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Name: Brianna
Gender: Female
Likes:FRIENDZZZZ (lol), Reading, the color pink :3, bows, and stuffz like dat
Dislikes: Bullies (dey suck), Pervs, Scari Movies,
Personality: Cheerful, Hyper, Happy
Bio: She was a very happy pokémon with a kind trainer. She decided that she wanted to meet new Pokémon. Her trainer suggested that she should go to school. Brianna happly agreed and her trainer got her ready for her first day of school. She hopes that she makes new friends. 
Grade: 6th grade

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+FireTail The Cat Animator
Lola: walks to you hello I'm new here!

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I won the fight

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moves:thunder bolt,will o wisp,shadow ball,thunder shock
item:left overs
likes:battling,possessing electronics,winning
dislikes:losing,not being able to possess some electronics
bio:he wants to travel the world it does not know how to control its power so it can't possess all electronics when it does possess electronics it can lose control

Flame Sits on her bed thinking about if anyone at school likes here. As she thinks she has a flash back of her bullies from her previous school. She gets of off here bed and sits down on here desk and draws a lovely drawing of the pokemon at her school. (open role play)

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Name: Chu
Gender: Female.
Age: 13
Grade: 7th
Likes: Friends, apples, tacos, science and more
Dislikes: bullies, getting in trouble, etc
Level: 13
Personality: Nice, sweet and kind... a bit shy... never tried to attack anyone unless for self defense or they are attacking her friends.
Bio: h-h-hOi...?


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Happy 20 years

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Name: Flareon
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Grade: 9
Likes: Destroying things and showing off (What a nice guy!)
Dislikes: Being splashed with water and being made fun of.
Level: 49
Personality: Sorta rough, but not impossible to get along with, he is truly loyal to his friends.


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Too much damn homework in high school, but here it goes, something I drew in my spare time...

Name: Duisternis
Age: 17
Grade: 11
Personality: He sure gets his work done and is seen as a leader in the school. He can get a bit aggressive at times, but calms down quickly.
Likes: Chemistry, especially things that go boom. Flying around mountains.
Dislikes: Being alone and people that hate on others for no reason.
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