Just found the MMORTSGuides website. Very nice!

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Have you found that there is Robber hideouts on your travian kingdoms map. Make sure to get rid of those as fast as you can.

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What tribe shall you use on travian kingdoms?

Follow this guide to easy make your choise.
There is 3 diffrent game styles and no one is beter than the other depending on how active you are.

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King or governor
What do you pick ?

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Find out how to be the plunder beast on the original and travian kingdoms. This method is proven to be top 10.


stay tuned, next week the first journey story will come out about my gameplay of travian kingdoms.  The idea is to make post about my learning and understanding about the game to the end game.

Was able to get of my beginner protection two days earlier than expected at travian kingdoms. So now its time for plundering.
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