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Overclock any CPU without any software
Stay Safe, Keep Overclocking

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sup guys, want to share my 24/7 OC.

Asus P5G41T-M LX2/GB Please help to disperse, e8300 processor

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Episode 10 - season 2 - talking about the contest, upcoming week madness and overclocking raspberry pi 2 with ln2.

Hi Guys what stable overclocks have people managed to get out of the AMD FX8320 can people post there clock speeds many thanks

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40% Overclock within 5 minutes. Easy!

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New episode of The OC Show, this time S02E03
Among the topics discussed:

- League Points at HWBOT (with or without competitions points)
- OC-Esports Road to Pro and its Challenger Series
- HWBOT World Tour NA sponsors: Microbyte & Dimastech
- The Novice Nimble (what being a novice is about)


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Watch now The OC Show - Season 2 Episode 1

Join the Live Q&A Sunday evening on Twitch:

first let me list my specs to my pc then i will explain the problem
cpu 3.90 gigahertz AMD A8-6600K APU with Radeon HD Graphics
motherboard gigabyte F2A88X-D3H 
8 gig of ram corsair vengance 1800mhz ddr3
430 watt corsair psu
coolermaster evo heatsink
120 gig kingston ssd
windows 7 ultimate 64 bit
So I am trying to over clock my CPU with amd overdrive, at the moment i have turbo mode on and the CPU is running permanently at 4.2 ghz. When i overclock the cpu to 4.3 or any higher the highest i have gone is 4.5ghz when i run the stability tests it passes fine, and when i use my pc then for gaming or web browsing it is fine but were i run into a problem  is if i try to watch a you tube video. It just stutters all over the place and it is just unwatchable the same goes for if i put a dvd on to play it will not play it runs slow and again stutters. I am new to over clocking and really hope some 1 can help me just for information i have not changed any thing in my bios before over clocking hope some 1 can help many thanks adam.
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