Outfits: overalls , or a pinup outfit

Accessories/Jewelry: a small silver locket with a picture of her father inside it

Scars/Piercings/Tattoos: she has a tattoo on her right arm that says ' Dont tell me what to do' and she has gauges

Appearance (picture or not):


Favorite Season: Spring

Favorite Time of Day: Night

Favorite Holiday: Halloween

Favorite Color: Turquoise

Bio: Rosalyn grew up only knowing her father and how she was human. She never knew about her mother due to the fact she died from giving birth to her beautiful rose. Rosalyn never knew of what her mother was. Her and her father moved to a different planet where she grew up helping out at his auto repair shop. After her farther passed away due to old age she took over the shop and continues to still work there on her own.

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Name: I Am Groot

Alias: Groot

Eyes: Black

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Occupation: Guardians of the Galaxy

Appearance: Tall, Treelike

Abilities: Control plant life, Regeneration, Strong

Bio: The tree-like creature known as Groot was captured by the Kree and put on a team with Star-Lord, Bug, Mantis, and Rocket Raccoon. A tree of few words, Groot formed a bond with the creature known as Rocket Raccoon. Forming the Guardians of the Galaxy, Groot and his best friend Rocket travel through space getting into trouble wherever they go

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Name: MRY-4N [Nicknamed "Mary Anne" because of the shovel arm, based on a Marion Shovel Co. steamshovel of the 1920s.]
Age: 236
Gender: Female [kinda sorta, you know the deal]
Species: Botch-built robot
Affiliation: Guardians of the Galaxy (formerly Druani Mining Company)

Personality: Cranky, easily offended, irritable, but is very compassionate towards starship computers
Strengths: Mechanical skill, Attracts little attention
Weaknesses: Slow movement, Inability to negotiate stairs, Too wide for some doorways, Steep inclines, Uneven surfaces, Using weapons not permanently attached, Doesn't know when to stop talking

Weapons: Sharp attitude, lazer spot-welding arm, rotary saw
Armor/Outfit: Bodywork paneling [A.K.A. metal "skin"]
Other Items: Gripper arms, shovel attachment, heavy manipulator arm, caterpillar treads, communications dish, and computer interfaces

Bio: Built 200 years ago out of spare parts for a mining company, MRY was tossed to the scrapheap five years later. After being accidentally rebooted, the little machine went around, without a single memory of her builders, or purpose. She then decided to work on starships in a spaceport in service to a former Earth Space Navy officer. After accidentally stowing away on a GOTG-owned ship, MRY has been with them ever since, although hasn't gone by her numbers since.

Personal Quotes:
"Nah, never seen one of those shovels in person. 20 tons must make for quite a bucket though."
"Those 'stair' things offend me."
"Well 'Robot' is a clunky word, 'Droid' sounds a little more my speed."
"Which sensors are you most comfortable with?"
"Slow down, mister, if you had two caterpillars instead of those legs, you'd need a minute too!"
"Do you know what it's like to have been stuck together, and dropped into a world, not being a standard model?"
"I'm more of a red person than blue, but I like some blues too."
"I wish I were taller."
"Ouch! Why can't this door be six centimeters wider?"
"Fine, I will wait here I guess."

Anyone active?
[I really like this group]

Jade Wrath
Expert Bounty Huntress
Bounty Huntress
Losted Family at a young age and I been on my own ever since and u decided to Become a Bounty Huntress
And I been after Star Lord ever since I Losted my family.
Duel Transforming Kantas:
My Kantas switch from Kantas to duel pistols
Long Jet black pony tail&Sliver Eyes
Blue Jeans with White high heels and Undershirt with Jean jacket and a belt to hold my equipment 

Name: Quindarius Jones
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Humamn/ Alien
Affiliation: Guardians of the Galaxy
RankParty boy

Personality: Quin can be the life of the party, and he puts himself down a lot Quin can act like Gamora when anger.
Strengthes: Singing Dancing his powers, his weapons
Weaknesses: Teamwork

Weapons: Swords, Bows and Arrows his powers
Armor/Outfit: Space mask and typical Ravager jacket and such
Other Items: Mic

Bio: Quin was Born on Earth being taken by Ravager. Then he was taken by Nebula torture and turned into a weapon was to fine the Ball and kill whoever had it. But Quin join the Guardians of the Galaxy.

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