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The most craziest thing that happened to me was the day my cat Brutus came to us. Now he thinks he is  King  and a dog. And turns out there was a fire a few days before he came. I think he walked all the way from the fire and landed up at our house. Oh and BTW my mom's cat Jason Grilli has never been the same and neither has his tail. Now it looks like two notches where fur was taken out.  LOL!

The craziest vacation was to Lakemont Park July 4th, 2014. And what makes it crazy are the following:  a bunch of pregnant women at the park, a band that sounded so horrible an old lady marched up to the bandstand and was gonna use her cane and walker on them (BTW: Never listen to Your Dad's Friends), and a little cousin that wanted you to go on a ride that spins in mid air (which was the SkyDiver)  about 6 times! Talk about crazy! But yet it was fun! :-) Hopefully this year's 4th of July will be the best! Let's just hope Taylor Swift or a country band or singer is there! An let's hope Your Dad's Friends never show up AGAIN at Lakemont Park. On second thought: I would love to see that old lady take on a whole band LOL! TTYL guys! -RoyalCatTV

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hey guys tell your crazy mhishaps on your vacation!
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