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Now i lay me down to sleep
I pray the lord me soul to keep
The angels watch me through the night
And keep me in their precious sight

Not mine, but I like ^-^

Oh, I’m an un-vegetarian:
I love to eat real meat.
I’d rather eat a roasted lamb
Than stuff that’s made of wheat.

I shape my beef as carrots,
Make chicken look like peas;
I flavor it to taste like them
To hide carnivorous needs.

I like how the picture of this Poem Writers group says, "A day without laughter is a day wasted," and most of the poems here are depressing and not really inspirational.

When hopes are lost follow the light.
When death is near follow the light of life.
When your in pain follow the light and it will sooth your pain.
When your injured follow the light and it will heal your wounds.
Find your light and let it be your guide.

-To all of those who are in the Military.

As this world turns so do my emotions no matter what happens in this lonely life of mine these feelings that i keep deep inside with out a glimer of appering in the world that created them hold a tight grip around the ropes of restraint that sociaty has laid to rest upon my wery soul allows me to hide the one true side that i wish will never surface again.

No matter how hard the fight is no matter what surfaces with the intent of corrupting us i will be your arms and armor through it all when you fall from the struggles of the word i will be there as a shield tell the bitter end when there is no hope left for you to bare i will be there ready to fight with you and allow for hope to be once more with you as well with the two of us so the thought of nothingness and dispare should be vanquished from your precious mind because i am here and will never disapper from your side.

The Death of You
Is the Death of Me
I can feel Your heart rip and tear
The quiver of your heart
Emotions blare
Haunting me in my dreams
While they sleep without a care
I stay up every night
Staring at the distant light

Birds of a feather flock together and crap on your car.

Our thoughts decay
Our minds run out
Will we make it in this drought
There's no sure chance will make it through
But if i must ill take my own life for you
You seem to be losing faith
Don't waver on me were almost there
I'll carry this burden
Shoulder the pain
Don't give up on us okay
If you'd just stay here a little while
You'll see i just want to see you smile
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